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HR iCAMERA4 H4 Drone Review


When you are ordering the HR iCAMERA4 H4 drone, you will find that it comes in two versions. The first one comes with brushless motors. The second version has coreless brushed motors.

The one with the brushless motors will cost you more money than the one with the coreless motors.

Most people ask: Which is better: a coreless motor or brushless motor drone?

Well, brushless motors are definitely better since they do not have brushes or commutators. As a result, such motors can last longer, give a more powerful performance, and they do not overheat.

The coreless motors are brushed. Thus, they might overheat when you fly the drone for too long.

You will also choose whether you want to buy the drone with one, two or three batteries. Of course, the package with two or three batteries will cost more money. But it is worth it because you will get a longer flight time.

HR iCAMERA4 H4 Features & Technical Details

It is important to check out the features of a drone before you buy it. Here, we will see the design, the build quality, the camera and other outstanding features of the iCAMERA4 H4 drone.

Design and Build Quality

This drone is made of plastic, electronic and metal parts. The fuselage is made of ABS plastic. It protects the electronic parts in case of a crash. This aircraft is available in black color.

This is a foldable drone by design. When you fold it, the size reduces considerably, making it easier to pack and travel.

When you unfold it for flight, it measures 10.6 by 3.5 by 28 inches. When it is folded, it measures 6.7 by 3.3 by 2.8 inches, which as you can see is quite small.

The takeoff weight of this drone is 310g. Thus, you have to register it with the FAA in the USA or with the civil aviation authority in your country before you can fly it.

Finally, the drone uses a 6-axis gyro flight system for stability and accuracy when flying. Remember, we are reviewing the drone with coreless motors here, but the one with the brushless motors is not too different.

Camera Quality

The iCAMERA4 is a camera drone. In fact, it is a dual camera drone. Thus, you can switch from the nose camera to the belly camera for the best view over the terrain rthe drone flies over.

The nose camera has a resolution of 4K for photos. You can also capture videos with a resolution of 1080P. The resolution of the real-time image resolution is 1080P. To enjoy first person view experience, you will need to download this drone’s app onto your smartphone. The FPV distance is 400 meters.

This camera has a two-axis gimbal. Three-axis would have been better but this is what you get. At the same time, the wide field of view of 120°enables you to see a wide area over which the drone flies.

Because of the anti-shake features, you can capture high quality, distortion-free footage all the time.

Another thing that you ought to know is that real-time image transmission takes place over the 5G WiFi, which is good for long distance flights.

HR iCAMERA4 H4 Camera

Battery and Flight Time

This drone comes with one, two or three 7.4V 2200mAh batteries. The flight time for one battery is 20 minutes. Thus, with three batteries, you can enjoy a flight time of up to 60 minutes.

The charging time for one battery is 2.5 hours. This is quite fair considering that you will get 20 minutes of fun. The batteries are in modular design, so each battery can charge out of the drone using the cable that it comes with.

They are also safe to handle, charge and use. For instance, they have overcharge protection. Just make sure you remove the battery if you will keep the drone in storage for a long time.

Remote Controller

The H4 has a 2.4GHz remote controller. The signal is hardly disrupted. It is a lightweight controller that uses 4 AAA batteries. It also comes with a smartphone controller that is on the upper side. Thus, when you are flying the drone, your hands will hardly interrupt your vision on the app.

You can perform many functions from the remote controller. For instance, you can adjust the vertical angle of the nose camera by up to 90° to get the best view possible.

For the app to work with your smartphone, it must be an android 5.0 and newer or iOS 8.0 and newer. Using the app unlocks many automatic functions, making the flight more enjoyable.

Flight Functions

The manufacturer age-rating for the HR iCAMERA4 H4 is 14 years. Thus, it is a good aircraft for beginners who are just getting into the drone hobby. To make it easier to fly, the manufacturer has added many automatic flight functions. They include the following:

GPS and Fail-safe Functions

If your drone has GPS, you will know where it is all the time. This one connects to the GPS module on your smartphone. If the battery runs low or the drone loses signal, it turns and comes back home automatically.

HR iCAMERA4 H4 GPS Auto Return

GPS Follow Mode

In this mode, the drone locks onto you and it follows you from a distance. This function is very helpful for people who love to record their roadtrip, mountain biking, sailing and other outdoor moments.

Electric Fence

If this is your first drone to fly, you should use the electric fence so that the drone becomes easier to control. It is also very helpful to beginners because you can fly it within sight. If you are flying the drone in a wide-open space, the GeoFence will prevent it from crashing into obstacles.

Weed Resistance

The manufacturer says that this wind resistant drone can fly steadily in an 8-knot gale. Whether this is true or not, it is best that you do not test it. However, a drone with wind resistance is better than one without in case a gust blows its way.

Headless Mode

Get the drone to align itself automatically to the position of the pilot by engaging headless mode. This is another helpful function for beginner pilots. There is no need to figure out where the nose of the drone faces.

Surround Mode

This is also called circle flight. You can engage this mode if you want the drone to fly around a monument in circles, taking footage from all angles.

Dual Remote Control

You can use two remote controllers to fly this drone, for double the fun! Not many drones come with this mode, but if yours does, you have to buy a second remote controller.


  • You can fly the drone in outdoor or indoor mode
  • Good flight performance even when there is wind
  • Photo footage is 4K in resolution
  • Camera has two-axis gimbal and EIS
  • Good battery life
  • Available in two versions – coreless and brushless motors for different budgets
  • It is easy to fly for beginners because of GeoFence feature
  • Lens switching between belly and nose camera


  • It does not come with a carry bag

Who Should Buy the HR iCAMERA4 H4 Drone?

This is one of those drones that is made for pilots of all skill levels. First, you can buy it as your first drone because it has functions that can help you prevent crashes.

You can learn how to fly it indoors by using the indoor mode. You can also fly it outdoors but use the GeoFence feature to prevent the drone from flying away out of range.

Even if you are an advanced pilot, you will still find this drone exciting enough. It comes with many advanced functions such as GPS positioning, lens switching, smart GPS follow, and others.

If you want a cheap drone with functions and features that you get from quadcopters that are more expensive, try the iCAMERA4 H4.

Conclusion and Recommendation

A good drone with many features and automatic flight functions does not have to cost you much money, as you have seen in this review.

When you get the HR iCAMERA4 H4, first, read the user manual so that you can know how to calibrate it, and how the different functions work.

Also, start by flying it indoors first and if you go outdoors, engage the GeoFence feature so that it does not fly away for good.

Always fly your drones in wide-open spaces where there are no obstacles such as trees and buildings. Also, fly it in areas with no people or animals to avoid spooking them.

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