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Holy Stone HS175 Drone Review

Holy Stone HS175

Holy Stone is one of the most renowned drone makers in the industry today. They have quadcopters for different users – beginners as well as advanced users.

This is a small aircraft that folds into an even smaller size that can fit into your pants or jackets pocket when traveling. If you are looking for a traveling drone that can capture excellent footage, get the Holy Stone HS175 drone. You will not be disappointed.

This drone responds very well to commands and the sticks are very fluent. They respond to touch without being too sensitive. Keep reading to see the features and specifications of the HS 175 aircraft.
Holy Stone HS175

Holy Stone HS175 Features & Technical Details

The features make the drone. They determine how well and how long it can fly. We always say it is best to consider the features first and the price second.

Design and Build Quality

This is a well designed, sleek drone, but that is no surprise there because HS makes them that way. It is a small toy-class drone but it packs some of the features and functions that the big boys come with. As for the build quality, this is a very sturdy aircraft that will not rip open at a drop. However, do take good care of it so that it can last a long time.

This is a foldable quadcopter. When it is unfolded for flight, it measures 14.2 by 11.8 by 2.8 inches. When it is folded, it becomes much smaller and more compact. It folds with everything intact including the blades. That way, when you have to fly it again, you don’t need to screw anything on.

The weight of the drone is 197g. This means you don’t have to register it with the FAA if you are in North America.

When the HS175 drone is delivered to you, check that it has two Li-po batteries, 2 spare propellers, the HS 175 drone, remote controller, 2 USB charging cables for the drone batteries, 4 propeller guards and 1 USB charging cable for the remote controller. It will also have a user manual.

Camera Quality

The camera quality is very important to any drone owner. It is the main reason why we buy drones today.  The HS 175 drone comes equipped with a 2K HD camera that shoots videos and pictures at a resolution of 2048 x 1080P. The camera has a wide field of view at 120° and the vertical adjusting angle is 90°. You can adjust the vertical angle from the remote controller without having to bring the drone home.

To capture the videos and photos at the highest resolution, you should use a TF card. This drone has a slot and it supports TF cards of up to 64GB. If you store your footage in your smartphone, it will store it at 1080P resolution, which is good enough.

You can then get a nice first person view experience on the drone. The transmission range for real-time video transmission is 300 meters, which is good enough for a drone of this size. You will have to use your smartphone to enjoy FPV. The remote controller has a smartphone holder to enable you enjoy a good FPV.

Batteries and Flight Time

The Holy Stone HS 175 drone comes with two batteries with capacity of 1300mAh. These are modular batteries, so they charge out of the quadcopter. Each battery comes with its own charging cable. Even if you buy a third battery, it will come with its charging cable. Therefore, you can charge all batteries simultaneously.

It is recommended that you charge the batteries with the provided cable, or order a similar one. Lastly, the batteries are easy to insert and remove from the drone. You can trust even kids with this drone because the batteries are safe to handle. In fact, the manufacturer-recommended age is 14 years.

Each battery is going to give you a flight time of 22 minutes. This means you have a cool 44 minutes of exciting fun. Of course, most batteries never do the maximum time but even 20 minutes would still be a good deal for one battery.

There is no information regarding the charging time, but you can check with the manufacturer or check in the user manual.

Remote Controller

The remote controller has a built-in rechargeable battery. It also comes with a cable for charging it. The sticks are very responsive but they are not too sensitive such that they also respond to accidental touch. Since this drone has many automated functions, the remote controller has keys and buttons for all of these functions.

This is a lightweight controller, so you can use it through two or even three batteries without feeling cramped in the wrists. The built-in battery can last about 5 hours on one charge.

Flight Functions

Automatic flight functions make a drone easy to fly. They also make the drone fun to fly all the time. Here are the most important functions:

Headless Mode

With headless mode, when the drone is far and you cannot see the direction that the nose faces, you can engage this mode to get the quadcopter to align to the pilot’s position.

One key takeoff and landing

If you are a beginner, you do not have the time to figure out how to get the drone to take off or land in an emergency. Therefore, after calibrating it, just hit the one key take off and off it goes.

Optical Flow Positioning

With optical flow positioning, you will always know where your drone is all the time. It also works hand-in-hand with altitude hold and you can hover it steadily to take pictures and videos.

Smart Following

The HS175 drone recognizes your face and locks onto you. It follows you wherever you go, keeping a decent distance and taking footage. It will even follow you in your car.

Altitude Hold

As a quadcopter for beginners, you can get this drone to hold a certain vertical height so that you just have to worry about horizontal flight.

Gesture Control

The HS175 drone responds to your palm or victory sign. With the V sign, it starts taking photos and with the palm sign, it starts to take videos.

GPS Auto Return

Automatically return to home in scenarios of low power, out of range and signal lose to ensure you will not lose your HS175 drone.

Holy Stone HS175 Smart Auto Return Home

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Holy Stone has never failed me. I bought the HS 175 for my son on his 13th birthday and he has been having a lot of fun with it.  Nate H.

When we bought this drone with my wife, we decided to make it our family aerial camera. So far, it takes some awesome pictures and videos. Leo W.

I am always skeptical about the things that I buy online. However, there are no cons with this drone, hard as I look. Kevin G.

If this is not one of the best small quadcopters, I don’t what is. I count this as total value for money and soon, I will buy a second one to gift my friend. Harry T.

This drone practically comes with everything. It comes with a carry bag, two batteries, propeller guards and an excellent remote controller. Marv G.

Holy Stone HS175 Pros

  • It comes with a high quality carry bag
  • Two batteries have a long flight time of more than 40 minutes
  • It is very simple to use even for beginners
  • Speed modes for different levels of experiences
  • GPS auto return ensures your drone never gets lost
  • Excellent flight performance all the time

Holy Stone HS 175 Cons

  • Didn’t find any… Really good drone in its class and size range

Who Should Buy The Holy Stone HS175?

Anyone who loves high quality can buy this drone. It is feature-rich and has many flight functions. You can buy this drone to be your aerial camera. You can also buy it to gift someone dear to you, like your spouse, son or daughter. Still, if you would like to buy a quadcopter that will not require you to upgrade to a bigger one anytime soon, this one has the right specs. It takes good photos and videos, has an SD card slot and comes with two batteries.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With low wind resistance, it is important that you fly this drone in safe places only. Even quadcopters with low battery and signal loss return function can be blown away in a gust of wind. Before you can fly this drone, read the user manual to know how to calibrate it. Fly it in large open spaces without people or animals so that you don’t spook them.

Show me the price !

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