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DEERC D10 Drone Review

DEERC D10 Image

Despite having some issues such as not holding the programming for trim or flying poorly in the wind, the DEERC D10 is a good beginner drone.

The user manual does not do justice to this quadcopter. It is obvious that a native English speaker did not write it. It is a bit confusing to a beginner. It does not explain things very well.

Well, every drone has its issues. However, when the pros are more than the cons, we conclude that it is a good drone. It is sold at an affordable price and when you fly it with caution, it performs really well.

When you get your D10, it should have the quadcopter itself, transmitter, 2 batteries, 4 prop guards, 4 spare propellers, screwdriver and user manual. It also comes with its own storage bag, a high quality piece with a carry handle.

DEERC D10 Image

DEERC D10 Features & Technical Details

In this section, we are going to explore the features and specifications that this quadcopter comes with. The features are everything and lately, we have seen even toy-class quads packing many features.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable quadcopter. This makes it easy to pack in its storage bag without having to unscrew the propeller blades. The props are also in split design so they also fold. Reduce the size of the D10 considerably so that it can fit in your pack.

With a weight of 160g, you need not register this quad with the FAA if you are in North America. The dimensions of the D10 are 7.1 by 5.6 by 2.6 inches when it is folded, which is quite small.

When it is unfolded, this quad measures 13.4 by 13.4 by 2.6 inches. While it is still a toy-class quadcopter, it is not too small.

The hull material is made with high quality ABS. Therefore, do not worry too much about a drop because the electronic interior parts are well protected.

Camera Quality

This is a camera drone. It comes with a 1280 by 720P camera. This is not the best for aerial photography but it does the job.

You will get 720P resolution with your FPV transmission from 100 meters away. With a wide angle of view, you can get clear shots from the camera. Because of the low resolution of the camera, it is best that you capture your footage in daylight.

The footage is saved directly on your smartphone. You can share it instantly on social media on the app.

Batteries and Flight Time

You will get two lithium polymer batteries, each capable of giving you at least 12 minutes of flight time. These are modular batteries, easy to insert and remove. They are also safe to handle so you need not worry even if you are buying this quadcopter for your children.

There is no information about the charging time, but the inclusion of a second battery is a good idea because you can use one as the other charges.


The transmitter is lightweight in design. It also has control keys for many functions that the drone is equipped with.

On the top left, there is the key for photos and the one for video is on the top right. There are also the regular joysticks for trimming left or right. Then there are the keys for take off and landing, as well as headless mode.

Basically, this transmitter has controls for all the functions that you get in your drone. It also has a smartphone holder. You can get your FPV transmission from 100 meters away.

When using the 2.4GHz frequency, there is zero latency, which means that the quad responds to commands immediately.

Flight functions

As a beginner drone, it has many of these. Some of them help with the flight and others are for capturing footage. Here, we shall look at the most important of them. They are as follows:

Altitude Hold

Having this flight function in a quadcopter means you do not have to worry about the vertical flight. Just concentrate on the horizontal flight. It also enables the hovering ability of the quad so that you can take good footage.

Headless Mode

With headless mode, you need not be concerned about where the nose of the drone faces. It will realign itself as the pilot changes his position.

One key take off and landing

This makes it very simple to fly this quad. Just press the one key take off and the drone rises vertically to hover at a given height, waiting for your next move.

Three speed modes

This is very good for a beginner drone. You can start on the low speed as you learn how the quad flies. Later, you can try the medium and fast speeds.

Trajectory Flight

Open the app to access the map interface. Make dots along the route that you would like to fly the quadcopter, then connect the dots with a line, using your finger. When you launch the quad, it will fly along that route.

Voice commands

This is a fun feature, but it is very effective all the same. You can tell the quad what to do, including taking off, flying, turning left and right and to take photos and videos.

Gesture control

Take photos, selfies and videos using gestures. The victory sign gets the drone to start taking photos. The palm sign gets it to start taking videos.

DEERC D10 Gesture Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I have crashed my DEERC D10 two times and it has never suffered serious damage. For a beginner quad, I think this is quite a good unit. Shev M.

I think this is a steal for the price. However, my only issue with the quad is that it flies all over even when the slightest breeze develops. Lola W.

While everything else suggests that this is for beginners, it is a bit hard to fly and the user manual does not help much. Marv G.

I would gladly pay more than the price it comes with because it is a high quality quad and it works as advertised. If you use the HD camera in the daytime, you can get nice footage. Ben H.

Gesture control and voice commands are enough fun for me with this quadcopter. The flight time is decent too and the second battery was a good idea. Wakanai W.

DEERC D10 Pros

  • 2 batteries for longer flight time
  • Lightweight quadcopter, good for traveling
  • Has propeller guards for extra protection
  • The price is quite good
  • Good carry case for traveling and storage
  • Has some fun features like voice commands and gesture control
  • Three speed modes make it good for beginners and advanced users

DEERC D10 Cons

  • Wind throws it off course
  • The app does not respond all the time – sometimes, you have uninstall and reinstall
  • Many complaints about unstable flight

Who Should Buy The DEERC D10 Drone?

This quadcopter is good for kids that are above 14 years of age, for beginner adults and even advanced pilots would still find it fun to fly.

Surprisingly, it takes good footage, which is saved on your mobile phone. Therefore, if you love recording your life outdoors, get this one.

The affordable price also makes it good as a gift to people you care about. It arrives beautifully packaged and has a carry bag, which makes it an impressive gift.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get over the beautiful packaging of the DEERC D10 quadcopter, you will want to see how it flies. But not just yet!

First, fly it in a wide space without pets and people. Start on the low speed setting before punching out full speed when you learn how to fly it.

There is no need to buy a third battery since it already comes with two. However, you will need to order 1.5V alkaline batteries for the remote controller.

Save some space in your mobile phone storage because that is where you will store your videos and photos.

Show me the price !

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