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SG701-S Drone Review

SG701-S Drone

When you order the SG701-S drone, you will find that there are different packages that you can buy. For instance, you can go for the option with two batteries. In addition, you can also choose one with the bag, of course, for a little more money. However, as a recommendation, it is best to go for the package with two batteries, bag and foam box. That way, you can get more flight time and easier storage and transportation.

Apart from the package, you need to see the other features that this aircraft comes with. There are many but you can always start with what you can see. For instance, this is a dual camera drone. In addition, you can switch from one camera to the other from the remote controller.

Keep reading as we see the main features of this aircraft.

SG701-S Drone

SG701-S Features & Technical Details

The more features that a drone comes with, the better it is. In addition, the more fun you will enjoy when flying it. Therefore, we shall explore among other things the camera quality, the battery and flight time as well as the physical dimensions of this drone. In addition, we shall also look at the automatic functions since they make this quadcopter easier to fly for pilots of all levels of experience.

Design and Build Quality

First, when the drone is unfolded for flight, it measures 13 by 13 by 2.2 inches. In addition, when it is folded, it measures 7.1 by 2.0 by 0.8 inches. That is not too huge. In addition, it weighs 190g. Therefore, you will not need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The body is made with high quality ABS plastic. Therefore, the interior electronic parts of this drone are protected in case there is a crash or something.

By design, this drone is foldable. In addition, you do not have to unscrew the propellers when you are folding it. It will fold with everything intact. This enhances the way that you store and transport it. Of course, coupled with the low weight, this quadcopter is perfect for traveling.

Battery and Flight Time

You can choose the one or two battery packages. This is an intelligent 7.4V 1300mAh lithium battery. Therefore, it will alert you when it runs too low so that you can bring the drone back home. In addition, as a modular battery, it charges outside the quadcopter. Therefore, you can fly it with one while the other charges.

The flight time per battery is 15 minutes, give or take a little. However, at the same time, the charging time is so favorable at 90 minutes only.

Camera Quality

This is a 4K HD camera aircraft. In addition, it has a smaller 720P camera on the belly. Therefore, with two cameras, you can switch intermittently from one to the other for the best view.

The nose camera has a resolution of 4096 by 2160P. Therefore, this just makes it a 2K camera at best for photos and for videos; it captures footage in 1080P resolution. You might not be able to capture real 4K footage with this camera. On the same note, that does not mean that you will not like the quality of your footage.

The camera is anti-shake to keep your footage distortion-free. On the same note, you are going to love the 50X zoom that enables you to take clear photos of things from a distance.

Lastly, the nose camera can adjust vertically by up to 90 degrees. In addition, you get to adjust this angle from the remote controller, without having to bring the drone home first.

This drone also supports first person view. Therefore, it has 5G WiFi image transmission and therefore, you can see what the drone can see as it flies. On the same note, the FPV distance is 300 meters.

Remote Controller

The transmitter for the SG701-S drone is quite detailed. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing for a beginner but as soon as you check the user manual, you will figure it out. For instance, there is the throttle stick and the trimming stick (known as joysticks). They are quite responsive without being too sensitive.

You will also find the one key return, GPS switch, headless mode key and speed switch. In addition, it comes with four small indicator lights that show you when the quad is performing certain functions. For instance, one is the speed indicator; the other indicates follow while the last two indicate photo recording and home.

There are keys for taking video and photographs too. Basically, you can control your drone fully from the transmitter.

The remote controller comes with a foldable smartphone holder. In addition, it holds the phone on the top side of the transmitter, which offers a good focal advantage. On the same note, the transmitter range is 500 meters.

Flight Functions

Automatic functions make flying a drone a lot of fun. Therefore, unless it is a performance drone, we love to have several functions. Here are some of the most outstanding ones:

GPS Positioning

With GPS positioning, first, you will always know where the quadcopter is. Secondly, you will avoid losing the drone due to failure of signal or battery.

By pressing the GPS key on the remote controller, you will be able to get the quadcopter to connect to several satellites.

In addition, the drone also has many GPS functions. They include one key return to home. If you press the key, the drone comes back home. Another GPS function is the low battery return home as well as signal loss.

On the same note, if the drone loses signal connectivity for about 6 seconds, it will turn and go back home immediately.

SG701-S Drone Low Battery Return

Gesture Shooting

When the drone is within 3 meters, it will recognize gestures. Therefore, it can start taking video and photo footage from that distance. You can show it the palm sign to start taking videos. Also, you can show it the victory sign to start taking photos.

Orbit Flight

In this mode, you can get the drone to fly around a monument in the anticlockwise and clockwise direction. It will fly as it takes footage from all angles.

Waypoint Mode

Here, you can open the map interface on the app so that you can draw a route that you would like the drone to follow when you launch it. This is a fun, hands-free way to fly your quadcopter.

GPS follow

When you get the drone to start following you in GPS mode, it will recognize you and follow you from a short distance away. Wherever you go, it will go.

Headless Mode

In this mode, you can get the drone to align itself according to the position of the pilot.

SG701-S Pros

  • You have the option to buy it with bag and 2 batteries
  • Well built with ABS plastic material for the body
  • Has 360 rolling for fun
  • It comes with propeller guards
  • Good camera quality
  • Beauty filter for enhancing your photos
  • 50X zoom enables you to take good photos from afar
  • It has many failsafe features
  • The price is so affordable even if you choose the two battery and bag package

SG701-S Cons

  • It does not support SD card for storing your footage
  • It may not take 4K photos or videos

SG701-S Drone Package

Who Should Buy The SG701-S Drone?

Because of the affordability of this quadcopter, anyone can buy it and have fun flying it. In addition, it comes with all the functions that you need to fly it easily. On the same note, you get to choose how much money you want to spend. For instance, you can buy it with just one battery and the foam box. However, you can also buy it with a bag and two batteries. It is up to you to decide whether you want the full package for more money or not.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The SG701-S quadcopter gives good value for money. However, before you can punch it and fly it, you need to know a few things. First, read the user manual keenly. That way, you will see how to fly it. Secondly, choose a large open space without people or pets to fly the drone. Third, start by flying it at low speed. When you gain some more skill, you can try the high-speed mode.

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