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Holy Stone HS700E Review

Holy Stone HS700E

The Holy Stone HS700E drone comes with a good number of features and flight modes for this price bracket. Thus, if you need an adult GPS drone with long distance flight range and incredible flight time, you might want the HS700E.

Like all the other Holy Stone drones that we have reviewed here, you will appreciate the workmanship that has gone into this quadcopter. Everything, from the nicely padded storage/transport case to the click-in-place propellers shows how much this drone maker cares about quality.

Are there any downsides to look forward to? Well, first, some people complain that the drone is overpriced. Actually, Holy Stone drones cost more than most of their counterparts in the market. However, if the features justify the price, it is not too high.

Another thing that you might be wary of is that the propellers slide into place but the drone does not come with propeller guards. Thus, they can easily slide off (as some people have complained) and if you crash it, the propellers are unguarded, so they can sustain damage.

It is not all bad though, as you will see in the upcoming sections of this review.

Holy Stone HS700E

Holy Stone HS700E Features & Technical Details

Before buying a quadcopter, always consider the features. If you think that the features justify the price, go ahead and buy it.

Design and Build Quality

This is a well-built drone, but by design, it is not foldable. However, since it comes with its padded storage case, traveling with it should be easy.

You will notice the high landing gear. It is designed that way because of the camera, which is not on the nose. It is under the nose.

The take off weight of the HS700E is 525g. That is more than double the allowed threshold of 250g, which is exempted from registration with the civil aviation authorities. In this case, you have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

For most of their drones, Holy Stone uses non-poisonous ABS plastic material. It is light in weight, thin and very strong.

This quadcopter comes with brushless motors. One of the benefits of using brushless motors is that they do not consume as much power as the brushed ones. Also, such motors are less noisier, and they last long with minimal care and maintenance.

Camera Quality

Because of the positioning of the camera under the noise of the drone, it has a wide field of view of 130 degrees. Therefore, you can enjoy an immersive first person view experience when the drone is flying.

Apart from that, this is a 4K camera with a photo resolution of 3840 by 2160P and video resolution of 4K at 30FPS and 1080P at 60FPS.

The camera has also been equipped with an electronic image stabilization system. It removes blurring and distortion from your footage, especially when the drone shakes during flight. Also, EIS can help the footage retain its orientation horizontally and vertically when it is cornering.

You can use this camera to take amateur footage. If you travel regularly and you like to document your adventures, you can use this drone.

This is an FPV enabled drone, and it supports 5GHz image transmission. The overall distance of image transmission is 1640 feet/500 meters.

Holy Stone HS700E Image Stabilization

Battery Quality and Flight Time

The HS700E comes with two modular batteries. Each battery can give you a flight time of 23 minutes or thereabouts.

These batteries are so easy to remove and insert into the drone. Also, they have safety features such as overcharge protection. You can leave yours charging when going to work in the morning to remove it in the evening.

It would have been much better if the batteries came with two USB charging cables. The package includes just one, but perhaps the assumption is that you can charge one battery while the other one charges.

The charging time for each battery is about 5 hours.

Remote Controller

The remote controller for the Holy Stone HS700E drone is very stylish. It also seems to be made with the same material used for the quadcopter.

It has a small display screen at the center. This shows you important specs of the drone when it is flying. Height, distance, speed and remaining battery voltage are some of the things displayed. Thus, even when you are flying the drone blindly, you will still know where it is all the time.

The overall transmission range is 3277 feet/999 meters, which is quite impressive. That is why you need an LCD display screen to let you know where your drone is all the time, even when it is out of sight.

Flight Functions

The HS700E comes with many flight functions. These automated functions not only make the quadcopter easy to fly, but they also keep it safe. Some of them are as follows:

Auto Return

Every drone ought to come with this important fail-safe function. If the battery runs low, if it goes out of signal range, it will turn and come back from the place it was launched.

Pre-planned Flight Route

This is also called the tap fly function. To use it, open the map interface on the app, draw a route that you would like the aircraft to follow when you launch it.

Follow Mode

This is a GPS-enabled function. The drone connects to the GPS module in your smartphone, locks onto you and follows you wherever you go, capturing footage.

Air Pressure Sensor and Optical Flow Positioning

These two functions enable the drone to hover steadily and they make the drone flight easy and stable.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Users

They don’t make them any better than this. The video and photo quality is stunning and the EIS kicks in to give very clear footage. Ali H.

I usually have no hesitation when buying Holy Stone drones. In spite of feeling like I am paying through the nose for this one, I feel the price is definitely worth it. Quest W.

I bought this drone as a gift for my husband on his birthday and he has been having a swell time with it. He flies it everytime I can let him get away on a weekend. Deen H.

I still have not learned how to adjust the vertical angle of the camera from the remote controller. I have to bring the drone home to adjust it but I will figure it out soon. Harry G.

Good drone for traveling, outdoor adventure and taking good footage at home. Captain C.

Holy Stone HS700E GPS Auto Return

Holy Stone HS700E Pros

  • Two batteries for a long flight time
  • Sturdy build and good material quality
  • Nice camera with EIS
  • Has many flight functions for user friendliness
  • GLONASS/GPS functions make it hard to lose
  • Stable flight thanks to optical flow positioning and air pressure sensor
  • You can adjust the vertical angle of camera remotely

Holy Stone HS700E Cons

  • There are no propeller guards
  • A gust of wind can make it fly away for good
  • There has been complaints of the propellers sliding out

Who Should Buy The Holy Stone HS700E?

All adults looking to get into the hobby drone can get this one. Also, if you like to document your travels and outdoor adventures such as sailing, mountain biking, hiking and even fishing, you can use this quadcopter.

Because it has many flight functions, even kids of the manufacturer-recommended age can use this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a high quality drone. However, that does not mean that you should get careless with it. Take note of the recommendations below so that you do not damage or lose it:

First, read the user manual. Even if you are experienced, there is still something new about each drone. Besides, you want to know how to calibrate the drone. It comes assembled and ready to fly.

Secondly, fly it when there is no wind. Even with the return to home functions, a strong gust of wind will drive it away for good.

The Holy Stone HS700E has a long flight range. However, do not fly it out of sight, at least not until you know how it flies. Overall, it is good practice to fly your drone within your sight.

Lastly, choose an open space where there are no people or animals because the sound of the motors can spook them.

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