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GPS Drones Under $100

Discover budget-friendly drones equipped with advanced GPS capabilities. In this category, we review and recommend drones that offer precision flight and navigation without breaking the bank. Explore a selection of reliable models that combine affordability with GPS-enhanced performance.


SMRC M21 Drone Review

The SMRC M21 is a new GPS drone with good camera, long flight time, and many advanced flight functions such as smart return, surround flight and more.

It is quite affordable, at far less than $100. It also has an impressive flight time of 30 minutes (we will find out whether this is from one or two batteries) and the 6K EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) camera legit makes it a mini drone that could be worth having.

However, this mini drone also has its flip side. For instance, since it is a lightweight drone, it performs so poorly in the wind. Therefore, it might have stability issues even in the lowest velocity wind. Another downside is that this mini drone does not come with a slot for an SD card. If a quadcopter has a nice, advanced camera, it should have a slot for an SD card to enable you to take photos and videos in the highest resolution possible.

To find out the main things to expect from this quadcopter, keep reading to see its features and technical details, as well as the flight functions.
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SG701-S Drone

SG701-S Drone Review

When you order the SG701-S drone, you will find that there are different packages that you can buy. For instance, you can go for the option with two batteries. In addition, you can also choose one with the bag, of course, for a little more money. However, as a recommendation, it is best to go for the package with two batteries, bag and foam box. That way, you can get more flight time and easier storage and transportation.

Apart from the package, you need to see the other features that this aircraft comes with. There are many but you can always start with what you can see. For instance, this is a dual camera drone. In addition, you can switch from one camera to the other from the remote controller.

Keep reading as we see the main features of this aircraft.

SG701-S Drone
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Dragon Touch DF01G Drone

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone Review

If you want a drone that is going to hover more stably and take good quality photos and video, you need one with a pressure altitude hold function. The Dragon Touch DF01G drone comes with this, and many more functions. Besides, it also has good features especially considering the low price that you will pay for it. We shall look at all its features and technical details later.

In the past, we did a Dragon Touch DF01 drone review. The main difference is that the DF01G include GPS and have fail-safe features such as the smart return to home function when it loses signal, or the battery goes down.

There have been complaints of the remote failing to work from several people. It is good to be aware of the downsides so that you can amply prepare for them. Some users have also complained of the battery draining too fast.

Overall though, if a product has more pros than cons, we assume it is good enough.

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone
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VISUO XS818 ZEN Mini Review

Some of the features and functions that the VISUO XS818 ZEN Mini comes with are almost too good to be true.

For example, this quad has GPS positioning, altitude hold and optical flow positioning. How is that for an entry level drone? While it has the word Mini in its name, it is not so small as to be a kid-toy drone. It has a moderate size for a quad in its price range.

This quadcopter comes with a 4K camera. In the upcoming sections, we are going to find out whether this is a true 4K camera. The battery life is quite good and the drone comes with many flight functions.

When you order the drone, it can come with one or two batteries, the latter for a slightly higher cost, but well worth it.

Is there a downside to expect from this drone? Matter of fact, there is one. It does not support MicroSD cards. If a quadcopter will come with a 4K camera, it should have a slot for an SD card because with a card, you can capture footage in high resolution.

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