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Sansisco D15 Drone Review

Sansisco D15

The Sansisco D15 Mini Drone is not only good for kids, but it is also good for beginner adults who want to learn how to fly on a basic drone and then upgrade to a bigger one in future.

This is an affordable drone too. But even their A21 Infrared battle drone does not cost too much, actually being cheaper than this mini.

No money is little when buying a drone. You want to be sure that you are getting enough features for the money. So, before you buy, check out the features.

While this seems like a great mini drone, there have been some concerns. For instance, the controls are too sensitive such that even an accidental featherlight touch can send it crashing into obstacles. You need to be extra careful when you are flying it.

Also, there have been complaints that the drone might quit on you after a few flights.

Sansisco D15

Sansisco D15 Features & Technical Details

Everything comes placed neatly inside the box and the user manual is easy to understand. Even if this is your first drone ever, it will be easy to get ready and fly.

But first, here are its most outstanding features and flight functions:


This drone is small and foldable, which makes packing and traveling with it easier. The arms fold nicely into the body of the D15.

However, the propeller blades do not fold. They do not come in the split design that props for costlier drones come with. When folded, it measures 4.4 by 1.89 by 1.77 inches and when you unfold it for flight, it measures 6.73 by 5.59 by 1.77 inches.

With a takeoff weight of 58 grams, you can carry it in your pants pocket without feeling the weight at all.

The material used to make the drone is plastic. You will also notice that two blades have three gold stripes each while the other two have two stripes.

If you have to install new ones, just align them in a diagonal manner. The ones with three stripes should be against each other diagonally.

There are no propeller guards, so you have to be careful not to crash the drone because the blades can break.

Camera Quality

This small drone comes with a 1080P HD camera. It will capture decent quality photos and videos from the air.

It is also FPV enabled, which means you can see what the drone can see. You have to download the drone’s app to enjoy FPV. Your smartphone connects to the drone via the drone’s WiFi. The FPV range is 50 meters.

The angular position of the camera is also adjustable by up to 90 degrees, vertically. However, you cannot adjust it over the remote controller. You have to bring it home first to do that.

The D15 has MV mode that helps you to edit your videos and share them on your social media networks.

Battery and Flight Time

This drone is sold with two low capacity batteries rated at 580mAh. However, they are still able to give you up to 20 minutes of flight time, collectively. They are modular batteries so you can charge one while you fly the mini drone with the other.

Low capacity batteries charge fast, so you will not have to ground your aircraft for long after spending both batteries.

The maximum working temperature of the batteries is 40°C. They do not get too hot even when you fly the drone for the entire flight time.

Remote Controller

This is a 2.4 GHz transmitter, and by design, it is not any different from others made for small, low budget drones.

You can fly the drone using the remote controller, without FPV. The control range is 100 meters, so the aircraft will always be within your sight.

The remote controller also has a smartphone holder on the upper side. That way, you can see everything on the screen and watch the drone without taking your eyes off the screen too long.

You will use the remote controller to calibrate the drone and this you have to do every time that you fly the drone. Switch on the drone and the remote controller and then simultaneously pull the control sticks outwards and downwards (by 45°) and hold them for several seconds.


You can do incredible things with this drone’s app. For instance, you can use the MV mode to add background music and some effects to your footage. You can also enjoy a good FPV experience.

To have fun with FPV, switch the drone on and on your smartphone settings, switch on its WiFi and connect with the drone’s WiFi. You can then open the app and you will instantly see through the drone’s camera.

Sansisco D15 Flight Functions

As a beginner and Kid drone, it comes with several flight functions that make it so easy to fly, take footage and control it. Here are some of them:

Gesture Footage

Tap on Gesture Shooting on the app and then show the Sansisco D15 mini drone your victory sign to start taking your selfies, from a respectable distance. Also, show it the palm sign to start taking videos.

Custom Flight

Create a custom flight path so that the drone can fly in hands-free mode. It will take footage as it flies.

Gravity Sensor

With the gravity sensor mode enabled, you can fly the drone left, right, up or down just by waving your smartphone in that direction.

Sansisco D15 Gravity Control

360-Degree Flips

You can make the D15 do some fun flips in all directions. With a touch of the joystick, you can do stunning flips with this small aircraft.

MV Mode

In this mode, you get to add music to your videos. You can do this on the app to make them ready to share on social media.

Altitude Hold

Using altitude hold means that the drone can hold a vertical height so that you can concentrate on its forward flight and taking footage.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I wanted a small but decent drone for my son on his 11th birthday. I am so glad he loves the D15 and whenever we can, we go out on the weekends to fly it. Benson K.

I find the joysticks too sensitive such that the drone reacts to every move. Be careful when flying it among obstacles. Isaac K.

While I wanted this drone to learn how to fly, I outgrew it so fast, got bored with it. Now, I need a bigger one, costlier and with more features. Jesse S.

For the price, this is a good mini quadcopter. It is so light in weight, so ensure that you don’t fly it even in the slightest wind. Hisham W.

The D15 is good for a parent who wants to get his or her children started in the drone hobby. It is cheap, flies well (considerably) and the user manual is simple to follow. Erman K.

Sansisco D15 Pros

  • It flies fairly well when there is no wind
  • Easy to fly for kids
  • Has a maximum flight height of 40 meters
  • It is simple to calibrate
  • Two batteries for more flight time
  • Gesture shooting and gravity sensor modes are great

Sansisco D15 Cons

  • Camera angulation is only manually adjustable
  • Too light in weight – smallest air movement can push it away
  • You have to calibrate the quadcopter every time before flight

Who Should Buy the Sansisco D15 Mini Drone?

Anyone who wants an affordable, small and effective beginner drone can get the D15. If you would like to get your kid started in the drone hobby, you can get them one. Because of its basic features, adult beginners outgrow it fast. Once you learn how to fly it, you will feel the need to buy a more advanced one, perhaps with a 2K or 4K camera.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Sansisco D15 mini drone comes with good enough features and flight functions for its price. However, it is too light in weight since it is well below 100 grams. Thus, you must fly it in the calmest weather so you do not lose it. Also, read the user manual keenly to find out how to calibrate it before flight.

Finally, you can fly this drone indoors where there is no wind and then take it outdoors after knowing how it handles.

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