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Potensic A30W Review

Potensic A30W

When we say that the Potensic A30W is a nano quadcopter drone, what we mean is that it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. These small drones have become quite the trend nowadays. They have many features, they are flashy and some are even racers. In this Potensic A30W review, we will see all the features that make it a must-have for any drone enthusiast.

As you will see from videos and images of the A30W drone online, it is quite a good looker, coming in black and blue color combination. Some of the other features that we will look at in bigger detail later include first person view (FPV) mode for live video transmission, gravity induction mode, one key start and many others.

Potensic A30W

Potensic A30W Features & Technical Details

Physical features

This is a small drone, as we said in the opening paragraph, able to fit in the palm of your hand. It measures 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 1.71 inches. That is small, easy enough to fit in your jacket pocket. It does not weigh much too, as it is 63 grams only. This is even smaller and lighter than the Uvify Oori nano drone that we reviewed earlier.

The color combination of glossy blue and black makes this drone look very stylish. The propeller protectors are black and they too enhance the aesthetic quality of this drone. The casing is made of high quality plastic, so even a few collisions should leave the drone unscathed.

FPV camera

FPV camera has become pretty much the standard in many small and big drones today. The Potensic A30W has a high quality FPV camera that actually captures watchable footage. By downloading the drone’s app to your smartphone, you can view the video footage in real-time, as it happens.

You will also find the app very responsive and user-friendly. This is a HD camera and the photo and video footage that it captures stuns many people. To enhance the video quality, only take some outdoors where the lighting is going to be good. You may share the footage immediately with your relatives and friends on social media through your iOS or android device.

Altitude hold

Nothing complements a good drone camera better than auto-hover mode. That way, you can just hover your drone at a certain height and then take videos and photographs from that level. Hovering means that the drone locks at a certain height and you can even get your hands off the controller and the drone will not drop or rise.

Create your flight routes

This is just a fun feature. It allows you to create a flight route on the app and then the drone is going to follow that route. You can draw the route that you want the drne to follow on the app. Autopilot at its best!


The controller is simple enough and it does not have the fancy buttons and knobs that most other controllers come with. It also has a smartphone holder that can fit most smartphones. It is black in color and it is so straightforward such that even a beginner finds it quite easy to use. The ergonomic design enables you to hold the controller for a long time without cramping your wrists.

The transmitter will beep when the battery runs low to alert you so that you can bring the drone home.

Headless mode

This feature is very helpful beginners. You do not have to worry about the direction that the nose is facing. When you punch this button, the drone goes to the person holding the controller irrespective of where the nose faces.

Gravity induction

In this mode, the drone can move any way that you wave your smartphone. If you lean it to the right, the drone moves to the right. If you wave it to the left, the drone moves that way. This is a fun feature, but it makes you feel that you are more in control.

Battery and flight time

The Potensic A30W drone uses a 500mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery. The flight time is a maximum 8 minutes. However, you can order a couple more batteries from Amazon or from the drone maker and increase the flight time for more fun. The charging time is not too bad either, so you should have a nice time.

Flight range is 50 meters.

Flight speed

The Potensic A30W has three flight modes. If it is your first drone, you can start on the low speed setting and then work your way up to the higher speeds with time. This kind of versatility makes this drone good for advanced and beginner pilots.

Potensic A30W Size

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I crashed this drone a few times, four times to be precise. In all those times, even the propellers came out intact, unscathed. The build is of noteworthy quality. Raph W.

I think this is a good beginner drone. It is quite hardy and has all the features that you would find in a bigger and pricier drone. This is the first drone I ever owned and I think I am in love! Jeni G.

I bought a couple of these drones for my sons a few weeks ago. I am glad they have been so happy flying the drones in the backyard. Mike T.

When I saw the cheap price that this drone was sold at, I almost underrated it until I saw what it could do. It has many advanced features like low battery alert, create a route and the camera quality is good. Tom S.

The only downside I can say about this drone is that it does not have an SD card to record footage. You have to store everything in your smartphone. I would say the battery could be better, but at 8 minutes of flight time, it is much better than many nano drones. Henry H.

Sometimes, I buy mini drones because of their low price, but at times, I am pleasantly surprised by what some of these small dudes can do. The A30W is incredibly good at everything, even the video. April M.

I have had a few Potensic drones and frankly, they have never disappointed me. I love this one too. It is small and nimble and it does what the manufacturer says it can do, and that is fair enough by all standards. Sandino R.

Pros of Potensic A30W

  • It is easy to fly for beginners
  • Has many features of the big drones
  • The FPV camera really takes good footage
  • One-button takeoff and landing is very effective
  • You can use the drone with VR goggles for a better FPV experience
  • The propellers are well protected in case you crash the drone into a wall
  • The alert for low power is a good addition
  • The battery is removable so you can get spare batteries if you like
  • Fun features like altitude hold, custom flight route and others make it a good investment
  • The drone flies well, never loses connection with your phone or controller
  • Stylish looking on black and blue color
  • Very affordable price

Cons of Potensic A30W

  • The drone lacks a microSD card, which means you have to store your videos and photos in your smartphone
  • If only the flight distance could be longer than 50 meters
  • Lacks an auto-return feature

Potensic A30W Gravity Induction

Who Should Buy The Potensic A30W?

Anyone can own this beautiful drone. Many resources make it sound as if it is made for beginners, but even advanced users find it quite a lot of fun to fly. It does not cost much and the good thing is that you can even order a couple of these. But one for you and one for your partner and then you can have some fun times flying them in your backyard. You will also be surprised that this little drone does very well in mild to moderate wind speeds. If you love stylish mini drones, you can see in this Potensic A30W review why you should buy this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You have seen just how many features the A30W has. It is amazing that you will pay such a small price for the drone. However, you have also seen that it lacks some features. If you are used to flying drones, you can just get it out of the box and fly it straight away. However, if this is your first drone, here are some recommendations to bear in mind:

  • Read the user manual before flying the drone
  • Start on the low speed setting and then fly faster later
  • Make sure your phone has enough space for storing your videos
  • Buy a spare battery or two to increase your flight time
  • Pay attention to the low battery alert lest you lose your drone

With those few tips, you enjoy yourself quite a lot with the Potensic A30W nano drone.

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