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SYMA X500 Drone Review


From two batteries, the SYMA X500 drone is going to give you 56 minutes of flight time. Therefore, there is no need to buy a third battery because when flying a quadcopter, 50 minutes is a long time.

But flight time is just one of the features that people consider when buying a quad. In that case, we shall look at more of the features that the X500 comes with, and they are many.

However, before we wax lyrical about the features, we shall look at a few disadvantages that this quad comes with. Everything has a flipside and this one is not any different.

For instance, many users report issues with the SYMA Air app connectivity. Therefore, this app may completely fail to work with some android devices. Other issues seem to be missing batteries, you know, coming with one instead of two batteries. At the same time, some people say theirs failed to charge completely.

However, all these issues seem to be from isolated cases. Therefore, we cannot give a blanket condemnation and say that the quadcopter is bad. On the same note, it is a bit worrying.


SYMA X500 Features & Technical Details

The features are the main determinants of whether you will buy a quadcopter or not. Therefore, in this section, we shall look at the design and build quality, the camera quality, battery and flight time as well as the remote controller. In addition, we shall also consider the features that this quadcopter comes with.

Design and Build Quality

By design, this is a folding drone. when it is unfolded, it measures 14.2 by 11.8 by 2.8 inches. When you fold it, the size reduces considerably to a more compact and easy to carry drone. In addition, it folds with everything intact, including the split-design blades.

The weight of the drone is a mere 205g without the propeller guards. However, even when you add the guards, it is still not going to rise above the threshold within which you are supposed to register it with the FAA.

If you care about looks, you might be happy with this quadcopter since it has a really stylish look. For instance, the two LEDs on either side of the top front make it look really good. Between the two is a feature that looks like a grill.

The material used to make the drone is ABS plastic. Therefore, this drone is light in weight but quite resilient at the same time.

Camera Quality

This is a 4K camera drone. However, while many similar quadcopters in the same price range profess to be 4K but turn out to be something else, this is a true 4K camera. Some time back we looked at the SIMREX X20 Drone Review. We saw that while it sells as a 4K drone, it really is more like a 1280P one.

This 4K UHD camera has a wide field of view at 120 degrees. In addition, you can also adjust it vertically from the remote controller by up to 90 degrees. Therefore, with such flexibility, you can find the best view.

To store your photos in the highest supported resolution, make sure you get the recommended TF card. For instance, the resolution of your photos when stored in the TF card is 4096*3072P, which is 4K, as we said. If you store them in your phone storage, the resolution will be 2048*1080P. The video resolution remains the same whether you store them in card or in your phone- 1920*1080P.

This is an FPV quadcopter, which means you can see what it sees as it flies. However, for that, you will have to use your smartphone. In addition, you will have to download the right app.

The FPV transmission distance is 300 meters.

Batteries and Flight Time

The X500 drone comes with two batteries. These are Li-ion batteries and some of their benefits include holding the charge longer, charge faster and are generally high quality. For instance, each battery can give you a maximum flight time of 28 minutes. Therefore, collectively, the two can give you a flight time of 56 minutes.

These are modular batteries, so they charge outside the drone. In addition, the charging time for one battery is 180 minutes. We feel that this is a fair waiting time if you are going to get 28 minutes of flight time. Besides, you can use one battery while the other charges.

It is recommended that you use the USB charging cable that comes in the package.

Remote Controller

This is a regular 2.4GHz remote controller without too many bells and whistles. It has keys for all the different functions. For instance, for safety, there is the return to home key. Since the drone connects to the GPS module in your smartphone, when you press the RTH key, it turns and comes back home.

Other features include the regular joysticks for trimming/backward/forward or sideward flight. In addition, there is the video/photo key, headless mode and so on. Basically, every function that this drone comes with has a key on the remote controller.

The only thing that the remote controller does not have is an LCD screen that displays the stats of the drone.

Finally, the controller uses a built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore, there is no need to buy any AA batteries as is usual with many drones.

Flight Functions

Because this drone is manufactured with beginners in mind, it comes with many automatic flight functions. Some of them are as follows:

GPS Return to Home

This is downright one of the most important flight functions that every drone should come with. For instance, it means that you will never lose your drone. If the drone loses connection with the remote controller, it will turn and fly back home. In addition, if you press the return to home key while the drone is still connected to GPS, it will return back to the spot where it was launched. Finally, if the battery loses power, the aircraft turns and comes back home automatically.

Follow Me Mode

In this mode, the drone recognizes your face, locks onto you and follows you from a decent distance. If you move faster, it increases its speed and so on.

Orbit Mode

Open the map on the app and then identify a landmark around which you would like the quadcopter to fly. When you launch it, it will fly in circles around that landmark, capturing footage from all angles.

Trajectory Flight Mode

This works in the same way as the orbit mode. You open the map interface on the app and then make dots along a route you would like it to follow. You can then draw a line connecting the dots with your finger. When you launch it, the quadcopter will fly along that route.

Headless Mode

In headless mode, the aircraft realigns its flight direction according to the position of the pilot. Therefore, even if the nose faces the opposite direction when you are launching the quad, it will realign itself.

One Key Take off and Landing

This simple function removes all the guesswork from the picture. Just press the key and the drone takes off to hover at a given height.

3D Flips

This is a fun feature to show off to your friends. The aircraft can roll to the left, right, backward or forward. However, please note that these flips will consume the battery charge faster.

Gesture Shooting

This is another fun mode. It will enable you to take selfies and videos with everyone in the family. If you show it the palm sign, it starts to capture videos. If you show it the victory sign, it starts to capture photos.

SYMA X500 GPS Auto Return Home

Short Summary Of Feedback from Existing Owners

My favorite functions in the X500 are gesture shooting. I bought this quadcopter to be our family aerial camera and so far it has been helping us. Natasha L.

I love flying this drone because it really flies well. In addition, everything works as advertised. If you are looking for an affordable drone with many features, try it. Paul M.

This drone has a long battery life. In addition, the flight performance is impressive. You can have close to an hour of exhilarating fun flying the drone. Andy S.

I have been using my SYMA drone to take high quality photos and videos.  This is a true 4K camera, but to enjoy excellent quality, you need a TF card to store your footage. Stan Q.

The SYMA X500 comes with good flight stability and many automatic functions. Therefore, I feel it is a good fun drone for beginners as well as advanced users. John H.

SYMA X500 Pros

  • Two batteries give you extra long flight time
  • Gesture photo and video shooting
  • Supports TF cards
  • It is simple to fly even for the beginners
  • You can perform 3D flips with this quadcopter
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • The metallic gray color makes this quadcopter look really good

SYMA X500 Cons

  • The app misbehaves most of the time
  • The flight time might be lower than advertised

Who Should Buy The SYMA X500?

This quadcopter is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. Therefore, some beginners might find it a tad too costly. However, some might also find that it is worth the money. In addition, even if this is your very first drone, the good news is that once you buy it, you will never outgrow it.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quad that you won’t need to upgrade any time in the future, try the X500. Overall, we can say that just about anyone can buy this quadcopter and have a great time flying it.

Conclusion and Recommendation

One of the benefits of the SYMA X500 quadcopter is that it is very stable while in flight. In addition, it has many automatic flight functions. Therefore, if you are looking for the best value for money, get this aircraft.

Before you can fly it, read the user manual to see how it flies. In addition, buy a TF card so that you can save photos and videos in high resolution.

You may need to do more research about how to use the app. It is a bit challenging. However, once you find out how it works, this aircraft is such a joy to fly.

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