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SANROCK H859 Drone Review

The SANROCK H859 is a small, lightweight and affordable mini drone for beginner adults as well as kids. It is a good quadcopter for learning how to fly but soon after, you will feel the need to get one with more specs.

As a beginner drone, you expect some things such as user-friendliness and that is exactly what you get. Even an 11-year old can fly this aircraft without any trouble. However, please note that the manufacturer-recommended minimum user age is 14 years.

While this mini drone checks many boxes, it still has some downsides, which may be small, but you should take note of them all the same.

It is so light in weight such that the smallest air movement will send it straying from its flight path. Also, the FPV distance is a bit short at 96 feet only.

Another downside common with this small drone is that it comes with two batteries but there is only one charging cable.

Every battery should come with its charging cable such as we found with the Holy Stone HS710 quadcopter that we reviewed earlier.

If you are looking for a small drone that you can enjoy flying around your home, this one should fit the bill very well.

Keep reading to see more information on its features and flight functions.


SANROCK H859 Features & Technical Details

The H859 comes in a small package since it is small. You will get the remote controller, user manual, screw driver, spare propellers, battery and charging cable in the package.

Design, Foldability and Portability

This is a foldable and portable drone. It folds to a small and compact size of 5.9 by 4.9 by 2.9 inches, so you can toss it into your coat pocket when you are going to fly it on the beach. Even the blades are foldable to enhance portability.

Constructed with high quality ABS plastic material, it will absorb the impact of a sudden drop very well and the fuselage will protect the electronic parts. For extra safety, the drone also comes with protective propeller guards so that if it crashes, the blades stay intact.

On the head of the drone, there are two LED lights to help with low light flights. Also, when the battery runs low, the lights start to blink while the remote controller beeps.

In the package, you will get four extra propellers, so you need not worry too much about breaking one.

1080P Camera

This is a camera drone. It comes with a 1080P camera that will enable you to enjoy FPV and you can also take selfies, pictures and videos.

You can only store your photos and videos in your smartphone since the drone does not support an SD card. You can share your footage on social media without editing anything, straight from your mobile phone.

Download the app to enjoy first person view, albeit over a short range of 96 feet. You can see what the drone can see. You might even send it to inspect a corner of your yard.

Batteries and Flight Time

This drone comes with two, 500mAh batteries that can collectively give you a flight time of 15 to 20 minutes. Low capacity batteries charge fast, and these ones are no exception since each charges fully within 120 minutes. The only downside is that the package contains one charging cable.

If the battery runs low while the drone is flying, the LED lights of the H859 will start to flash. The remote controller will also produce a beep.

These batteries are safe to handle so if you are buying the drone for your children, you do not have to worry about their safety when using the aircraft.


This is a 2.4GHz transmitter, which is quite okay because the flight range is short at 200 feet. It is light in weight so even a kid can fly the drone through two batteries without cramping their wrists.

The interface of the remote controller looks a bit cluttered with so many keys. However, you will appreciate their positioning since you can activate almost every drone function from the remote controller.

Flight Modes and Other functions

Despite its small size, this drone has a large number of important flight functions. Here are the most outstanding of them all:

Circle Mode

Get this little drone to go around a monument of your choosing taking photo and video footage from all angles. It is also a hands-free mode of flying the aircraft.

Gesture Shooting

Gesture shooting requires you to use the victory sign for photos or the palm sign for videos. It is a good function for shooting family photos.

Voice Commands

Get the H859 to obey voice commands, by telling it what to do. This is a fun feature and the kids love it. If you would like to surprise your friends, this is the function to use in their presence. Tell the drone to fly after calibrating it and like a good dog, it will obey you.

Toss to Launch the Drone

From the user manual, learn how to calibrate the quadcopter. You can then toss it in the air to launch it and it will fly to a height and hover there, waiting for your next move.

Three Speed Modes

You can start on the low speed setting when learning to fly the drone indoors and when you have gained some skill, you can bump up the speed some to medium or high.

360 Degree Flips

This is a fun feature that breaks the monotone of a regular flight. At the touch of a button, the drone will do nice flips in any direction.

Emergency Landing

With this function (which is available on the app), you can get the drone to land immediately wherever it is if there is signal loss or if it comes across an obstacle in its flight path.

Headless Mode

It was very thoughtful to have headless mode in this small drone. That way, you do not have to worry about where the drone faces when you are flying it. It aligns itself when you change your position.

One Key Start and Landing

Once you have calibrated the aircraft with the remote controller, you can use the one start/landing key to get the drone to take off vertically and hover at a height, waiting for you to fly it.

Altitude Hold

With this function, the drone flies at a certain height, so you need not worry about controlling the altitude. Just concentrate on flying it forward and taking footage.

One Key Backward

With this key, you can get the drone to turn around and come back home to land. This is a safety feature so you should never lose the aircraft.

Waypoint Function

You can find this function on the app’s map interface. Draw a route that you want the quadcopter to follow and it will fly hands-free.

SANROCK H859 Voice Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Despite its diminutive size, this drone is a really good flier. It stays stable as long as there is no wind and in good light, it takes nice footage. Brian L.

This is a very good beginner drone but that is all there is for it. Once you get some skills, you are probably going to want a drone with more specs. Mays G.

I bought this drone as a gift to my nephew on his 12th birthday. He has been having a good time with it, and I have seen the footage it takes. It is not great but it is decent enough. Debra L.

I am amazed that the SANROCK H859 drone is so small yet it has so many flight functions, including speed control. I am glad I bought it. Martins G.


  • The price is affordable
  • It is so simple to fly and it comes already set up for flight
  • The one key backward function is good for safety
  • Two batteries and fast charging time
  • It can make an impressive gift for children
  • Made with high quality material


  • Too light in weight, it cannot fly well in any sort of wind
  • Comes with one charging cable but it has two batteries

Who Should Buy the SANROCK H859 Drone?

This is a small, beginner adult or kid drone with many flight functions, more than 10. If you want an exciting, affordable drone that you can learn to fly on, get the H859.

You can always get a bigger one later. If you are looking for a good gift for a kid, you can get them this aircraft. It will help them get started in the drone hobby.

Conclusion and Recommendation

First, you can learn how to fly this drone indoors where there is no wind. After that, you can take it outside. It also has three speed modes, so start on the lowest ones and then try the fast speed setting later.

As a very lightweight drone, it does not do well in any sort of air movement. So, choose to fly your SANROCK H859 in calm weather alone and in an open space that is longer than 200 feet. You can lose the drone easily if you fly it in the wind.

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