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Holyton HT25 Mini Drone Review

Holyton HT25 Mini Drone

The Holyton HT25 mini drone is so small it can even fit in a shirt pocket. Well, perhaps not really, but you get the idea of just how small it is.

With such a diminutive size, you might dismiss it easily as a non-achiever or just a simple kid drone. However, most people are surprised at how well this mini RC quadcopter flies.

But just like all small and very low weight drones, you must always fly it when there is absolutely no wind. It does not even take a gust to make this one fly away forever. Even the lowest velocity wind will make it hard to trim.

This is also a fragile drone. One crash into a tree and it will be a write-off.

However, it is not all doom and gloom for this small quadcopter. It has some good things going for it, for instance, the price.

Keep reading to see its features and flight functions.
Holyton HT25 Mini Drone

Holyton HT25 Features & Technical Details

Despite the small size, the HT25 comes with some good features. Check out details about the design, the camera, batteries and others.

Design and Build Quality

First, small as it is, this is a foldable drone. The arms fold onto the body making it even smaller and more compact. You can carry it in your coat pocket without feeling it. It also folds with the blades intact, so you do not need to unscrew anything.

It is available in black and white. The top part is white and the fuselage is finished in black color. It also has two bug eyes on the head, which help you to locate it if you are flying it in a dark room or in low-lit outdoor conditions.

The weight of this mini quadcopter is 57g. They do not come any lighter than that. When going out with it, you do not even need a bag to carry it. Just toss it into your pocket.

Batteries and flight time

The drone comes with two, 730mAh batteries. One comes inserted in the drone, ready for flight. Each battery can give you a maximum of 11 minutes of flight time so you get a total of 20 to 22 minutes from the two.

It also comes with two charging cables, which is quite thoughtful so that you can charge both batteries simultaneously.

The charging time for the batteries is 90 minutes, which is fair considering that you will get 11 minutes of flight time. It is best to charge the batteries with the provided cables to avoid damaging them.

As a quadcopter targeted at kids, the batteries are not only safe to handle, but they are also simple to insert or remove from the drone.

Camera Quality

This is a small camera drone with a 720P nose camera. In fact, it is even going to give you a good FPV experience albeit at a short range.

You can also adjust the camera to capture the best pictures and videos. The footage will be good if you take it in daylight.

With other camera related functions such as gesture shooting, this little drone will give you a good aerial shooting experience. Later, you can upgrade to a quadcopter with a 4K nose camera.

The FPV range for this drone is 100 feet.

Remote Controller

This is a lightweight remote controller running on the 2.4GHz frequency. It has a foldable smartphone holder so that you can enjoy your first person view as the drone flies over different terrains.

It has a very clean interface. For instance, on the face of the remote controller, there are the joysticks for speed and trimming. There are a couple of other buttons as well.

For a beginner drone, this remote controller is as simple as it can ever get. The maximum control range is 100 feet.

Flight Functions

You will be amazed at the number of functions that this drone comes with. They include the following:

Toss to fly

No beginner wants to engage in guesswork regarding what works and what does not in a drone. With the HT25, you just need to toss it into the air and it will launch itself. Do not throw it too hard. Be gentle. It will get your message and do the right thing.

Voice control

You can give this drone commands and it will obey them like a faithful pet. You can tell it to go left, right, land, takeoff and so on. As long as it is within “hearing distance,” it will obey you. This is a lot of fun!

3D flips

Deploying flip mode is so easy. All that you need to do is let the drone fly to about 3 meters, press, and hold the right joystick. Push the left joystick in any direction that you would like the drone to flip. This can be forward, backward, left or right. Have fun. Horizontal flights are boring.

Holyton HT25 Mini Drone Voice Controlled Drone

Tap To Fly

Open the app and on your smartphone screen, tap the areas that you would like your Holyton HT25 to fly. When you launch it, it will fly along that route.

Gravity Sensor

In this mode, you can swing your smartphone in different directions such as up, down, left or right. If you wave it to the right, the drone will fly to the right and vice versa.

Gesture shooting

You can access this function on the app, which you can download from drone planet. If you show the drone the victory sign, it will start taking photos and if you show it the palm, it will take videos.

Emergency stop

This is the most important function in a beginner or kid drone. If you experience challenges in controlling the aircraft when in flight, just press the emergency stop and it will stop immediately and land. This function can also help you save your drone from crashing.

Headless mode

Engage headless mode when you cannot figure out where the nose of the drone faces when it is flying. If you change your position, the HT25 will realign itself with your new position.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought it just for the price without expecting much. I am surprised that such a small drone can fly so well in calm weather. Lee K.

I don’t think the HT25 is worth the hype. It feels too cheap and the camera cannot capture worthwhile footage. I wish I could return it. Lenny A.

Small enough to fit in my pants pocket when I am going out. I am just learning to fly drones on this and then I will get myself a bigger one. Corina L.

I have been having such a lot of fun. All the flight functions work as advertised, including the emergency stop and the 3D flip. I think it is a pretty hip drone despite the small size. Steve G.

Too light in weight. I don’t want to risk flying this small drone outdoors just yet. I am frightened of losing it. Peter B.
Holyton HT25 Mini Drone - User Friendly Drone Under $60

Holyton HT25 Pros

  • Decent flight time from the two batteries
  • It has more than 10 flight functions
  • Comes with two charging cables
  • Easy to fly indoors and outdoors
  • It is compatible with VR goggles for a more intense FPV experience
  • Voice command and gesture shooting make it a lot of fun

Holyton HT25 Cons

  • It is impossible to trim when there is air movement
  • The flight range is too short at 30 meters
  • Not meant to last a long time

Who should buy the Holyton HT25 Mini Drone?

This drone is affordable, so you can buy one for each of your kids to get them started in the drone hobby. Because it has many flight functions, a beginner adult pilot can use it to learn how to fly. He/she will feel the need to upgrade to a bigger one as soon as they know how to fly. It is too boring for a skilled person. If you have some experience, it is not worth buying.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Start by flying the Holyton HT25 mini drone indoors where there is no air movement because it is too light in weight.

While it has a camera, the low resolution will not take too good footage, especially with the distortion that comes when the drone is flying.

Lastly, this small drone is not going to survive a crash. Thus, only fly it in a large room or in an open space in your backyard.

Show me the price !

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