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Le-Idea L7 Review

You will definitely love the Le-Idea L7 for its looks. It looks quite rugged and handsome in its orange and black color combination. But how it looks is just one of the factors that you will consider if you will buy it, because this drone also has many features. It is a foldable and lightweight drone, sold with a soft carryon case, you will love traveling with the drone. You will love its performance even more! Information has it that this drone was modeled after the DJI Spark. There is some resemblance, but when you go for it, you buy it for what it is.

Le-Idea L7

Le-Idea L7 Features & Technical Details

Build quality

This is a foldable drone. When you want to travel with it, just fold the rotor arms and make the drone into a small and compact size. While the drone looks a bit big, it is light in weight. The casing is made of high quality plastic and it will not crack even if the drone collides with an obstacle. You will love the orange and black colors on the drone. The front rotors are orange and the back ones are black in color.

Onboard camera

The Le-Idea L7 comes with an onboard camera. You can capture good aerial footage as the drone flies. You can also view the video in real-time, through the Wi-Fi FPV. Being a 720P camera, the quality of the video is good. For still photographs, the 2.0MP camera should take some good shots. With a 120-degree field of view, the camera is able to capture a bigger background in the video footage.

Please note that the controller does not have a built-in LCD screen where you can watch the video footage. However, it has a smartphone stand, so you will view your video footage on your smartphone, where you will also store it.

Safety features

This drone comes with an advanced GPS mode that enables it to stay safe. You cannot lose the drone because when it flies out of range, it automatically returns home, the place where it was launched from. If the drone should lose signal with the remote controller, it will automatically return home, just as it will when the battery runs low. You can fly your drone without the fear of losing it, just enjoy the fun.

Map location

This is another important safety feature. When you are flying the drone outdoors and a gust of wind blows it away, you can trace where it is on the map location feature, if it was enabled. That means that the location of the drone will be displayed on the map on the app.

Follow Me, One Key Return, and Way Point Mode

The Le-Idea L7 is a well-endowed drone with many features. The Follow Me mode is pretty standard nowadays in many drones, you can have the drone following you around. What you need to do is just press the button with the follow me icon and then give the drone a couple of seconds to figure its way out. After that, it will follow the person who is holding the controller. This is quite the hands-free way to fly.

One Key Return is also a good safety feature. However, it only works when the drone still has signal connection. If you press the key, the drone will turn back immediately and come towards the controller.

With the Way Point Mode, just use your finger to draw the map with points that you would love the drone to follow. You will draw this map on your smartphone app. The drone will faithfully follow this way, without deviating.

Le-Idea L7 Smart Follow Me
The controller

The rectangular controller looks quite nice. It also looks a bit professional, but not to worry even if you are a beginner because it is very easy to figure out. All the commands that you need to fly the drone are on the controller. There are buttons for video, photo, on/off, follow me mode and up and down. Just give yourself some time and you will get used to it.

The phone mount is retractable, and makes the controller even smaller when you push it back when you are not using your smartphone.

Battery and flight time

The drone uses a 900mAh 7.4 lithium polymer battery. This ;battery is provided, but you can always buy a couple more if you would like to double or triple your flight time. The flight time with one battery is 15 minutes, quite impressive. With Wi-Fi, the connection range is 50 meters and the controller connection range is 150 meters.

The controller uses 4 AAA batteries. These are not provided, but they should be easy to buy anywhere.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I have owned a couple of drones in this price range. While the DJI Spark is ahead of them all, the Le-Idea L7 comes a close second. It is a stylish drone and I love watching the sun catch its orange color. John Graves

I have flown this drone using the app as well as the remote controller. I found them both very effective as long as the drone is within signal range. For me, the Idea L7 is money well spent. Jeremy Stark.

One of the motors died on me, and I contacted customer care. They sent me a brand new drone a couple of weeks later. I was very impressed. Greg Walther.

I love flying this drone, but just for kicks. I say this because I find the video quality wanting, so I just decided that I would fly it and take casual videos. Albert Snow.

Frankly, I dislike a couple of things on this drone. One of them is that there is no SD card port to insert one. So you have to store footage on your phone. The second one is the 15 minutes flight time. Why do all the good ones come with limited flight times? Rob Havi.

As my first drone, I must say I have been impressed by how easy it is to assemble the drone and get it to fly. I did refer to the user manual of course, and I find it very satisfactory. Jane Lanster

This is a foldable drone, comes with a soft carry case. I bought it so I can take it with me on my RV trips, to shoot my dry camping videos. We also use it for our family photos. Quality is not so good, but we love it! Allan Anderson

Pros of Le-Idea L7

  • Many flight features for the affordable price
  • Easy to assemble and fly even for beginners
  • Foldable rotors make it easy to transport
  • The drone gives a stable flight so you can concentrate more attention on taking your videos
  • Very stylish looking drone
  • Made to last a long time
  • Safest drone to fly with one key return and auto return features
  • Nice transmitter, unique build and easy to hold
  • Flight time of 15 minutes is nice
  • Good customer service

Le-Idea L7-foldable

Cons of Le-Idea L7

  • Charging time of more than 2 hours is too long
  • Many users have reported motor failure and had their drones replaced
  • Camera could be better

Who Should Buy The Le-Idea L7?

Both beginner and advanced drone pilots will find the Le-Idea L7 quite a delight to use. It has many features, perhaps not as many as those of the more expensive drones. It comes with many things that drones within this price range come with. If you want a good drone that you can buy as a beginner, one that you can continue flying even as you gain more experience buy this one. It is good value for money. If you can fly her on calm days outdoors, you can actually capture good video footage, which you may then share with your friends.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now that you have seen the features of this drone and what it can do, you can go ahead and buy it without fear. However, there are a few recommendations to note. One of them is that this is a pretty new entrant into the market. Thus, if you find something not working, do not hesitate to contact customer care. They are very supportive. Also read the user manual carefully before you fly it if this is your first drone ever. You will enjoy flying the Le-Idea L7 very much, and with good care, it can last a long time.

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