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Force1 U49WF Drone Review

The Force1 U49WF drone is a good choice for you if you are looking for a nice gift for a friend, for your kids or for anyone. It has been designed with many advanced features that are mostly found in bigger drones. However, this drone is not as cheap as many of the other small beginner drones. However, once you start flying it, you will see that it indeed is worth the price. There are so many fun things that you can do with this drone, as you will see in the latter sections of this review. Many people ask why they should get the Force1 when there are cheaper drones in the market. Well, there are many reasons, and one of them is that this drone has a long flight time, is very stable on flight and it captures good footage with its camera.

Force1 U49WF Image

Force1 U49WF Features & Technical Details

This drone is made of fiber material that is quite hard to break. Even if it crashes, it will come out intact. The propellers are safeguarded in protective frames to prevent breakage. Either way you look at this quadcopter, it is one of the safest ones in the market.

The first thing that you will note about this drone is just how easy it is to fly it. It has been equipped with a one-key landing and takeoff feature. Just tap that key and the drone lands or flies. You may even launch or land the drone with just a tap on the one-key landing and takeoff button on your smartphone.

One of the most captivating features in this beginner drone is the camera. It is a 720P video camera, and it shoots good video footage. The drone has an SD card slot and you can use any card, up to 16GB. This is enough to store your footage and view it later in your computer. But do not also forget that this drone has the first person view (FPV) feature that allows you to see what the drone can see. Just download the app, which is compatible with android as well as iPhone.

For security and ease of flying the drone, it has headless mode. This means that irrespective of whatever direction the drone is facing, if you engage the headless mode, the drone comes back to the person holding the remote transmitter. This has become a must-have feature for all beginner drones.

With the altitude hold function, you will just have to select a certain height and lock the drone to hover at that height. This is a good feature for people who love taking photographs and videos. The camera is quite stable, and so is the altitude hold and therefore you should have good quality footage.

Because this is a fun drone, it would not be complete without a 3D roll feature. That is why it has been designed with 360-degree flips to entertain you in the air. Just press the button for the flips and you will get eye-popping acrobatics.

For flight, there are different speed modes. Start on the lowest speed setting and advance to higher speeds later. Furthermore, the different speed settings make this drone good for beginners as well as advanced drone pilots.

The Force1 U49WF drone is sold with a spare battery. The flight time is 15 minutes, which is more than double what many of the other beginner drones offer. There is a low battery alert to let you know when it is time to bring the drone back home.

The Wi-Fi (smartphone) control range is 40 meters. If the drone goes out of range, you will hear a continuously beeping sound so that you can bring it in.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Everything about this drone is very impressive. From the package it is delivered in to how it flies indoors, I love it. I am yet to try flying it outdoors but I soon will. Adrian J.

I was looking for something to gift myself with after a hard year in the office. However, I did not want something that would cost me so much money and that is why I ordered this drone. I love flying it in the yard on the weekends. Rodd B.

They do not come any better than the Force1 U49WF drone with a spare battery, a strong carbon fiber body and many more advanced features. I fell in love the minute I opened the package. Simon N.

With good lighting indoors, this drone takes high quality video and photo footage. Outdoors, the footage is even better, so good such that you are left asking whether this is a beginner drone at all. Ellen R.

I bought this drone for my sister who was not into drones and taught her how to fly it. Since then, she has been unable to keep her hands off it, taking videos of her toddler son and dogs in her yard every opportunity she gets. Trizanne W.

The only mistake I think they did with this drone was not to make it foldable. As a result, it looks bulky and not small enough to pop into your pocket for a flight in the park. However, the other features more than compensate for that. Kim T.

Force1 U49WF featuers

Pros of the Force1 U49WF drone

  • Good flight time from the battery
  • Strong body made of carbon fiber – does not break easily
  • It has FPV functionality
  • It is built to get through crashes with the propeller guards
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Has many safety features built-in
  • 360 degree flips make this drone very entertaining to fly

Cons of the Force1 U49WF drone

  • It is not a foldable drone
  • App can be hard to start using for a beginner

Who Should Buy the Force1 U49WF?

Anyone who fancies a drone with a long lasting battery and advanced features for a very affordable price can order this drone. The Force1 U49WF drone may be touted as a beginner drone, but it is necessarily not as you have no doubt guessed from the features. Even if you have a decade of experience flying drones, you will have crazy fun with this one. You will never regret spending money on this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With all the features such as the FPV camera, spare battery to give you 30 minutes of flight time, the 360-degree flips and the altitude hold and headless flight features, you can barely wait to get your hands on the drone. This will be money well spent. Whether you are buying it for someone else or for yourself, you will be happy you got it.

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