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CSJ S167 Review

CSJ S167 Drone

The CSJ S167 drone is a lowly priced quadcopter with wind resistance. The drone has been equipped with many durable features. It has good flight performance, has many automatic functions and at the same time, it has safety, fail-safe features. Sometimes, you just want an affordable drone that you can use for sometime, without the need to upgrade to a bigger one. If you want this kind of drone, get the S167.

The drone is made of high quality material, specifically, ABS plastic. This is the material of choice for many drone manufacturers because of its ability to hold up against crashes and drops. This does not mean that the drone cannot rip apart. Just take good care of the drone so that you do not damage it.

The S167 drone is quite outstanding in design. It is also foldable, which makes quite a darling for traveling and when you are not going to fly it too far from home, you can just toss it into your jacket pocket.

The photos and videos are quite decent too. With this drone, you can document your weekend adventures and even share your best moments with friends and family on different social media networks. Of course, we shall look at these features in deeper detail later in this article.

CSJ S167 Drone

S167 Drone Features & Technical Details

In this section, we are going to look at the features of this drone in deeper detail. The features determine whether you buy the drone or leave it. Here are the main features that you can look forward to in the S167:

Design and Build Quality

This is a small and well-built drone. It is sleek, beautiful and stylish. Besides, it is foldable as we said in the introduction part, something that makes it easy to travel with. The hull is a matte-black color with white stripes on the foldable arms. Under every motor, there is an LED light and then there are an additional two lights on the head, above the nose.

When it is unfolded, this drone measures 13.7 by 13.7 by 1.8 inches, which as you can see is really not too big. It weighs 206 g, which means you do not need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

This drone comes with coreless motors. There is a whole load of science behind such motors, but in a nutshell, they are faster, do not tire easily and they do not overheat. Therefore, you are assured of excellent flight performance from the drone.

Camera Quality

The S167 is a camera drone. It comes with a 1080P/4K camera. Both of them offer excellent photos and videos and you will enjoy documenting your adventurous moments outdoors. This is a wide-angle camera at 120 degrees FOV; you can capture videos and photos with a lot of background. You can also store your footage in a microSD card of class 10 and above.

You will also get a good first person view experience with the drone. You will have to use your smartphone for this because the remote controller does not come with an LCD display. You will have to download the CSJ GPS app on Google Play if you are using an android device. That way, you will enjoy a good first person view all the time.

The remote controller

If there is a place where we feel that CSJ have outdone themselves when it comes to this GPS RC quadcopter, it is with the remote controller. It is made of the same ABS material used for the hull of the drone. It is a high quality, lightweight remote controller with almost all the functions on the app.

On the extreme right at the top, you will find the keys for photography and video, GPS on/off and take off/landing. Right under these keys, you find the throttle and then the button for headless mode as well as one for return to navigation.

Moving onto the left side, at the top, you will find the keys for speed control, calibration and geomagnetic. You also find the gyroscope and the steering rod. This is a fully-equipped remote controller and you can use it alone to fly the drone. However, when you use the app, all of these features and more are accessible. The maximum remote control distance is 500 meters while the app control distance is 150 meters.

Battery Life

The drone uses a 1300mAh capacity battery. It can give you a flight time of 18 minutes, which is very impressive. Compared with the DROCON DC-08 drone that we reviewed earlier which comes with a large capacity battery of 3000mAh for only 15 minutes of flight time, this is a smaller battery, but better. We feel that 18 minutes of flight time is enough time to have as much fun as you want with the drone.

This battery is safe to use and modular in design. It is easy to remove and insert in the drone. Therefore, you can buy a spare battery if it is available and enjoy longer flight time. However, the charging time for the battery is not long since it is only 2.5 hours.

The transmitter also comes with its own battery. It uses a 300mAh battery so you do not have to buy AA or AAA batteries. Check the status of the remote controller battery before flying the drone.

Flight Features and Functions

The flight performance is excellent, at least for this price. First, the drone has a level-3 wind resistance and a top flight speed of 20km/h. Secondly; it comes with so many automated flight functions, which make it a joy for both beginners and advanced users to fly. Keep reading to see the flight functions:

Built-in positioning sensor – GPS and Altimeter sensor

You will get many things with the built-in GPS module. First, the drone will return home if the battery drains or if it loses signal with the controller. The GPS and altimeter sensor are also responsible for accurate hovering at a horizontal accuracy of plus or minus 1.5 meters. The vertical hover accuracy is plus or minus 0.5 meters. All the fail-safe features of this drone work because of the GPS.

CSJ S167 Return To Home

GPS Portrait Following

This is what we call follow me mode with facial recognition. The drone recognizes you and locks onto you. That way, it follows you wherever you go, keeping a respectable distance and capturing video and photo footage.

Route trajectory

Open the app, go to the map and draw dots along the points where you would like the drone to pass. Connect the dots with a line and then launch the drone. It will follow that route, capturing video and photo footage along the way. Just make sure you choose a good route.

Take off and landing

When you do not have experience flying a drone, take off and landing can be quite a hustle. However, it need not be that way, not with the auto take off and landing key. When you press the key, the drone either takes off or comes back home and hovers at a given height awaiting your next move.

Surround Mode Flight

In this mode, the drone flies around the chosen subject in circles, taking footage from all angles. Again, this mode is only accessible via the app.

Headless Mode

With headless mode, the drone can fly without you having to worry too much about direction. Just engage this mode and the drone flies in such a way that it aligns itself to match the position of the pilot.

Speed Modes

The CSJ S167 drone has three speed modes. These are low, medium and high. You should fly it according to your level of experience. Start on the low speed setting and after you have studied how it flies, try a higher speed mode.

Night flight

There is no better drone for night flights than the S167. It comes with all of 6 LED lights, which makes it easy to see it in low lighting.

CSJ S167 GPS Portrait Following

CSJ S167 Drone Pros

  • It has long remote controller range of 500m
  • Nice camera, takes good footage
  • Minimal assemblage needed
  • This drone is easy to fly for anyone
  • Different speed modes
  • Enjoy wind resistance flights
  • High quality construction and build for this drone

CSJ S167 Drone Cons

  • The maximum flight speed of 20km/h is too low
  • Short WiFi control distance of 150 meters

Who Should Buy The CSJ S167 Drone?

The manufacturer age rating for the drone is 14 years. However, anyone above this age can buy and use this drone comfortably. Whether you are experienced at flying drones or you just want to start on this sweet hobby, this drone is such a good buy. It checks many boxes including price, flight functions, performance, camera and even battery. We feel that this drone will give you good value for your money.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are a few important things to note when you buy the CSJ S167 drone. First, even though it has wind resistance, this is not for strong winds. After all, the level 3 wind resistance is just for a breeze. Anything higher than that and the drone will struggle to hold its course. Another thing that you ought to do before you can fly the drone is to read the user manual. Also, start your maiden flights on the low speed setting and once you have some skill, go for the fast speeds. Overall, the S167 drone is a good investment and with good care, you can have it for a long time.

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