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When it comes to drones, most people associate low price with low quality. Until they get the SNAPTAIN S5C FPV Drone that costs less than $65, and they are blown off their feet. This is without doubt one of the best cheap drone with camera.

The features are incredible and so is the performance of the drone. Believe it or not, this small drone packs all the features that the pricey names in the drone industry come with.

But the ultimate winner, yes, to reiterate, is the price! At such a price, you will not cry drums of tears if you should crash it and it becomes a write-off. Tough luck though crashing this drone because it also comes with obstacle sensors. Who would have thought that you could get some advanced features like this one at such a low price?


SNAPTAIN S5C Features & Technical Details

The drone design

This is a nicely designed drone. It combines elegance, beauty and ruggedness, all in one package. Truly, you will marvel at how nice the drone looks.

It is made with plastic, but it does not look too “plasticky.” The body is made to withstand crashes and the propellers have guards, so you should not worry too much if you are a beginner.

The weight of the drone is minimal at 127 grams, and this is when the battery is already installed. The only disadvantage with this design is that the drone is not able to withstand windy flights. It would be better to fly this drone in calm conditions or even indoors.

It is sold with four spare propellers. The same should also be easy to buy should you need more. If you are looking for a simple drone that you can take with you to different places, this is small enough and it takes minimal space in your pack.

It is shipped assembled. You just need to take it out of the box, install the battery and you will be ready to fly.

The drone camera

This drone has a camera that can transmit 720P videos. Equipped with an FPV feature, this means that you can connect the drone to your smartphone or tablet and get a first person view of whatever the drone is “seeing.”

The wide-angle camera captures a lot of background. While 720P resolution is not 4K, it still gives some incredible quality for the videos. However, use the camera during the day to get the best footage.

You can share your video and photo footage immediately on social media.

Altitude hold

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone has an altitude hold feature. This means you can hover it at a certain height and start shooting footage from there. The drone stays very stable when hovering and takes good quality video and photographs.

Flight and performance

This is where all drone enthusiasts feel that the designers really outdid themselves, going the extra mile to get this drone to perform to excellence. You can draw a flight route on your smartphone using the trajectory flight feature and the drone will follow that route without deviating.

The drone also has gravity control. You may be forgiven for thinking that this drone is hard to fly because of these features, but that is not right. It is incredibly easy to fly and even novice pilots will love flying it.

Flight performance is incredible. First, take off and landing is controlled by one-button function. Other features for controlling the flight include Smart Voice Regulation, headless mode which allows the drone to fly in any direction that you wish apart from the direction that the nose is facing. This drone can also perform 360-degree rolls and flips.

If you are a newbie pilot, do not engage in these advanced flight gimmicks though. Cut your teeth first.

The controller

The controller looks a bit toy-ish, with its black body and blue joysticks. However the buttons and joysticks are very responsive and that makes flying this drone such bliss.

The controller feels good and solid in the hand, is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are easy to buy anywhere. It has a smartphone stand. Another thing you should know is that the range of the controller connectivity is 80 meters, which is farther than most drones offer.

To return home, there is a one-key function for that. Just press the key and the drone comes back to the controller.


The drone comes with a couple of 3.7V 550 mAh Lithium Polymer batteries so that when you are charging one you can be flying with the other.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I am a certified drone enthusiast and I must confess that this is the best cheap drone with camera. When I bought it, I thought I would upgrade in future but now I find no need for that. Joseph Hardy

I bought this drone form my son on his 15th birthday and then I realized that he was having such whopping fun. So I went ahead and ordered mine. I have enjoyed taking family footage with my SNAPTAIN S5C. Rolly Mason

I thought this would be a good drone to have in my collection. I am very proud I bought it and I love flying it. My only regret is that it cannot fly in windy conditions. Isabella Mahoney.

My husband bought me this drone for our 6th anniversary. He promised I would love it and I truly do. Arabella Garcia.

SNAPTAIN S5C Voice Control

Pros of The SNAPTAIN S5C

  • It is affordable
  • Stylishly designed
  • It is the best cheap drone with camera
  • Has many advanced features for such a price
  • Sold with spare propellers and battery
  • Short learning curve for novice pilots
  • Has obstacle sensors and avoidance system – would you believe that!
  • Fluid connection through the app
  • It can do flips

Cons of The SNAPTAIN S5C

  • Cannot offer stable flights in windy conditions
  • Motor feels too light
  • Does not come with SD card

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN S5C?

Anyone. To support this answer, this is a very affordable drone, which has many features. At that price, you can be sure that you will not feel too much pain even if it crashes. Don’t worry about crashing too much though because you are not going to crash it. With a feature like obstacle avoidance, if you take it slow, you will learn to fly it without crashing it. It also has LED lights for flying at night.

This is a good drone for advanced pilots too. It has all the features that expensive drones have. It is a lot of fun to fly. It also shoots high quality footage. However, note that you will have to buy a microSD card to store your footage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have been looking for the best cheap drone with camera, the SNAPTAIN S5C is here for you. It has some of the most incredible features. Whether you are looking for a drone for yourself or to gift a loved or a friend, this drone is a nice purchase. You can buy this drone without fear or hesitation as it will give you the best value for the money. Imagine getting all these features at such an affordable price.

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