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Ruko F11 Pro Review

Ruko F11 Pro

You may, or may not have heard about the Ruko F11 Pro. It is a drone with 1 hour of flight time. This drone has some features that you have not seen in other drones. The camera is stunning to say the least. Make no mistake about this drone though because it will cost you a substantial amount of money. However, you know it is money well spent if the features and the performance back up the price.

This drone comes with 60 minutes of flight time. That alone is enough to make you buy it. While many of its peers come with battery time of 20 minutes, the F11 Pro triples that. From a single battery, you are going to get 30 minutes of flight time. Since it comes with two batteries, you are going to have double that flight time – 60 minutes! To make it even more complete, it comes with powerful brushless motors. These ones will not overheat. It is perfectly possible to do the full 30 minutes of flight time non-stop.

Ruko F11 Pro

Ruko F11 Pro Features & Technical Details

The design and build quality

The F11 Pro is foldable. Traveling with it is so easy.  It has a nice, rectangular body. The propeller arms fold along the sides of the drone, making it compact and easy to pack. You do not even have to remove the propellers when you are folding it.

This is a big drone as it measures 17.5 by 15.9 by 3.2 inches when it is unfolded. When it is folded, it measures 7 by 4 by 3.2 inches. You can see that the size reduces to almost less than half. Since the weight of the drone is 520 g, you will have to register it with the FAA. Any unmanned flying craft that weighs more than 250 g must be registered with the FAA before you can fly it.

The high quality plastic casing keeps the drone safe if there is a crash. It has some beginner features such as the low speed setting, so even if you are a beginner, you should not abuse it too much. However, you get a good feeling when you know that your drone is protected from crash damage.

The drone also has brushless motors. These are powerful; they do not overheat even when you fly it for the entire battery time. Brushless motors require minimal care and maintenance. Because of the power that these motors give, this drone can fly at a maximum height of 120 meters. It also gives the drone about 7 levels of wind resistance.

We might also mention that this drone has a maximum flight range of 1219 meters through the 2.4GHz frequency of the transmitter.

4K Ultra HD Camera

The F11 Pro has a 4K camera. You can adjust this camera by 90 degrees, over the remote controller. Just adjust it in the direction where you would like to capture more footage while it is mid-flight.

The ultra HD quality of the pictures and the videos is very good. The videos are very clear and color is captured in vivid detail. With a 120-degree field of view, you will capture incredible footage.

This drone also has 5GHz FPV capability. Real-time video transmission range is 500 meters. For this, you have to use your smartphone. Download the Ruko app first.

Battery and flight time

You get two batteries, high capacity at 2500mAh. This modular, intelligent battery will alert you when it is running low. Each battery gives you 30 minutes of flight time, so you will be getting 60 minutes. However, this could differ from one scenario to another, so do not be surprised if you get 25 minutes of flight time.

The charging time for the batteries is 210 minutes. This is a bit long, but considering the flight time that you get, it is definitely worth the wait.

The transmitter

It is as stylish as the drone itself. It looks quite snug and it fits nicely in your hands. You can hold it for the entire flight time without feeling fatigued in the wrists. It has a smartphone holder for your first person view experience.

Flight functions

GPS Function

The benefit of a drone coming with GPS function is that when it is flying, you do not have to worry about the vertical control. Just concentrate on capturing your videos and photographs. The GPS locks the drone to a height and keeps it stable for excellent videos and photos.

Different Speed modes

The speed function of the Ruko F11 Pro drone comes in three settings. There is low, medium and high-speed setting. The high-speed setting will consume more battery power. For better control, try the low speed setting, mostly if you are a beginner. The maximum flight speed of this drone is 43km/h.

Headless mode

It might appear as a basic feature, but the manufacturer of this drone has not taken chances. They have included it for the users’ benefit. When the drone is out of sight, you still want to know that its nose direction is in proper orientation.

One key takeoff and landing

This is another beginner and kid-friendly feature. Just punch this key and the drone starts either to take off or to land.

Point of interest

Circle the drone around a point of interest, which you can pick from the map on the app. The drone will circle that point at a radius of 100 meters. This is a good function for boating, kayaking or road trips. The drone will keep the camera pointed at the center of interest, capturing nice footage.

Follow Me Mode

You will love this function if you like capturing footage when engaging in different outdoor adventures. For example, when you are hurtling down the mountain trails on your mountain bike, this drone will follow you. When you slow down, it slows down and vice versa.

Ruko F11 Pro battery


Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love the long flight time. That and the high quality camera are enough to make me buy my Ruko F11 Pro all over again. Ben H.

This is my first drone. I have been learning to fly it on the low speed setting but soon, I will punch it at full speed. Pierre G.

I would say the battery time of this drone is between 24 and 30 minutes. I have noticed that higher speed increases battery consumption. John M.

I love flying my drones in manual mode all the time. The manual handling and responsiveness of the F11 Pro is quite commendable. Yu K.

If you want a drone that comes with many features, get this one. The 4K camera is a win, the expandable storage and the two batteries with long flight time are just incredible. Jeremy B.

The GPS is accurate. If you return the drone back home, it will come to the place where you launched it from. It might miss by a few meters, but it will land home. Arri T.


Pros of Ruko F11 Pro

  • Long connectivity range for the transmitter and app
  • Double batteries enhance the flight time
  • High-quality build for durability
  • Brushless motors are high quality
  • Ultra HD 4K camera gives you professional-quality videos
  • The provided USB charger charges the battery faster
  • Many features for beginners and advanced users
  • High quality storage case lined with foam
  • Fail-proof target tracking
  • Sold with extra propellers for spare parts


Cons of Ruko F11 Pro

  • Drone is quite advanced for the price but obstacle avoidance system would have been a nice touch.

Ruko F11 Pro Auto Return Home

Who Should Buy The Ruko F11 Pro?

Buy the Ruko F11 Pro drone if you are looking for a high-quality flying camera. You can even use this drone for professional work such as wedding photography and videography. The brushless motors makes it barely audible as you position it to take videos of a wedding, beach party, yacht party or any other event. If you go for sailing, kayaking/canoeing, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, snowmobiling and other outdoor adventures, you can use this drone to capture great footage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the longest flight time, advanced features for all types of features, a stunning camera and so on, you will get more than enough value for your money with this drone. If this is your first drone, you may find it a bit complex to fly, especially with the flurry of features that it comes with. However, we recommend that you start on the slow speed setting and then move on to the higher speeds when you have learned some skill. You will never regret buying the Ruko F11 Pro drone. This is a drone with 1 hour of flight time.

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