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KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Review

KINGKONG LDARC Fly Egg 100 Image

Choosing a racing mini drone is hard for the first time because most popular racing drones are superb in construction, features and even performance. For those reasons, you might get the wrong perception about the KINGKONG Fly Egg 100 micro quadcopter racer because of its diminutive size and odd shape. However, do not miss this opportunity to buy a fun-packed racing drone that will give you good value for money. LDARC is not a new name in the drone market. Their products have earned their place in the market through hard work.

KINGKONG LDARC Fly Egg 100 Image

KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone Features & Technical Details

When you order this drone, it will be shipped packed in a secure, clear plastic lunch box. This looks a bit absurd, but you will be glad for it later as you will use it to hold the small parts that could otherwise be at risk of getting lost.

The most outstanding features of this drone include its shape, enhanced by the aluminum arch that encases the drone interior components. The body is ruggedly and sturdily built to last a long time. It is made of the aluminum and the frame is made of carbon fiber. The weight is just perfect for a drone made for racing. It weights 65g when it does not have the battery.

The KINGKONG Fly Egg 100 racing mini drone has an FPV camera with a wide angle of view, which is 150 degrees. This is big considering that many other drones come with a smaller field of view. The camera is good quality and the first person view that you will get will show you that. Capture good video and photo footage with the CMOS 800 TVL camera. The lens angle is adjustable too.

The drone uses 2S and 3S lithium polymer batteries. For its size (with a propeller base of 100mm), this drone is heavy. For flight time, the battery lasts about 4 minutes. That is short, but with some basic engineering skills, you can attach a bigger 3S battery for a longer flight time. The charging time is 60 minutes and the drone does not come with a charger so you will have to get your own. You do not have to rely on the stock batteries. You can find other compatible varieties in the market and buy them for a longer flight time.

This drone uses brushless motors. The exact replacements can be a pain to find in the market, but you get to enjoy the benefits of using brushless motors. Some of the things that you can look forward from such motors include reduced noise levels, flying for a long time without need of maintenance and they last a long time.

It uses a FlySky – FS-RX2AReceiver, one of the most advanced in the market. It is a dual receiver that is made for controlling fly-crafts with many rotors. It is also a small receiver and light in weight. This drone also works well with the Flysky FS-i6s remote. Everything comes pre-installed, so it does not take a lot of time to get this thing to fly especially if you have handled drones before.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

At the beginning, I found this drone a bit hard to start flying but I eventually got around to it. I do not think I would recommend it for a beginner who just wants a plug-and-fly kind of drone. George W.

I love flying this drone. However, I am yet to test the FPV function but LDARC, formerly KINGKONG quads have always been good, living up to their promise. I also intend to fly this one outdoor and see how it behaves. Jordan K.

I crashed this drone into a tree and with my heart in my mouth, I thought it would be a write-off. However, only two propellers were broken. The carbon fiber frame remained intact through the crash. Tim H.

I bought this drone for my son from since the recommended age is 14 years and above, and he is 15 going 16. We could not figure out how to fly it but he eventually did on his own with help from a couple of YouTube videos. He loves it. Juliana W.

I have been able to fly this drone for up to 150 meters at high speed before the buzzer went off loud – low battery. The FPV footage is quite good. Eli W.

First, I bought a Fly Egg 130. I loved it so much that I even ordered the Fly Egg 100. I love the sturdy construction of these drones and I plan to keep both for a long time. Justin B.

KINGKONG LDARC Fly Egg-100 Picture

Pros of KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone

  • Camera quality is quite good
  • Sturdy construction makes the drone survive crashes
  • The price is affordable
  • The aluminum arch makes it look stylish
  • Has nice LED blinkers
  • Brushless motors need minimal maintenance
  • Low noise levels when in-flight
  • Detailed user manual
  • It flies very well and fast too


Cons of KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone

  • The flight time is quite short
  • Can be a bit complex for beginners to figure out
  • Few helpful reviews available for this product


Who Should Buy KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100?

Anyone can buy this racing mini drone. LDARC are known for their advanced mini drones. Looking at reviews on YouTube, you will think that figuring out how to fly these drone is rocket science but it is not. Once you read the user manual, everything starts falling into place nicely, even matching the frequencies. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot, you should love using this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For the affordable price, the high speed, good video and photo footage as well as the sturdy build that makes this drone able to withstand crashes, you should buy it for fun. There aren’t that many racing mini drones in the market, but LDARC has carved a niche for itself and they are doing everything possible to ensure that they give their customers only the very best. You can buy the LDARC Fly Egg 100 without hesitation.

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