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HDRC S602 Drone Review


If you are looking for an affordable drone that is foldable, durable and easy to use, you might love the HDRC S602.

While this is a toy-class drone hence the low price, it is a bit unusual to find such a lowly priced aircraft coming with a 4K camera. Therefore, we will find out whether this is a real 4K camera later in this article.

Perhaps it is the festive season and you might be looking for a befitting gift for your loved one. This drone is pretty impressive and it does not cost much. However, even if it is a gift, you still need to consider the features.


In the coming section we shall look at the features that the HDRC S602 quadcopter comes with. These will include things like the design and build quality, the camera quality, the battery and flight time and many others.

In addition, we shall find out what you can expect when it comes to the flight performance.


HRDC S602 Features & Technical Details

The main reason why many people buy drones is to have fun with them. Therefore, one must consider the fun features keenly which include things like camera, flight functions and others. Of course, we are going to look at these and more here.

Design and Build Quality

First, this is a small drone that is foldable by design. Therefore, if you travel a lot, you might love it. It folds into a compact size and shape with everything intact. Therefore, there is no unscrewing the blades.

Second, by size, it is small when expanded and smaller when folded. It measures 9.4 by 7.9 by 2 inches when expanded. Furthermore, it measures 3.5 by 1.7 by 2 inches when you fold it. Now, that is a considerable reduction in size. Besides, it becomes small enough to fit into your pant or jacket pockets. In addition, it also comes with a good quality storage bag. Therefore, traveling with it should not be a problem at all.

The takeoff weight of this aircraft is 350g. Therefore, you will have to register it with the FAA or the civil aviation authority in your country. However, this is a short and cheap process, which you can do online.

For a good flight performance, this drone comes with coreless motors. They are a technology on their own, but in simpler terms, they are almost the same as brushless motors.

Camera Quality

This is a 4K camera drone. Now, if this is your first time learning about 4K camera, it means that you can get more details and vivid colors in a video or photo. If you have seen 1080P footage, you know it is good quality. Now you can imagine what two times that would give you. That is why drone manufacturers have made quite the jump from 720P and 1080P cameras to 4K.

This is a dual camera quad because it has a smaller belly camera. In addition, you can switch from one camera to another from the app or from the remote controller. This enables you to switch your views so that you can enjoy your FPV experience much more.

Another thing that we might mention here even though it is not related to cameras is the 6-axis gyro that stabilizes the flight. If the drone is stable when flying, there is zero to minimal distortion in the video and photo footage.

There is also real-time Wi-Fi transmission. This enables you to see what the drone can see when it is in flight. However, you will need to use your smartphone for this experience. In addition, the real-time video transmission distance is 80 meters.

Battery and Flight Time

The S602 quadcopter comes with a low capacity battery of 3.7V 800mAh. Before you fret about the low capacity, there are advantages. For instance, low capacity batteries take a shorter time to charge. This one takes 80 minutes only. Furthermore, when you buy the drone, you have the option to order the one 1, 2 or 3-battery packages for longer flight time.

In the same line, waiting 80 minutes for a battery to charge so that you can get 15 minutes of flight time sounds quite fair. After all, many high capacity batteries take more than 3 hours to charge.

Finally on the battery, it is safe to handle. Therefore, if you are buying this quad for your child, you can be sure they are not in any danger. In addition, it is easy to remove and insert into the drone. As a modular battery, it charges outside the drone, therefore giving you a chance to use the spare batteries.

Remote Controller

This is a 2.4GHz remote controller. Therefore, it connects to the drone without any latency issues. At the same time, this remote controller looks simplistic enough, but it has keys for every function that the drone has.

For example, on the right side, you will find buttons for left and right fly trims, forward and back fine tuning and of course, the right operating lever (what is the joystick on other quads).

On the left side of the remote controller, there are the keys for one click tumble, low/high speed, headless mode, return to home, one key take off and landing and the left operating lever (joystick in others).

As you can see, this remote controller practically brings everything on the face, so you just need to know what each key does. In addition, it has a foldable smartphone holder that can fit smartphones of all sizes.

The holder also opens towards the upper side. Therefore, there is minimal interference from your hands on the phone when using the controller. In addition, being located on the upper side helps a lot since the smartphone is at a prime location. You can see it with minimal effort.

Finally, this remote controller uses 3 AA batteries. However, they are not included in the package so you will have to buy them separately. The control range is 150 meters.

Flight Functions

Since this drone is intended for beginners, it has many flight functions. Some of them are as follows:

One Key Return Home

This is more of a safety function. Therefore, when you press this key, the drone turns and comes back home immediately. Keep checking the battery meter and when you see that it is running low, bring it back home using this key.

Headless Mode

When you engage headless mode and then hit the launch key, the HDRC S602 quadcopter flies and aligns its position. Therefore, you need not worry about the direction that the nose faces.

3 Speed Modes

Start with the low speed mode to learn how the aircraft flies. Later, you can switch to the faster speeds to enjoy more fun.

In addition, you will be able to trim it forward, backward, left or right. On the same note, this quad also can do 360-degree rolls.

Air Pressure Fixed Height

This is very important. It holds the drone at the set height so that you just worry about the horizontal flight. You may think of it as similar to altitude hold. It is very helpful to a beginner.

One key take off and landing

This is another helpful function for a beginner. Once you have calibrated the aircraft, you can long-press this key and it will take off. In addition, when you press the key again, the quad lands.

Gesture Shooting

To get the drone to start taking photographs of you and your gang, show it the victory sign. To get it to start taking videos, show it the palm sign.

HDRC S602 size

HDRC S602 Pros

  • It is available in black or gray colors
  • Has a nice storage bag
  • Available in up to 3 batteries
  • Good flight time for each battery at 15 minutes
  • The camera takes excellent footage
  • Gesture photography is a lot of fun to use
  • Small size makes it portable
  • Most of the parts of the quad are made of recyclable material

HDRC S602 Cons

  • The carry bag does not have a shoulder strap
  • 360-degree roll can consume more battery
  • Behaves badly in the wind

Who Should Buy The HDRC S602 Quadcopter?

If you are looking for a drone that can make a good gift for your loved ones or friends yet not dent your wallet at the same time, the HDRC S602 is it.

The reason why this quadcopter is a good choice for just about anyone is that it is so easy to use. In addition, it comes ready to fly with the battery charged, and with everything installed. Therefore, you just have to insert the battery, calibrate and fly it.

It matters not whether this is your first or umpteenth quadcopter. With three speed modes, you can start on the slow one and try the faster ones later.

Lastly, the price is so affordable … so why not?

Conclusion and Recommendation

One bane of small drones such as this one is that they are hard to control in the wind. Therefore, choose an open space to fly it where there are no obstacles. At the same time, fly it on a calm day.

We recommend that you get the 3-battery package. That way, you can have a lot of unending fun flying the drone at your leisure.

Lastly, when you are putting it in storage for some time, just remove the battery. This is not important when traveling, but if you can do it, go ahead.

Will you get value for money from the HDRC S602? We think you will because it has fun features, excellent footage and high performance from the motors.

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