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SYMA X600 Review


The SYMA X600 drone is a small, adult and kid beginner drone that flies well, and comes in two versions – the basic and the upgraded version.

The basic version is foldable, comes with a remote controller and it does not have a camera. However, the upgraded version comes with a nose camera with a resolution of 1080P.

If you buy the first version without a camera, you will have to fly it blindly with the remote controller alone. The good thing is that the overall flight range is not too long, so it will always be in your sight.

Mostly, in this X600 review article, we shall be looking at the basic version, without a camera. Before you write it off, it makes a perfect gift for kids or any other person that you want to introduce to the drone hobby.

Although it looks like a great small drone for beginners all round, there have been some complaints about the camera version. The SYMA Fly app seems not to connect specifically to the X600.

Also, this is a small drone, light in weight and without much to offer except the flying experience. Thus, as soon as you have learned how to fly, you will outgrow it and you will probably want a bigger one.

Keep reading to see the features and specs of the SYMA X600 drone.


SYMA X600 Features & Technical Details

Even though this is a small drone, it still comes with its fair share of features and flight functions. As you might have seen in our SYMA X22W review, we always like to start with the design, build quality and durability.

Design and Build Quality

This is a folding drone, which makes it so simple to travel with all the time. It also folds with the blades intact, so there is no need to unscrew anything. When folded, it measures 5.5 by 2.2 by 4.7 inches. When you unfold it, it measures 11.1 by 2.2 by 10.7 inches.

The takeoff weight is just 64g. While this is great for traveling with, it is too low and the drone can become hard to trim in any kind of air movement, even in the lowest speed winds. Fly it when the weather is calm.

This well built drone can go through several crashes without a scratch. Many people say that their children have crashed it into walls a few times and it comes out intact. They have the high quality ABS plastic used for the fuselage for this.

The SYMA X600 comes ready to fly. There is minimal assemblage needed but even if this is your first drone ever, you will be able to figure it out fast by using the user manual.

For safety, the drone also comes with propeller guards. Thus, if you crash it as is bound to happen with many beginners, the blades will be safe.

Camera Quality

As we said, the X600 comes in two versions, one without the camera and the upgraded one has a camera.

If you decide to get the one with the camera, you will be looking at a photo and video resolution of 1080P, which is quite okay for a beginner drone within this price range.

You can enjoy a good FPV experience when you get the one with the camera. For that, you would have to download the SYMA Fly App, which some users have complained that it does not synchronize very well with the X600.

The team behind this toy quadcopter is very responsive. They will answer your questions within a day.

If you get the drone without the camera, you will miss the FPV experience but even flying it blindly is a good experience. You will also not be able to take aerial footage.

Batteries and flight time

You will get the drone with two, 3.7V/500mAh Batteries and each one can give you a flight time of up to 12 minutes.

These are modular batteries by design, so they charge out of the drone. Also, the charging time is short at 60 minutes.

When the batteries are charging, they have a small light that stays on during the charging process. It goes off as soon as the batteries are fully charged.

You can also get more batteries if you want a longer flight time but for most people, two batteries are enough.

Remote controller

The transmitter operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. It is small and lightweight and has a simple interface. Even beginners find it very simple to use this remote controller.

The transmitter uses four AA batteries and the drone does not ship with them, so you have to buy them first.

You can get the drone calibration instructions in the user manual. It is a simple process and it should not take much time. However, you have to calibrate the drone every time before you can fly it.

Something to note: The remote controller for the basic X600 does not have a smartphone holder.

Flight Functions

Despite being a small, beginner toy drone, the SYMA X600 still comes with a good number of flight functions. These make it so easy to fly. Here are some of them:

Headless Mode

There is no need to waste time figuring where the aircraft is facing. Just engage the headless mode and when you change your position, the drone realigns itself according to your position.

3D Flips

This drone is able to perform nice flips in all directions. This is just a fun function that breaks the monotony of a long horizontal flight.

Altitude Hold

When you want the drone to hover, it does so precisely thanks to the altitude hold mode. It also maintains the set flight height so you just need to concentrate on the horizontal flight.

Speed Modes

You can fly this drone at low or high speed. Start at low speed and when you have seen how the aircraft flies, you can try the higher speed.

One key take off and landing

With just one key, you can get the drone to take off or to land. It rises vertically to hover at a certain height waiting for the next move.

SYMA X600 - Beginners Drone

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a cheap drone but it flies well. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to fly before they can upgrade to a bigger one. Jay P.

I bought the one without the camera. It flies well, but I do miss taking some aerial footage, which I cannot. Andrew L.

The only problem I have is using the SYMA Fly App because it refuses to work with this drone. Apart from that, the X600 flies really well and it can do stunning 3D flips. Tim S.

I love that the drone comes with two batteries with a long flight time of 24 minutes from both of them. I can fly it to my heart’s content. Peter M.

This is a high quality, durable and compact drone. It flies well as long as there is no wind. Even the slightest air movement can make it extremely hard to trim. Richard K.

SYMA X600 Pros

  • Comes with two batteries for more flight time
  • It is so easy to fly after spending a few minutes with it
  • The 3D stunts and rolls are quite the kick for fun
  • It folds into a small size which is easy to carry in your pocket
  • Two speed modes make it easier to fly for a beginner
  • Makes a perfect, affordable gift for children

SYMA X600 Cons

  • The SYMA Fly App sometimes has issues connecting
  • Too lightweight so it is hard to trim sometimes

Who Should Buy The SYMA X600 Drone?

This drone is perfect for kids and adult beginner pilots. It is so simple to fly and it does not require assemblage since it comes already to fly. The basic version without the camera is quite affordable too, but it is better to get the one with the camera so that you can take aerial footage and enjoy real-time video transmission.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After buying the SYMA X600, you should read the user manual first to see how to fly it. The batteries come charged, but you can try charging them in case they are not.

Remember, if the battery is not fully charged, you can experience some issues trying to calibrate the drone. Do not fly this drone in any sort of wind because at 64g of weight, it can fly away for good.

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