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DEERC D60 Drone Review


Choosing a first drone can be hard in a market that is full of so many of them. But that’s why you are reading this DEERC D60 review. This affordable drone has many features and functions.

It comes with a camera, so you can practice aerial shooting. That way, when you get a more advanced one in future, you will capture stunning footage.

While this is a beginner drone, it can last you for some time. You can also order it if you want something that you can keep for months.

It can be a good drone for your kids if you want them to get into the drone hobby. It is easy to fly, so anyone would learn how it handles fast.

The DEERC D60 also does come with some downsides. For instance, it does not have an auto return function, so it can vanish if it gets out of range. It has a nice safety feature called emergency landing. If you press the key for emergency landing, the aircraft will land right where it is. It won’t come back to the place you launched it.

Also, this is a lightweight aircraft, so you must be cautious not to fly it in winds of any sort. It can become hard to trim and might fly away completely.

If you need an issue addressed, you might find it hard to get help over the phone. Sending an email is recommended.

Keep reading to see the DEERC D60 drone features and flight modes before you order it.

DEERC D60 Features and Specs

The main features of any drone include the build quality, size and weight. There is also the battery and flight time, as well as the flight modes. Here is what the D60 drone made by Chinese drone maker DEERC comes with:

Size, weight and build quality

This is a small and foldable drone, measuring 234 by 332 by 60mm in size when it is not folded. When you fold it for storage or transport, the size reduces to 145 by 81 by 60mm. Even the rotors are in the split design, so they fold up as well.

The takeoff weight of this aircraft is only 167 grams, less than a quarter of a kilogram! Thus traveling with it is easy since you can even carry it in your jacket pocket.

The manufacturer says they have used canvas to make the aircraft body. Even if it crashes, it is not going to rip open easily, so the internal electronic parts are always protected.

The motors are powerful, but they are not brushless, just as you would expect for an aircraft in this price range.

There’s a strip of LED light installed at the top of the face. You can see the drone while it is flying in lowly-lit conditions.

Camera quality

DEERC says all kids are born natural explorers. That’s why they bring them high quality drones to help them have fun.

In the D60, you will be able to explore the world of aerial photography. It comes with a 1080P camera, which captures fairly decent footage.

The camera’s vertical angle is also adjustable by up to 90 degrees to help you find your best view while flying.

You can also enjoy great first person view using your smartphone. This enables you to see what the drone can see while it is flying. You can share the footage later with friends and family on social media.

Drone battery and flight time

This is where the DEERC D60 beginner drone beats most of its peers. It comes with one lithium-polymer battery that can give you a full flight time of 22 minutes!

This is much better than having three batteries with a short flight time and having to switch them all the time. It ruins the experience.

If you can get a full 20 minutes on one charge, it’s much better than having two batteries as we saw in the DEERC D50 review.

Because this is a modular battery, you can leave it charging at home or wherever. It has built-in overcharge protection so once it is full, it just stops charging. It cannot sustain any damage.

If you like a longer flight time, you can ask DEERC if they can supply you with a second battery.

Remote controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is a beginner’s dream because it is so simple. First, it is light in weight and it is not cluttered with confusing buttons on the face panel. There are the usual joysticks – one for speed and the other for trimming the quadcopter.

At the top, there are four small LED lights. These ones show the status of the battery so you can know when to bring the D60 back home.

The foldable smartphone holder fits many modern phones. You can enjoy your first person view as the aircraft flies.

DEERC D60 Flight Functions

Beginner drones come with many flight modes. These make it easy and a lot of fun to fly for a beginner. Here are a few of them in the D60 quadcopter:

Voice commands and gesture shooting

Tell the drone to fly forward, or stop with the voice control mode. It will do just that! If you want to take selfies, you can show the drone the scissors/victory sign. It will come close and snap pictures of you and your family. To record a video, show the aircraft the palm sign. To access these functions, you need the app.

Speed control

Fly the drone on the low speed setting for its maiden flight. Try the medium and high speeds after gaining some experience. Good function for beginners and kids.

Gravity sensor

With the gravity sensor function, control the D60 using the smartphone alone. If you wave the phone to the left, the D60 DEERC follows suit, and vice versa.

Emergency stop for safety

You will appreciate this function if you are flying the drone and an object such as a tree looms in its path. Just hit the emergency stop function and the drone will stop and land right there. It won’t come back home.

Auto 360-degree spin and circle fly

With this fun function, get the aircraft to fly at high speed, spinning 360 degrees. You can also get it to fly in circles around monuments to capture footage from all angles.

Headless mode

This function aligns the drone to the position of the pilot even when they change their position.

One key start and landing

No need to fumble with precious time wondering how to start or land the drone. Press the one key start and landing function and it takes off. It will hover at a height waiting for the next move from you.

Trajectory flight

You can get the drone to fly on a chosen path. Open the map interface on the app, make a few taps with your finger and then join them with a line to make a flight route. The DEERC D60 beginner drone will follow that route.

Altitude hold

It has a built-in altitude hold function. This ensures the aircraft holds the same flight height all the time. Concentrate on controlling the horizontal flight and taking footage.

DEERC D60 Voice Control

Testimonials from people who have owned the DEERC D60

If you are looking for a beginner adult drone that can last a long time, I would recommend the DEERC D60. It gave me an entrance into the flying hobby. I still have it in perfect shape, many months after moving onto a more advanced drone. Shawn Hill

Except for the super light weight, well, there is nothing to complain about for this drone. Don’t fly it in even the smallest winds. For its price, the camera is good and the flight time is incredible. Francesco Andrews.

This is a cheap, fun-packed drone that comes with a good camera, nice FPV and speed control. You will want to keep it for some time because it flies very well. Adam Wolf.

A very good drone, I would recommend it for everyone. If you need to communicate with the DEERC Company, just keep it on email. You cannot do much on the phone because of the language barrier. Adrian Merkel.

DEERC D60 Pros

  • It comes with a long lasting battery
  • You can change the camera’s vertical angle on the remote controller
  • Many flight modes for extra fun
  • Easy to control with three speed modes
  • Hands-free flight modes, voice control and gesture shooting are nice
  • The price is good
  • Has TapFly function which allows you to draw a route for the drone to follow

DEERC D60 Cons

  • It does not comes with a storage bag

Who Should Buy The DEERC D60 Quadcopter?

This drone is for beginners. It has many flight modes, but they are all basic. An advanced drone pilot would not get a lot of fun from flying this one.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone to introduce them to the drone hobby, this is it. It has safety functions, a long flight time, and it handles very well when there is no wind.

The D60 is also good for kids and it can pique their interest for flying. It will also introduce them to the world of aerial photography and videography.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Buying a good, high quality drone is the beginning. Getting the full fun out of your drone depends on you.

First, do not use the DEERC D60 drone in the wind. It is very light and it can fly away with a gust. Second, fly it in an open area without any obstacles and start on the low speed mode.

You might want to use an SD card in your mobile phone to store the footage that you will capture with the drone. It can occupy your space fast.

Also, remember to download the app so that you can access most of the flight function for extra fun.

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