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GoolRC SG700-D Review

GoolRC SG700-D Image

How can a drone with a 4K camera cost less than $70? This is the first question that pops into mind when you see the GoolRC SG700-D. But then, GoolRC is known for its great drones.

You can check the GoolRC GW89 review that we did earlier.They make them so good, irresistible and feature-packed. In any case, there are not many places that you can find such excellent flying cameras with the high specs.

The price shows that this is a beginner drone. However, the features are quite advanced. Thus, if you are looking for a drone that you can stay with for a long time without the need to upgrade, get this one. High quality build, incredible style and design are just some of the good aspects of this drone. In the upcoming sections, we are going to look at all the features, and a few reviews of people who have used this drone.

GoolRC SG700-D Image

GoolRC SG700-D Features & Technical Details

Design, build quality and durability

The SG700-D has been made in outstanding design. First, this is a foldable drone. It will be easy to turn it into a small and compact shape for traveling. Not only that … but even the remote controller is foldable. Imagine that!

The casing of this drone is made of high quality plastic casing. This is important because it will protect the delicate interior parts of the drone during a crash. Small drones such as this one do not come with obstacle avoidance system. Thus, they need strong casing for protection in case there is a crash.

This is a quadcopter, meaning it has four propellers. It also has been designed with propellers guards. Thus, if it crashes, the risk to the propellers is quite low. In any case, you will also get a spare propeller – just one, so you can replace what breaks.

With a weight of 166g only, this is a lightweight drone. You can carry it in a large jacket pocket without feeling the weight. As for the size, she measures 6.7 by 5.7 by 2.2 inches when folded and 10.6 by 10.6 by 2.2 inches when unfolded.


This drone has been equipped with a wide-angle camera. This means better background and more scenery in your photographs and videos. In addition, this is a double camera drone. It has one camera on the nose for capturing footage from the front and it also has a second one on the belly. This one captures footage from under the drone. You can switch intermittently between the cameras to create nice and shareable clips.

Being a 4K camera, it means that the resolution is quite high. Thus, you can expect to capture vivid details in your videos and images. If you have used a camera with 1920 by 1080P resolution, you know what good video resolution is. Now, with a 4K camera, the resolution is many times more than what you get with a 1080P camera.

Finally, about the camera, you are also going to get a thrilling FPV experience. Imagine this experience especially when combined with the two cameras. It should be pretty mind blowing.


We did mention that the GoolRC SG700-D controller is foldable. It is indeed a piece of work, something that you will feel proud to hold in your hand. It uses two AAA batteries, which are not supplied with the drone, but they should be pretty easy to buy. The remote controller also has a smartphone or iPad holder so that you can have a nice FPV experience. When you are not using it, just fold it nicely to reduce its size. It also becomes quite nimble for packing when traveling.

Battery and flight time

As we have seen in the other GoolRC drones, their batteries are good. This one is not any different. It is a 3.7V 1600mAh battery, which gives you a flight time of 20 minutes! The charging time for this battery is about 100 minutes. If you would like to double your flight time, you can buy a spare battery or two.

Flight and safety features

If there is somewhere that this drone has excelled itself, it is in the flight features. From 3D flips, trajectory flight, headless mode and palm controlled flying, you will love what the GoolRC SG700-D can do.

Let us look at some of these features briefly:

Headless mode

Engage headless mode when the drone flies out of your sight. That way, you will be sure that it is aligned and flying in the right direction. It is a nice feature to have in any drone, even those made for advanced users.

Trajectory flight

With this feature you are going to draw a flight route that you would like your drone to follow. It is a fun feature, which makes the drone more thrilling to fly. When you launch the drone, it will follow the trajectory route that you drew in the app, capturing footage along the route.

Gesture Control

Palm control enables you to capture footage and selfies using your palm. This is just a fun feature and it enables you to take high quality selfies. The drone will start recording video as soon as you show it a gesture it can recognize.

Palm control

With this feature, you can wave the drone to go up or down and it will do just that. You can also wave it to go left or right. The drone will stop at a distance of 1 meter when you engage the Palm Control mode, and from there you can capture nice video and photo footage.

Follow Mode

Engage the follow mode and the drone will follow you wherever you go, as long as you are holding the smartphone or the remote controller. It is a nice way to fly your drone in hands-free mode. And that is not all because with the smart follow mode, you can lock the drone to the main person that you want it to follow and it will follow him or her anywhere.

One key takeoff and landing

If you are a beginner, you will love this feature! It enables you to fly or land the drone without worrying about its orientation. This can also serve as an emergency feature. If the drone finds an obstacle in its path, you can punch the button for one key takeoff and landing so that the drone stops immediately and comes back to land. This helps you to prevent crashes.

Altitude hold and optical flow positioning

This drone gives you a stable altitude hold. It will hover nicely, taking video and photo footage at a designated height. In addition, it has optical flow positioning, which keeps it stable at any altitude. This means you do not need to worry about the altitude. Just worry about flying your drone horizontally.

GoolRC SG700-D Durable Life

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I could not believe that this drone comes with a 4K camera. However, I bought it for the price and I have not been disappointed. Oscar S.

This is my second GoolRC drone. I love the style and the design of their drones. They fly well and surpass my expectations. The SG700-D flies quite stable, taking nice video and photo footage. Jose D.

Where do I start? The foldable design is incredible, the flight time is quite long and the style is incredible. I wish they made it with brushless motor, but what you get is what you get. Dylan N.

I would advise any newbie drone pilot to buy this one. It will equip you with skills to fly even bigger and more advanced drones. Kelly M.

If you are looking for the best drone, buy this one and then you can upgrade later. The two cameras give you a nice view of the front and under the drone area. Emily H.

I was looking for a drone that I can travel easily with. This one folds nicely into a small and compact size. Gid K.

Pros of GoolRC SG700-D

  • Long flight time
  • Has propeller guards
  • Easy to fly
  • The camera captures good footage
  • Belly camera enables you to see under the drone
  • Nice to travel with
  • Stunning style and design
  • It is a durable drone and can withstand crashes


Cons of GoolRC SG700-D

  • The motors are not brushless

GoolRC SG700-D Gesture Control

Who Should Buy The GoolRC SG700-D?

It is primarily targeted at the beginners. However, it is a very good drone for anyone that loves style. It comes with a 6-axis gyro, which enhances the flight system and keeps the drone stable mid-flight. If you take good care of this drone, it will last a long time. The wide-angle 4K camera also enables you to shoot awesome photos and videos all the time. You can buy this drone and make it your aerial camera.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The GoolRC SG700-D is a high quality drone with many features. However, it is also very simple to fly even for first timers. Only GoolRC can accomplish such a feat – combining advanced features with simplicity. When you get this drone, first, read the user manual carefully, see whether you need to register it with the FAA, assemble it and basically learn as much as you can about the drone. You can also order an extra battery so that you can make the flight time longer.

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