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SNAPTAIN SP600 Drone Review


The Snaptain SP600 drone is made for people who love style. It has an appealing design and build. With this drone, you will get more than enough value for money. It also has many flight and fun features. Whether you are an advanced drone lover who has used many other drones before this one, or this is your very first drone, you will love it and will never want to part with it. The price is not too bad either. SNAPTAIN drones are good lookers, as you can remember about the S5C, which we reviewed earlier.


SNAPTAIN SP600 Features & Technical Details

This done is quite feature-packed. While it has just the same features that other drones in its price range have, it is still a very good deal considering the affordable price.

Design and build quality

The size of the SNAPTAIN SP600 is 12.5 by 12.5 by 5 inches. That is neither too big nor is it too small. It has a rugged design, looks really cool and has lights under each propeller. You will also be happy to know that you do not need to register it with the FAA because it weighs just 180g with the battery included.

Although it is not a foldable drone, the small weight makes it manageable during travel. The body is so well molded it looks almost seamless. You will notice that this drone has high landing gear by design. The reason for this is to keep the camera from touching the ground even if the drone lands in an emergency.

The camera

This is a camera drone. It will change the way that you capture your videos and pictures. This is a 720P video camera. When you use it to capture video and photo footage during the day, you will get good quality footage. The camera is fixed under the drone, so it has a wide angle of view of 120 degrees.

This drone is FPV-enabled. This feature enables you to see what the drone is seeing, just as if you are flying inside the drone. Of course, you can find the compatible VR goggles for a more immersive flight experience.

For the FPV experience, you have to use your smartphone because the controller does not have a viewing screen. To make a good deal even better, you will be happy with the SNAPTAIN Era app. You will be able to share the videos and photos that you capture immediately with your family and friends on social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Another thing that we can say about the camera is that you can use gesture controls for both photos and video. Engage the gesture mode and then use the victory sign to get the camera to start shooting photos. For videos, just pass the palm before the camera and it will start recording. For best videos, let the drone hover about 3 meters away.

SNAPTAIN SP600 Gesture Control

Battery and flight time

You will get two, 3.7V 1600mAh batteries; consider one battery as a bonus. The good thing is that for every battery, you are going to have 15 minutes of flight time. That means you are going to have 30 minutes of flight time in total. The charging time for the battery is 180 minutes, a bit long, but then we have seen batteries that take even close to four hours to charge.


This is a small, snug and nicely designed controller. It has a rectractable smartphone holder. It has quite a number of buttons, knobs and icons, and it can look a bit intimidating for a beginner. However, the buttons are quite responsive and friendly.

Whether you use the SNAPTAIN app on your smartphone or you decide to use the controller, you will love the experience. The controller is ergonomic in design and you will find it very comfortable in your hands. You will love that you can hold it for long without feeling cramped.

Flight control features

The SNAPTAIN SP600 has many flight features. These include the one key takeoff and landing, voice control, 360-degree flips and stunts, trajectory flight, 3 speed modes, headless mode, voice control, hover mode and many more.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought this drone for my 13-year-old but after reading the user manual, I was mesmerized by the features and so I ordered mine. Kabi F.

This is one of the best drones in this price range. Ok, I am a bit biased because it was my first drone but I think I am right. Alyce S.

I love the design of this drone. Ok, the video resolution could be better but it is not too bad if you use it outdoors. Chan P.

The high landing skids, the fixed camera, the design of this drone, everything looks so good. I am so glad I bought it. Vladina G.

I almost passed this drone as I was looking for a foldable drone, but when I saw the weight, I decided to buy it. I enjoy flying it every weekend and I do not think I will give it up any time soon. Tyron H.

This is a good drone for beginners as well as advanced users. It has a good feature package and I definitely think I made a good decision buying it. Cherry K

Seriously, I love everything about this drone, no cons for me at all, just thumbs up. Stan L.

SNAPTAIN SP600 Smart Voice Control

Pros of the SNAPTAIN SP600

  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Very stylish
  • Has many flight features and stable hover mode
  • Long flight time per battery at 15 minutes for each
  • Nice controller
  • Low battery alarm
  • Good flight range/distance
  • App is very responsive
  • Drone is sold ready to fly

Cons of the SNAPTAIN SP600

  • It lacks the follow me mode
  • Short FPV transmission range – just 50 meters

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN SP600?

You should buy the SNAPTAIN SP600 drone if you love a good, high quality drone. Also buy it if you have a child that is 14 years and older as it is a good drone for beginners. If you are looking for a hobbyist drone that can take good photos and videos, has good enough features for flight, speed and stunts, the SP600 is a good choice.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With three speed modes, the SP600 is a good drone for anyone, whether they are advanced users or just hobbyists. If you would like to have the best out of your SNAPTAIN SP600, you have to bear a few things in mind. One of them is to avoid flying it in the wind. Capture videos in the daytime when the lighting is good. Make sure you read the user manual before flying the drone. If this is your first drone, take sometime before you can punch it at high speed.

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