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EACHINE E58 Pro Drone Review


This is one of the most affordable camera drones with 1080P camera. It can make a good gift for a kid who is celebrating something or who is looking to get into drones. This aircraft comes with some admirable features and many automatic flight functions. If you are looking for a good toy drone to learn how to fly, you can use this one.

All the same, this small drone has some downsides. First, it is too light in weight. Therefore, it is hard to trim even in the lowest velocity wind. It is best that you fly it indoors so that you can see how it performs before you can try flying it outdoors.

Overall, you can tell whether a drone is good enough for you by looking at its features. Therefore, we shall see the features that this one comes with.

EACHINE E58 Pro Features & Technical Details

Whether you just want this as your toy drone to get in the drone fun, you still want it to have some basic features. Keep reading to see some of them.

Design and Build Quality

The EACHINE E58 Pro comes in a foldable design. Therefore, when you want to travel with it, you can fold it intact, the blades included so that you do not need to screw and unscrew anything. This is a small drone and when you fold it, you can carry it in your pocket.

The material that makes this quadcopter is high strength, lightweight plastic. All of the prominent drone makers use ABS material because it is durable. Therefore, even if the aircraft drops onto the floor, the electronic parts will not sustain damage. All the same, do take good care of the quadcopter.

The drone comes with brushed coreless motors. These are just a few notches lower than the brushless motors. Therefore, you can expect a decent flight performance from this aircraft.

This drone comes in silver color. However, the blades are black. In addition, the rotor arms have some perforations close to the motors. To enhance its looks, the quad comes with a small grille at the top as well as two bug’s eyes on the top of its head.

Camera Quality

This is an FV enabled camera but first, you have to bind it with your smartphone to enjoy your first person view. You do that by downloading the Eachine app for android or iOS. In addition, it is also compatible with some VR glasses for a more immersive FPV experience.

While the EACHINE E58 Pro quadcopter comes with a 1920 by 1080P camera, the quality of your photos and videos will be quite decent nonetheless.

Because this quad does not come with an SD card slot, you will have to store all of your footage in your smartphone. Therefore, you can get an SD card for your smartphone to store your drone footage.

This camera has a wide angle of view at 120 degrees. You will have a wide FPV view as the drone flies, which makes it more fun and enjoyable.

You can also adjust the vertical angle of the camera by up to 60°. However, there is a slight downside here since you can only adjust the angle manually since you cannot do it from the remote controller.

Obviously, at this price, it is hard to get a gimbal with the camera. Therefore, the footage will be of a lower quality, but it will be decent.

Battery Quality and Flight Time

This drone comes with two 3.7 V 500 mAh batteries. On a full charge, each battery can give you a flight time of up to 8 minutes.

The manufacturer says that you can get up to 9 minutes of flight time. Even if you get 7 minutes only, we figure that is fair enough. Collectively, you can get 14 to 16 minutes of flight time.

The batteries are safe to handle even for kids. In addition, they are easy to insert or remove from the drone. The batteries come charged and you can start flying the drone as soon as you get it because it comes assembled.

The charging for one battery is 90 to 120 minutes.

Remote Controller

The design of this remote controller is simplistic and it has a smartphone holder. As a beginner, you do not want to be confused by a large number of keys and buttons for various functions.

The remote controller range is 60 to 80 meters, which ensures the aircraft is always in your sight. You will find buttons for all the important functions. You will need to buy the right batteries for this controller because it does not have a built-in rechargeable battery.

Flight Functions

The abundance of the flight functions make this drone a good choice for beginners. The most outstanding ones are as follows:

Gravity sensor mode

This function enables the drone to fly by following the direction in which you wave your hand.  If you wave your hand to the right, the drone flies to the right and if you wave it to the left, it flies to the left.

Follow Me Mode

You can get the drone to lock onto you and follow you wherever you go. It will keep a decent distance and take good photos or videos of you.

Trajectory Flight

When you open the app, you can access the map interface and draw a route that you would like the quadcopter to follow. When you launch it, it will follow that route.

Headless Mode

In headless mode, this quadcopter will turn and align itself to the position of the pilot unaided. Therefore, this removes the doubts regarding where the drone is facing.

Speed Settings

The EACHINE E58 Pro comes with three speed settings. These are low, medium and high. The high speed is about 20KM/H. As a beginner, start on the low speed setting and then try the higher ones when you have seen how it handles itself in flight.

360° Flips

There is a button/key for the 360° flips. When you press it, the drone executes flips in all directions. This is just a fun function, which breaks the monotony of a horizontal flight.

One Key Take Off / Return / Landing

With this function, it becomes simple to launch the drone or bring back home. Therefore, this makes it easier to fly especially for beginners.

EACHINE E58 Pro One Key Operation

Short Summary of Feedback of Existing Owners

For the price, this quadcopter comes with many features including 3D flips. It is a good beginner drone since it is so easy to fly. Gordon O.

If there is even the slightest wind, this quadcopter will be hard to control. I suggest you choose a calm day to fly it outdoors or fly it indoors. Silas A.

The altitude hold mode works so well so you need not worry about the vertical flight. Just fly the drone horizontally since it holds a certain vertical height. Jerry M.

This is a beginner quadcopter and nothing more. Once you have mastered the skill of flying, the drone is not exciting any more. Good gift for kids though. Steve W.

EACHINE E58 Pro Pros

  • It has altitude hold mode
  • App works very well
  • It has three speed settings
  • Comes with guards for the propeller blades
  • Two batteries are better than one
  • Flies well if there is no wind
  • It is compatible with VR goggles

EACHINE E58 Pro Cons

  • The flight range is too short at a maximum of 80 meters
  • Too basic, just good for learning how to pilot a drone

Who Should Buy the EACHINE E58 Pro Drone?

Anyone who is looking for a cheap way to get into the drone hobby can get the E58 Pro for starters and then later on, they can try a more expensive one. In addition, this is a good drone for a child who is interested in drones. It can be a good gift for your son or daughter. Since it has prop guards, the damage won’t be too high if they crash it.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Our first recommendation when you buy the EACHINE E58 Pro drone is to never fly it in the wind. That way, you will not struggle to trim it. Also, keep the speed low as you learn how it handles in the air before you can punch the high speed. If you are looking for a small, beginner drone without too many bells and whistles so that you can upgrade to a bigger one in future, go for the E58 Pro.

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