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HR iCAMERA3 H3 Drone Review


The HR iCamera3 H3 camera drone comes in two color options, which are black and orange. In addition, you can buy it with one, two or three battery options. Of course, we would recommend that you go for the package with two or three batteries so that you can have more fun.

Since one battery can give you a flight time of 25 minutes, two of them would give you a longer and more fun time with the quadcopter.

Other things that this quad comes with include GPS connection and several automatic flight functions. At first glance, this looks like a good quadcopter for beginners.

However, it also has a downside or two. For instance, there have been complaints about the quality of the camera. Therefore, it might not be a true 6K HD camera as the manufacturer claims, but we will find out in the coming sections.


HR iCAMERA3 H3 Features & Technical Specifications

To know whether this quadcopter will meet your needs, you need to see its features first. Even if you are a beginner looking for a cheap drone to cut your teeth on before you can try the pricier ones, you still need to get value for your money.

Design and Build Quality

This drone is foldable by design. It measures 18mm by 165mm by 60mm when unfolded for flight. When you fold it, it measures 130mm by 150mm by 60mm. Therefore, you can pack it easily in its storage bag.

The take off weight of this quad is 200g. Therefore, you will not need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The drone is equipped with brushless motors. Therefore, it makes less noise and can fly for longer without the motors overheating.

The material used to make the body of this drone is PVC. Well, at least that is what the manufacturer says and so we will take their word. PVC material seems a grade lower than ABS plastic which has become quite popular with many drone makers.

Camera Quality

The manufacturer says that the photo resolution is 6144 by 3456P and the video resolution is 2048 by 1080P. Therefore, you can see that you cannot capture 6K HD videos with the drone but you can certainly get 1080P videos. Therefore, we feel it would be much better if they would just market it as a 1080P camera drone.

The vertical angle of the camera is adjustable from the remote controller, by up to 90 degrees. Therefore, you can find out the best angle of view even when the quadcopter is in flight.

You will also get a good first person view experience once you download the relevant app from Google Play Store (if you are using an android device).

The 6 axis gyro incorporated into the flight system of this quadcopter helps to keep it stable so you can take decent footage even when it is in flight.

HR iCAMERA3 Camera

Battery Quality and Flight Time

You could get this drone with one, two or three 7.4V 2500mAh batteries. Each one is going to give you a flight time of 25 minutes, give or take a little. In addition, the charging time for each battery is 240 minutes. Therefore, you can see just why you need more than one.

These are modular batteries so they will charge outside the drone. In addition, they are safe to handle and they have built-in overcharge protection.

Remote Controller

You will need 3 AA batteries to use the remote controller. Apart from that, this is a small and lightweight remote controller with several buttons and the usual joysticks.

It looks quite simple too since its face is not cluttered with buttons. Since this is a 2.4GHz controller, it has zero to minimal latency so the drone responds to your commands immediately.

Flight Functions

As a drone targeted at beginners, the inclusion of many flight functions is very vital. Here are some of the important flight modes in the HR iCAMERA3 H3 drone:

GPS positioning

This function ensures that you always know where your drone is all the time. The drone connects to the GPS module in your smartphone.

You can also press the return to home key to bring the drone home when you want or when the battery starts to run low.

Fail-safe Functions

If the battery runs low or the drone flies out of the connection range of the remote controller, it will turn and come back home automatically.

Intelligent Follow

In this mode, the drone recognizes you, locks onto you and follows you wherever you go. It also keeps a decent distance when it is following you.

Surround Flight

With this mode, you can set the drone to fly around a monument taking footage from all angles. It is one of the hands-free modes of running this quadcopter.

Speed Switch

You can start flying the drone at low speed, try the medium speed and eventually get to high-speed mode.

Spot Hovering

You can get the quadcopter to go on hover mode when you want to take good footage. Thanks to GPS positioning, it hovers steadily so that there is no distortion in the footage.

Trajectory Flight

Draw a route on your phone screen so that the drone can fly in hands-free mode and give you the opportunity to concentrate on your shooting.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

You will only be able to get 1080P videos with this camera drone. Do not raise your expectations. Joel H.

I love that the manufacturer included a storage bag and the option to buy it with three batteries is quite affordable. Charles K.

I like to adjust the camera from the remote controller to get the perfect view as this drone flies. However, I almost lost it in the wind when the return to home key refused to respond. Travis C.

I open the map on the app, draw a route on the screen and the drone follows it. As my first ever quadcopter, I am very impressed. Anto M.

One reason why I bought this quadcopter for my 12-year-old son is the price and the electronic fence function. Kirk W.

HR iCAMERA3 Auto Return


  • It has powerful brushless motors
  • Simple to fly the drone even for a beginner
  • Has a long flying time from one battery
  • Nice storage bag
  • Have special features such as the ability to add music to videos
  • Smart battery shows you how much voltage remains


  • Customer support is only available in Chinese

Who Should Buy the HR iCAMERA3 H3 Drone?

This is a good fit for kids and adult beginners. It contains smart functions that make it exciting to fly even for advanced users. In the daytime, it takes good footage and the MV effects allow you to filter pictures as well as add sound to videos. Another thing that you will love about this drone is the long flight time and the fail-safe features.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are so many good things to look forward to in the HR iCAMERA3 H3 drone. The app is really good and responsive. At the same time, the drone flies well thanks to the 6-axis gyro in the flight system and the brushless motors.

At the same time, do not fly this quadcopter in the wind because a gust can make it vanish. Also, while it has brushless motors, it is still loud enough to spook animals. Therefore, fly it in secluded areas.

Finally, start your maiden flight on the low speed mode. You can then try the medium and high speeds once you have seen how it flies.

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