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ScharkSpark Drone SS41 Review

When drone enthusiasts read a ScharkSpark Drone SS41 review, see the kind of features that it comes with and the price, they can hardly believe it.

However, if you would love an intelligent drone for your collection, or even if it is your first drone, well, this is it for you. Christmas just came early for you. With two cameras – one in the front and the second one at the bottom, your field of view increases tremendously.

This is a small drone and as a result, FAA registration is not needed. Just get your drone and fly it as soon as you can. And the flight experience will not disappoint you either. With good battery time and a reasonable charging time, well, it seems that your search for the best affordable drone stops right here.

ScharkSpark Drone SS41

ScharkSpark Drone SS41 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

This is a mid-sized drone, but there is nothing small about its performance and reliability. It is also stylish and good looking. The glossy black color of the body and the orange in the nose area makes this drone look nice, just like a small beautiful beetle.

As for the size, the ScharkSpark SS41 is 11.4 inches long by 10.8 inches wide. The height is 2.4 inches only. While it is not going to fit in your palm, it is still small enough for you to travel with in your backpack. Besides, it packs more features than a nano-drone would. Size has its benefits too. With a meager weight of 117g, you can see that it is possible to travel with this drone.

ScharkSpark SS41 Cameras

The dual cameras are one of the reasons why people buy this done. There is a front-facing camera that shoots 1080P videos. The bottom camera can capture 720P videos. If you love capturing footage all around the drone, two cameras are going to serve you very well. With the bottom camera, you can shoot nice photos and videos when the drone is on hover mode.

The lens of the camera has been fitted with filter functions. When you capture photos, you want them to look good. However, you do not have the time to edit them so the camera does that for you with its filter functions. Besides, the lens is anti-shake meaning that even turbulence is not going to affect the quality of your photos.

To help in the capture of the best photo and video footage, the drone also has a feature called optical flow positioning. The drone has sensors that enable it to hover and fly steadily, thus removing all distortion from the videos and the photographs. This feature also enables first-timer drone pilots to fly the drone with minimal room for error.

Speed modes

Something that makes this drone good for beginners as well as advanced users is that it has three speed modes. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with the low speed setting and then move onto the faster speeds as you gain more experience. When flying on the low speed setting, you can milk more time from the battery.

Gesture recognition and control

This is a very important feature for people who love to pose for photos and selfies. It will obey your gestures. The drone is going to recognize your face, open palms and the victory sign to name but just a few of them. When we say the ScharkSpark SS41 is an intelligent drone, it is because it can do some smart things.

The battery

ScharkSpark SS41 drone uses one Li-po 1000mAh 3.7V battery. This battery is going to give you a flight time of 14 to 16 minutes. The charging time is 150 minutes. Please be keen to charge the battery with its original USB charging cable so that you do not damage the battery.

The transmitter

The remote control looks and feels quite nimble in the hands. It is ergonomic in design making it quite comfortable to fly for as long as the battery allows without your fingers or wrists feeling cramped. The controller however does not have an LCD screen for viewing your flight. Thus, you will have to use your smartphone. Just download the ScharkSpark app. You will find it quite streamlined and it flies fast, without a snag.

The controller range is 330 feet.


Drones get lost! It can be carried away by a burst of wind. It may also continue flying when it loses signal with the controller. However, not the ScharkSpark SS41 drone! When it loses signal, it turns to return home for landing.

ScharkSpark Drone SS41 Dual Camera Drone

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I could hardly believe he low price that this drone retails at, what with all its features and nice, stylish look. I am glad I bought it. Sammie R.

I love the video quality of this drone. I also love the fact that I enjoy a good FPV view when I am flying it via my smartphone. Ivan S.

I love the dual camera feature. I find it easy to switch from the front to the bottom camera, or I even use both of them at the same time. Ramco P.

I love the slick design of this drone. It looks like a beetle with its orange head and black body. For once, I have found a drone that does what the manufacturer says it can do. Trey H.

We bought this drone as our camera replacement when it got damaged. It has been doing a great job of taking our selfies, photos and videos outdoors. My kids love posing for it. Alloyce N

This drone has cons and pros. The cons include lack of a spare battery, Wi-Fi lag on some iOS and android powered devices. The pros include good speed, fair flight time and incredible photos and videos. Charlie J

The only misgiving I have with this drone is that it lacks a slot for meomory card

Pros of ScharkSpark Drone SS41

  • Shoots awesome photos and videos from either of the dual cameras
  • Nice controller, works very well
  • Gesture control is an awesome feature
  • Has FPV mode, headless mode and many more nice flight features
  • Easy to fly even for beginners even if it has a short learning curve
  • Can fly fairly well even in the wind
  • The price is quite affordable

Cons of ScharkSpark Drone SS41

  • No spare batteries
  • You may experience Wi-Fi connection drops with some android or iOS devices
  • No slot for memory card for storage

Dual Camera Drone Optical Flow Positioning

Who Should Buy The ScharkSpark Drone SS41?

Anyone that loves a good drone should really go for the ScharkSpark SS41 drone. It is affordable, high quality and has so many flight features. It also has three speed modes, which makes it good for beginners as well as advanced users. This is a dual camera drone and it packs some serious firepower. The best thing about it is that it takes awesome photos and video. At the same time, the flight time is good. Able to fly to a height of even 400 feet, you will have some crazy fun with this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you love a high quality drone with the best features for a very affordable price, you have seen in this ScharkSpark SS41 review why this is just the one. It flies like a marvel, handles itself very well in the wind, with some users saying that they have used it without trouble even in 14 mph winds. For beginners, the learning curve is short, but it is recommended that they study the user manual first. Other recommendations to bear in mind would be like learning to fly on low speed setting before trying the higher ones and so on. Overall, this is a good buy for any drone enthusiast and you will never regret buying it.

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