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SNAPTAIN A10 Drone Review


When you read this SNAPTAIN A10 mini drone review, you will realize that toy-class drones are becoming a lot better and they pack more tech.

And it is no surprise at all, because renowned brand names like this one have been making awesome toy aircraft with good features. For example, the SNAPTAIN A15 quadcopter that we reviewed earlier has many fun features and functions.

Even this one (A10) is not any different, you know, apart from size. However, as much as it has quite a lot going for it, it still has some worrying downsides.

For example, many people have reported that it drifts too much and that trimming it is hard work. It is too light in weight so if you plan to fly it outdoors, you should choose a super calm day. Even a small breeze will make it fly away.

Another issue worth mentioning is that the app fails to work with older mobile technologies. Therefore, if you have an older iPhone or Android mobile, you may have trouble using the app.

Might we also mention that the propeller guards are too fragile, so if there is a crash, you might still damage your propellers.

But there are some incredible things about a quadcopter this small and in such a low price range. Keep reading as we look at its features, flight functions, pros and cons in deeper detail.

SNAPTAIN A10 Features & Technical Details

It takes the combination of features such as battery, app, camera and others to make a drone good value for money. So what does the A10 come with?

Design and Build Quality

This mini quadcopter looks quite sleek and stylish. For looks alone, we would give it a possible 8.5 out of 10. It has nice looking LEDs that light up in blue.

By design, this drone is foldable. Therefore, you can fold it down to a small, compact size that makes it easy to pop into your pant or coat pocket when traveling.

The split-propellers also fold up. Thankfully, everything folds up intact so you do not have to unscrew anything when taking the drone to storage.

By size, the A10 measures 6.1 by 4.1 by 2.6 inches. The weight of the package that will be delivered to you is approximately 385g. The drone itself weighs much less than that, so you do not even need to register it with the FAA.

The hull is made with ABS plastic, which is light and thin. However, it is still hard to crack and so it does a good job of protecting the interior parts.

Camera Quality

The SNAPTAIN A10 comes with a camera that has a 120° field of view. This is a 720P HD camera. It takes decent, but not stunning footage. To capture good photos, you should use the camera outdoors during the day.

The real-time transmission video resolution is 720P. Most toy drones come with this resolution for image transmission.

While this camera is not exciting for an advanced drone pilot, it captures good family photos and video. It adds to the fun of flying a mini quad too.

For FPV, you will have to download the app to your smartphone. Once connected, you will be able to see what the quadcopter can see. However, please note that the FPV range is 25 meters only.

We could not find information regarding adjustability for the vertical angle of the camera.

Battery and Flight Time

The A10 is offered with two 3.7V 380mAh batteries. These are low capacity batteries, but you can still get a good 7 minutes from each. However, if you get the drone to do high speed and 3D flips, the battery will drain out much faster.

The battery charges out of the drone, so you can use one while the other one charges. Even for children these batteries are safe to handle.

With the charging time at 45 minutes only, there is no need to buy a third battery. Use the provided charging cable. You can even use it directly without an adapter.

Remote Controller

It uses AAA batteries, which are not provided, so you have to buy them separately. This controller is good, comes with keys for different functions such as headless mode, 3D flips, speed and so on.

It also has a retractable holder for smartphone, for when you want to enjoy FPV. The control distance is 80 meters, which is good because for such a small and light aircraft, you want to keep it in your sight all along.

This is a lightweight remote controller. Therefore, even a child is not going to feel the weight on their wrist when they use it through two batteries.

Flight Functions

As a mini quadcopter mainly targeted at beginners, the A10 has surprisingly many flight functions that make it easier and more fun to fly. They are as follows:

Gesture Shooting

Show the drone your thumb and it starts to capture a video of you. If you show it the victory sign, it starts taking photos. If you love taking selfies, you will love these functions.

Altitude Hold

With this function, you can set the drone to hover on its own where you want it. That way, you will have your hands free to capture good footage.

3 speed modes

Start flying it at low speed setting, then switch to medium speed and high when it is mid-flight. That way, you can see how it behaves in the air.

Toss and Go

When you have calibrated the drone with the remote controller (calibrate means linking the two, which by the way, you have to do every time you start the drone and remote controller), toss your A10 into the air and it will fly. This is better than even the auto take off mode that many quads come with.

Circle Mode

In this mode, the drone flies around you or any object that you choose taking footage from all angles. This mode enables you to fly this quadcopter hands-free so that you can concentrate on footage. It will fly in the anti-clockwise direction keeping a radius of 1 meter.

High Speed Spin

Get the drone to rotate at high speed at the height that you want. Again, this is mostly a fun feature, just to show your buddies what your little quad can do. It can also consume the battery faster.

Gravity Sensor

With the gravity sensor, you can get the quadcopter to follow the direction in which you wave your smartphone. If you wave it to the left, the quad goes to the left and so on.

Headless Mode

When the drone is far away at the full range of 80 meters, you really cannot tell where the nose faces when it is hovering. In that case, just engage headless mode and it will align itself to your position.

Voice Control

You can control the SNAPTAIN A10 with voice commands like “take off”, “landing”, “left”, “right”, “forward”, “backward”.

SNAPTAIN A10 Voice Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

It came; it flew and never came back! Sadly, that is the short story about my drone. I tried to press the emergency stop button to no avail. Angeline W.

I bought this drone for my 11-year-old son and he has been having fun with it for some time. However, we only fly it when the weather is very calm. Alex K.

I find the photos and videos decent for such a small quad. However, only take footage during the day. FPV is not too bad either but the distance of 25 meters is too short. Shannon T.

My daughter loves everything that flies. That is why I bought her this drone fro her 9th birthday. So far, she has been having great fun with the voice commands. I too am astounded at the functions this small quad comes with for its size. Keith R.

This quadcopter has a good flight performance. However, at the slightest breeze, it starts to drift and trimming it is quite hard. James P.

Price is excellent, flight functions are good and so are the photos and videos. However, if there is wind, you will never see the quad again. Edward O.


  • Obeys simple voice commands such as left, right, forward, fly and so forth
  • Gesture shooting is popular with many users
  • Quadcopter is simple to use even for children
  • Foldable design for easier storage
  • Flies powerfully
  • 720P HD camera is quite decent
  • Has many flight functions


  • Flight time is a bit too short despite coming with two batteries
  • Too hard to trim when it starts drifting
  • Can get lost easily in the wind

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN A10?

Buy this drone as a gift for your child on his or her birthday. It is small, has nice photo and video footage and children love that they can make it do 3D flips. However, for an advanced pilot, it seems a bit too basic, too lightweight and really, the battery time could definitely be better. If you are a beginner at flying mini aircraft, you can use this one and as soon as you have learned how to fly, upgrade to a bigger SNAPTAIN such as the SP660 with 40 minutes of flight time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

As usual, we have a thing or two to say, to help you fly your mini aircraft better. First, read the user manual. Always do that with any quadcopter. You need to know how to calibrate it.

Secondly, start by flying your SNAPTAIN A10 indoors at low speed. You want to get a good feel of how it flies before you can punch the high-speed mode.

Thirdly, when you take it outside, watch it. If there is a breeze, bring it home. It is too lightweight and it trims poorly.

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