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Holy Stone HS600 Drone Review


The Holy Stone HS600 Drone is the new drone from  Holy Stone deigned for aerial photography enthusiasts. Packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it promises an exceptional flying experience. In this review, we’ll dive into its standout characteristics, focusing on the camera, battery life, flight performance, and unique functions.

Features & Technical Details

Camera: The HS600 drone sets a new standard with its 4K dual-axis gimbal camera. Enhanced by EIS stabilization and potent brushless motors, it ensures rock-solid flight stability while capturing breathtaking 4K video and 12MP stills. The Sony sensor unlocks endless creative possibilities, delivering scenes with unparalleled clarity.

Holy Stone HS 600 Camera

Long Range Transmission: Seamlessly integrating a WiFi repeater transmission into the remote controller, the HS600 effortlessly extends your control range and video transmission distance to an impressive 10,000 feet. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore diverse terrains and capture stunning aerial photos.

Battery Life: The drome come with 2 batteries each battery providing 28 min flight time.  The battery indicator light keeps you informed about the current capacity, ensuring timely recharges and estimating remaining flight time.

Wind Resistance: With a lightweight frame backed by brushless motors, the HS600 offers remarkable wind resistance up to 6 levels. Weighing just 541g and accompanied by a portable carrying case, this drone is designed for adventurers on the move. Enjoy powerful performance and unwavering stability as you capture breathtaking aerial moments.

GPS Intelligent Return-to-Home Function: The HS600 drone comes equipped with an intelligent GPS function for added security. Activate one-key return, lost signal return, and low battery return features effortlessly. Watch as the drone navigates back to its takeoff point, ensuring a safe and secure flying experience.

Beginner-Friendly Modes: Transition seamlessly from enthusiast to expert with follow mode and waypoint mode. Whether you’re charting a pre-defined course or carving a path of your own, the HS600 drone effortlessly follows your lead, giving you the freedom to focus on capturing the perfect moment.


4K Excellence: The dual-axis gimbal and Sony sensor-enhanced camera deliver stunning 4K video and 12MP stills, providing unparalleled clarity and creative potential.

Long Range Transmission: The integration of a WiFi repeater extends control range and video transmission distance to an impressive 10,000 feet, opening up new opportunities for exploration and photography.

Extended Flight Time: With a dual-battery setup, the HS600 provides an extraordinary 56-minute flight time, ensuring uninterrupted aerial filming without constant battery swaps.


Limited Obstacle Avoidance: The HS600 lacks advanced obstacle avoidance features, requiring pilots to exercise caution in cluttered environments.

Control Range Consideration: While the control range is extended, advanced users seeking even greater distances may find it slightly limiting.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Holy Stone HS600 Drone is a powerhouse in the world of aerial photography. Its exceptional camera capabilities, extended battery life, and intelligent flight functions make it a standout choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. While it may not have advanced obstacle avoidance, its overall performance and feature set make it a top contender in its class.

For those looking to elevate their aerial photography game, the Holy Stone HS600 Drone is an investment that promises unparalleled results.

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