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Potensic P5 with 2.7K Camera Review

Potensic P5 Drone

Potensic is a dronemaker who has something for everyone. For instance, they have mini drones for kids and adults, packed with features and flight functions. They even have the DREAMER 4K drone fly more combo, which comes with a myriad of accessories. However, here, we are going to do a review of the Potensic P5 with a 2.7K camera.

You can order this drone with a carry bag and two batteries for longer flight time. It does not have a GPS.

The second P5 drone comes with a 2.7K camera and smart GPS return when it loses signal or battery runs low.

The third option is the P5 RC drone comes with a 1080P camera. This is also the cheapest version.

Some of the downsides you might want to know about the P5 with a 2.7K camera include the fixed camera angle (not possible to adjust angle remotely).
Potensic P5 Drone

Potensic P5 Features & Technical Details

Among some of the most important considerations when buying a drone are the batteries, the build quality of the drone, the remote controller and the camera. Here, we shall look at them in more detail:

Design and Build Quality

This is not a foldable drone, but traveling with it should not be a problem because it comes with a storage/carry bag. This bag has a carry strap on the top, so you can carry it by hand. You can also pack it in your backpack when you are traveling.

The weight of this drone is minimal at about 190g. Thus, you do not need to register it with any civil aviation authority. Also, the low weight makes it easy to travel with.

This is a white drone in color. It stands apart from the others with its high landing gear. It is designed this way because the camera is attached under the drone, almost at the belly rather than on the nose as we have been used to seeing with other quadcopters.

The aircraft also comes with four propeller guards. This is a safety feature because the blades are razor-sharp when they rotate at high speed. Besides, prop guards also prevent the blades from breaking easily if the drone crashes.

For low light flights, there are beautiful red and blue LED lights that illuminate beautifully at night.


This drone is equipped with a 2.7K camera. It can help you to capture incredible footage, which you can then share instantly on social media easily. This is a true 2.7K camera so you will have fun shooting good aerial footage.

The vertical angle of the camera is also adjustable, but only manually. So, you have to bring the drone home to adjust the angle of the camera.

Since this is an FPV-enabled quadcopter, you can see what the drone can see on your smartphone once you download the app. The overall FPV distance is 328 feet and since it supports 5G frequency, you can see real-time videos over long distances.

This drone supports an SD card, but the package does not come with one so you will have to get it separately.


You will get two 3000mAh batteries with the P5 drone. Each drone is going to give you 20 minutes of flight time. These are modular batteries so they charge outside the quadcopter.

They are easy to remove and insert into the drone and they have overcharge protection, the battery just stops charging when it is full.

Since these are smart batteries, the small LEDs on the remote controller will show you how much voltage remains.

The charging time for one battery is and it is recommended that you only charge with the provided cables.

Remote controller

The remote controller is also white in color, has a simple user interface and a minimal weight. There are two joysticks, one for speed and the second one for trimming/direction.

The foldable remote controller opens towards the upper side, which is good because you can fly the drone without taking your eyes too much from the smartphone.

Running on the 5GHz frequency, the overall remote control distance is 656 feet. Unfortunately, there is no information about the batteries, but we are sure that it does not come with a rechargeable battery.

Flight Functions

Because the Potensic P5 drone is targeted at beginner adults, it has many automatic flight functions to help you fly it easily. Some of them are as follows:

Customized Route

Open the map interface on the app and then draw a route on your smartphone screen. The drone will follow that route when you launch it.

Altitude Hold

When you want the drone to hover at one place without having to hold the throttle, you use the altitude hold function. You can leave your hands free to concentrate on taking photos and doing other things.

3D flips

You can get this drone to do stunt flips in any direction but first, you have to fly it to a height above 6 feet. Once you engage the 3D flip function, you can then use the throttle stick to get it to do flips in any direction that you choose.

Headless Mode

When the drone is a distance away from you, do not be confused by the direction that the nose faces. Just engage the headless mode function and the aircraft will realign itself to your position.

One key take-off & landing

There is no need to guess what button does what. Just press the one key take-off and landing and it will launch and hover at a height.

Gravity control

With this function engaged, wave your smartphone in any direction and the drone will fly in that direction. If you want to have some fun, engage this and the 3D flip function.
Potensic P5 Gravity Control

3 speed modes

As a beginner drone, this function really helps. You can start flying it in the low speed setting and then try the medium and fast speeds when you have gained some experience.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I would buy this drone many times over. However, be cautioned that while it takes 2.7K photos, the videos are 1080P. Wanji D.

It seems so hardy and so thoughtfully put together. It even comes with a high quality padded bag for packing and carrying. I love it and the flight performance is very good. Trinah W.

I wonder why such high capacity batteries (3000mAh) give such a short flight time of 20 minutes only per battery. I think I will order a third battery. Scott M.

I love my Potensic P5. However, I plan to get the P5 with a 4K camera as soon as it comes out and give this one away. I run a YouTube channel and I need higher video quality. Ronald M.

This is my first drone so I have been having fun with it every other weekend. I wish the camera angle was adjustable from the remote controller. Apart from that small glitch, this drone is a superb flier. Captain J.

Potensic P5 Pros

  • The app is really responsive
  • Comes with a high quality bag
  • It supports SD card usage
  • Easy to use for a beginner
  • It has speed controls – three speed levels
  • Takes decent photos and videos, and it gives a good performance

Potensic P5 Cons

  • Camera vertical angle is not adjustable remotely
  • It does not come with GPS return and it does not have follow me mode

Who Should Buy the Potensic P5 2.7K Drone?

Beginner adult pilots should buy this drone and have fun learning how to fly on it. It comes with some flight function and despite lacking follow me and circle modes, it still gives an alluring flying experience. Even advanced users are not going to find this drone boring at all because it comes with three speed modes, 5G WiFi, 3D flips and many more functions.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get the Potensic P5 2.7K camera drone, you need to do a few things. First, you should refer to the user manual to find out how to calibrate the quadcopter.

Secondly, you should install the propeller guards and thirdly, you should start flying it on the low speed as you feel it out.

Always fly these small drones during the day, in large open spaces, without obstacles and animals. Also, fly when there is no wind. Remember, this one does not come equipped with GPS return to home so it can be easy to lose it.

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