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LOPOM ‎X11 GPS X2 Review


The LOPOM X11-GPS X2 is a dual camera drone with a 4K UHD nose camera and a 720P belly camera. You can switch between the two from the remote controller or the app. You will get a fuller view of the terrain as the drone flies.

This drone comes with many flight functions. It has many improvements on the Lopom x11 DRONE that we reviewed earlier.

As usual, we like to look at the downsides of any drone. In this case, there have been a few incidents reported of some people not knowing what app to download.

There has also been one complaint about the drone refusing to calibrate for flight. While these are isolated cases, we advise that you try it immediately when it is delivered so that if there is a problem, you can still be within the return policy time.


LOPOM X11-GPS X2 Features & Technical Details

The build quality, camera quality, battery and the remote controller are some of the most important features that you should know about before buying a drone.

Here is more about them:

Design, Build Quality and Durability

This is not a foldable drone, which may put off some buyers. However, it comes with its own high quality storage case, so traveling with it should not be a problem. Besides, when you are storing it, you do not have to unscrew the propeller blades. Just remove the guards.

The material used for the fuselage is high quality ABS. As a result, the quadcopter is lightweight and durable at the same time. ABS material is light, resilient and hard to crack even when the aircraft crashes.

The X11-GPS X2 comes with brushless motors, so you can enjoy a more powerful flight performance. Also, the brushless motors are quieter and they last longer with minimal care and maintenance.

The weight of the drone is not given, but you will definitely need to register it with the FAA because it is well above the 250-gram threshold.

For low light flights, small LED lights have been fitted on the back and on the rotor arms. The front arms have white LEDs while the back ones have purple ones. The drone is finished in black color.

Belly and Nose Camera Quality

You can capture your outdoor moments using the 5K nose camera. It has a wide field of view, so you will be able to see much of the terrain that the drone flies over.

With a resolution of 3840 * 2160P, you can see that this is a true 4K camera. You can also use different FPS rates for videos to meet your requirements.

The drone also comes with a smaller 720P belly camera, which enhances your FPV experience. You can switch from one camera to another remotely.

It also uploads the videos and photos onto the app almost immediately so that you can share them with friends and family on social media.

The FPV distance is quite long. The quadcopter supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi transmission.

High Capacity Batteries for Longer Flight Time

The X11-GPS X2 quadcopter comes with two batteries for a longer flight time, with each battery estimated to give a flight time of 20 minutes. Collectively, you get 40 minutes. There is no reason to buy a third battery unless you want a really long flight time.

The 7.4V 2000mAh batteries have good safety features. For instance, they have overcharge protection so that they stop charging as soon as they are full.

They are also modular by design, so you can fly the drone with one while the other charges. As always, use the provided USB cable for charging to protect your batteries against damage.

As smart batteries, you can also be able to see the voltage remaining from the four small LED lights on the remote controller.

Remote Controller

For a drone equipped with such good features, most users might feel that the remote controller is a miss, because it does not have an LCD display at the center.

Apart from that, everything else checks out pretty nicely because the remote controller is light in weight, has the foldable smartphone holder on the top side and it has very responsive joysticks and keys.

You will find a key for almost every function, but to unlock the full capability of your aircraft, you should download the app too.

Flight Functions

When you download the app, you will unlock many flight functions. These make the drone easy to fly, a lot of fun and you can fly it in hands-free mode so that you can concentrate on capturing good footage. The most outstanding functions are as follows:

GPS Positioning, air pressure sensor and optical positioning

This function helps to keep the drone very stable when it is hovering. That way, you can take high quality footage.

The air pressure sensor and optical positioning functions also make the aircraft stable in its flight. This enhances the quality of your footage.

Follow Me Mode

Engage this mode if you would like the aircraft to follow you wherever you go. It locks onto you and follows you wherever you go, taking footage all the time.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is a very important function for beginner pilots. When the drone is out of sight, you are confused regarding where the nose faces when you change positions. With headless mode engaged, the aircraft realigns itself according to the position of the pilot.

Altitude Hold

You can set the vertical height that the LOPOM X11-GPS X2 quadcopter flies at. That way, you only have to worry about controlling the horizontal flight.

Automatic return to home

This function is very vital to prevent the loss of the drone, so when it loses signal connectivity or the battery runs low, it turns back and comes home automatically. Home is the place from where you launched it.

Draw Flight Route

Also called tap fly or waypoint mode, what happens is that you open the map interface on the app and draw a flight path along the route that you want the X11-GPS X2 drone to follow. When you launch it, it follows that flight route.

LOPOM ‎X11-GPS X2 Dual Camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

You can get this drone at a fraction of the price that you would pay for a DJI, but almost get similar features. The camera quality is especially good as is the flight time. It also comes with two batteries. Arron S.

My package was missing a user manual and I did not know where I could download one. Sadly, I had to return it. Fernando G.

When I tried to calibrate my X11-GPS X2 the same way that we calibrate others, it failed. I tried several times and still wasn’t able to do it. If someone has more information about how to do it, I would appreciate some help. Randy E.

I sent this drone high up to help me inspect my damaged roof. The photos it took showed the problem clearly. Curry K.

This aircraft flies very well. I was lucky to find a large open space where I flew it for quite a distance away and when I pressed the return to home key, it came back immediately. Larry C.


  • Good response from the remote controller sticks
  • Good safety features thanks to automatic return to home and return home key
  • The brushless motors give a good performance
  • Takes high quality footage
  • Comes with a high quality travel and storage case
  • Good build quality for durability
  • Comes with nice propeller guards


  • The remote controller does not have a rechargeable battery – it uses 3 AAA batteries
  • No information about its wind resistance capabilities – just don’t fly it in the wind

Who Should Buy The LOPOM X11-GPS X2?

If you are a beginner and you would like to start with a feature-rich drone that you will not outgrow too soon, get the X11-GPS X2. It has many capabilities that you mostly find in higher priced drones, but it is affordable.

If you are an experienced pilot and you are looking for something affordable and fun to fly and take footage with, you will not find the X11-GPS X2 boring.

This aircraft feels and handles like a pro drone, so we would not really recommend it for small kids.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Do not fly your LOPOM X11-GPS X2 drone in the wind, regardless of the auto return home and other safety functions. All it takes is a strong gust of wind and it can fly away for good.

Also, read the user manual before you can fly the drone and always choose an open space without obstacles or animals and people to fly. It can spook animals.

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