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Dragon Touch DF01G Drone Review

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone

If you want a drone that is going to hover more stably and take good quality photos and video, you need one with a pressure altitude hold function. The Dragon Touch DF01G drone comes with this, and many more functions. Besides, it also has good features especially considering the low price that you will pay for it. We shall look at all its features and technical details later.

In the past, we did a Dragon Touch DF01 drone review. The main difference is that the DF01G include GPS and have fail-safe features such as the smart return to home function when it loses signal, or the battery goes down.

There have been complaints of the remote failing to work from several people. It is good to be aware of the downsides so that you can amply prepare for them. Some users have also complained of the battery draining too fast.

Overall though, if a product has more pros than cons, we assume it is good enough.

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone

Dragon Touch DF01G Features & Technical Details

Adult drones keep on becoming better and more affordable. Dragon Touch shows you that for a very affordable amount of money, you can have a quadcopter with good features.

Design and Build Quality

First, this is a lightweight drone at 187g only. You will not need to register it with the FAA to fly it in North America.

By design, this is a foldable drone. It reduces into a small, more compact size that makes it easy to carry with you. It folds with the blades intact so you do not have to keep on screwing and unscrewing things.

The material used to make the fuselage is ABS plastic. It is light in weight, but it does a great job of protecting the interior electronic parts of the quadcopter.

This quadcopter feels quite sturdy in the hands. You should also love the streamlined design that helps it cut through the wind easily.

Camera Quality

The 1080P HD camera is going to help you take high quality photos and videos. The wide angle of view at 120° also helps a lot to add some good background in your shots. You will also enjoy first person video transmission using your mobile phone. The video transmission range is 382 feet.

This camera should be good enough for recording your road trips and other outdoor adventures. With the streamlined design, the drone stays stable enough to take clear shots.

Battery and Flight Time

You get a good module battery with a capacity of 1200mAh. This battery is going to give you 18 minutes of flight time. Of course, it could be shorter than that by about 2 minutes, but that is still good enough. Besides, you can also get a spare battery or two so that you can increase your flight time.

The charging time for the battery is not too bad either at 120 minutes. Use the provided charging cable all the time. If you order a spare battery, it comes with its own charging cable.

Remote Controller

We already mentioned that the remote controller refuses to work sometimes. However, it is still a nicely modeled controller with keys and buttons for different functions available.

Before you can use it, you will need to buy 3 AA batteries for it. This is a 2.4GHz frequency remote controller, so there is minimal to zero latency in data transfer. Even when you are flying the drone blindly without the app, it responds well to commands.

Flight Functions

The beauty of flying a quadcopter packed with flight functions is the fun, the simplicity and even the opportunity to fly it in hands-free mode.

Here are some of the outstanding functions that the Dragon Touch DF01G comes with:

GPS Return

This drone connects with the GPS in your smartphone so it always returns home. It is also hard to lose because it has auto-return to home. If it loses battery power or signal, the drone turns and comes back home.

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone GPS Return Home

Surround Mode

Fly the drone in surround mode around an interesting landmark and take footage from all angles. This is a good way to fly the DF01G in hands-free mode.

Trajectory Flight

Get to the map interface on the app and draw a route that you would like the drone to follow. When you launch it, it flies along that route without error. You will also get a good FPV along the route.

Smart Follow Me Mode

Engage Follow Me Mode and the drone locks onto you, recognizing your face and following you without error. It will follow you wherever you go.

Headless Mode

Engage headless mode to get the aircraft to align its direction according to the position of the pilot. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the direction the aircraft faces even when it is out of your sight.

Add Music

You can use this function to add music to your videos before you share them on social media. FPV videos do not have any sound, but with this app, you can add some video effects.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The remote controller failed when the drone was in the air. I am glad that it came back of its own accord thanks to the smart return to home function. Titus N.

I was apprehensive after reading some negative reviews about this aircraft. However, I still ordered it and a month later, everything works just fine. John A.

I like the way this drone comes with expert and beginner mode. Once you have learned how to fly it in beginner mode, you can try the advanced mode. Adrian W.

This drone takes good photos when there is no wind and the light is good. Only use it in calm weather during the day. Kaylan L.

I gifted my husband the DF01G on his 52nd birthday and he has been having quite a ball with it. He usually flies his drones away from home, in a large open park. Jules N.

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone GPS

Dragon Touch DF01G Pros

  • Has beginner and expert flight modes
  • Good camera with nice photos and videos
  • It comes with a nice carry bag
  • The streamlined design helps the aircraft through wind
  • Considering the features, the price is good
  • Has automatic return to home function
  • Good for a gift to a treasured person

Dragon Touch DF01G Cons

  • Many complaints about the remote controller failing to work
  • Some users complain that the drone kept moving on its own when in the air

Who Should Buy The Dragon Touch DF01G Drone?

This drone gives good value for the money. Both beginners and experts can use it. Experts will love the good camera quality, the flight functions and the build quality. This drone also makes a good gift to people that you care about. If you are looking for a quadcopter that you can fly for sometime before you feel the need to upgrade, you can try this one. It also comes with a good bag for traveling and storage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy your Dragon Touch DF01G, you need to do a few things before you can fly it. One of them is to read the user manual so that you can understand how to fly it. You will also need to buy 3 AA batteries for the remote controller. Choose a wide open space to fly the aircraft and avoid places with animals because it spooks them. Start flying it on beginner mode and then try the advanced mode later.

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