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GoPro Drones

Details about most popular GoPro drones

Altair Tomahawk

Altair Tomahawk Review

This drone looks incredibly good, you know, like a predator bird that you would see on a sci-fi movie. The tall landing gear, the nicely positioned camera and the shiny black color make it look really stunning. However, that is not all that there is to the Altair Tomahawk. Just as it looks so good, it also have many advanced features for flying that you will find very impressive. Rarely do you find such an array of advanced features in a beginner drone, but this one has them all. It is also easy to fly it, even for newbie pilots. This drone is good for kids, adults, and pilots of all skill levels.
Altair Tomahawk

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Force1 F100G Drone

Force1 F100G Drone Review

When you read about the specifications that the Force1 F100G comes with, the first thing that pops into your mind is… what an appropriate name for a drone! But this drone packs much more than a good name. It also lacks some of the features that you have been used to in many other drones.

Also called the F100 Ghost, it has a GoPro mount, so if you have a GoPro camera, this drone is a good deal. Whatever type of outdoor camera you want to use with this drone, you will get it from GoPro. Just make sure it is compatible with the drone. But first, read this Force1 F100G review to see why you should buy this drone and what it can do, despite its price being so affordable.

As for the build and design, you will notice that this drone has many protective features. They include the high legs, which ensure that the camera stays out of the way when landing. Then there are the propeller guards which will ensure safety if the drone lands fast.

Force1 F100G Drone

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