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A Beginner Pilot Tip That Will Save You Money and Frustration

You decided that you want to buy new drone, but you have zero experience in flying drones, and you never flied a drone. The following tip will save you money and frustration.

With the improvement of the drone technology, it become more and more easy to fly drones but still you need to gain some flying experience especially with controlling the flight sticks. Any beginner drone pilot will crush his drone especially on it first attempts.

I heard many stories about people that bought expensive drones and crashed them on their first flights, crashes who led to an expensive repairs.

To save the money and frustration – buy small low-cost indoor drone and practice flying on this drone. Controlling and flying small indoor drone with the sticks is similar to controlling larger and more expensive drone. The idea is that you will build your flight experience and practice flying not expensive drone. You can find great indoor drone for practicing for $20 – $30 so even if you will crash it badly you only risk $20 – $30…

Flying indoor drones is also fun and can improve your drone flying skills so when you are buying your first drone, I would recommend you to add also low cost indoor drone to the order and use it for practicing.

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