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Tucok 193MAX2S Review

Tucok 193MAX2S Image

There are so many things to consider when buying a drone. If you have a farm and you would like to monitor its different corners remotely, read this Tucok 193MAX2S Review.

The 193MAX2S is a long-range drone, at 4000 meters flight distance rating. The benefit of buying a quadcopter with a long flight range is that you can capture video and photo footage from a safe distance. You can use it to record footage for your outdoor adventure.

Another outstanding feature on this quadcopter is the low noise level. In fact, many users have said that you cannot hear the drone if it is not within a range of 30 yards.

Every drone has a few downsides. With this Tucok 193MAX2S, it has an obstacle avoidance system.

You might not be able to fly it in your backyard because it will keep stopping to avoid crashing into trees, buildings and other obstacles. You will need to find a large open space to fly it.
Tucok 193MAX2S Image

Tucok 193MAX2S Features & Technical Details

Every feature added onto this drone has the benefits that it offers the user. Here, we shall look at the build quality, the camera quality, battery and others.

Design and build quality

The weight of this aircraft is 612 grams, so you will definitely have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it in America.

Over half a kilogram of weight is also a bit high to stash the drone in your pocket when you are going out. You will need to carry it packed in its case.

The foldable design of the drone helps in its storage and transport. When it is not folded, it measures 10 by 11 by 4.1 inches.

When you fold it, the size decreases considerably to 7 by 7 by 4.1 inches.  This is small, more compact and definitely more manageable.

This drone supports TF card usage, so you will not need to store your footage in your phone. Usually, keeping footage in the mobile phone affects the resolution. It does not come with a memory card, so you will have to buy one separately.

For better flight performance, the aircraft comes with brushless motors. They consume less battery power, they are quieter and they can run longer without overheating.

This drone has level 7 wind resistance. It will fly steadily in wind speeds of up to 55KM/H, which is quite high. If the weather becomes windy, you can enjoy longer flight time.

Finally, we might mention the carry bag. It comes with a high quality carry bag. It has a hand and shoulder strap, so you can carry it in the most comfortable way possible.

Camera Quality

You will get a 4K camera with this drone. Furthermore, this camera is mounted on a 3-axis mechanical symbol for stabilization.

It is also backed by EIS-electronic image stabilization, which makes it even steadier. This enables you to take good footage even when flying the aircraft in the wind, when flying it at high speed and so on.

The mechanical gimbal rights the orientation of the camera while the EIS computes the required compensation to remove distortion from your footage.

Tucok 193MAX2S Gimbal

Both pictures and videos are stored in 4K format on an SD card. If you store footage in your smartphone, the quality will be 2K.

Other important features that enhance the quality of your footage include the 20MP lens for more clarity. There is also a 50X zoom to allow you to bring things closer so you can take nice photos.

This is an FPV-enabled drone, so you can catch all of the action on your mobile phone.

Battery quality

This drone is sold with two high capacity batteries with a rating of 5000mAh. Each battery can give you a flight time of up to 33 minutes. Collectively, you get 66 minutes of flight time!

The battery charging time is too long at 11 hours, but then, most high capacity batteries charge over a long time. Still, charging a battery for all of 11 hours to get 33 minutes of flight time is just too long.

The battery is easy to use. It slides and snaps into place nicely and securely. For safety, the batteries have overcharge protection, so you can leave it charging when going to work in the morning.

These are modular batteries, so they will charge outside the drone.

Remote controller

The remote controller has quite a number of keys to control different functions. However, this does not affect the user experience at all because only a few of them are on the face of the controller.

Also, it has an integrated rechargeable battery, a small display window to show you the important stats about your drone.

There is a foldable smartphone holder so that you can enjoy your FPV experience. For this, you will need to download the app, which is compatible with iOS v11.0 and Android v6.0 devices, or newer.

Flight Modes

If one does not mind the high price tag, this drone is a good buy for a beginner, who does not want to upgrade to another one soon.

It has many automated flight functions that make it easy to fly even for the first time. They are as follows:

Smart GPS Mode

When you turn on the intelligent GPS flight mode, the drone can do a few awesome things. First, you can increase the vertical flight height using soar mode.

Secondly, you can use fading mode to get the drone to capture a video (with you as the subject) as it rises at the speed of 11 meters per second. Thirdly, using spiral up mode, this drone is going to spiral while it rises.

MV function

The MV function in any drone is such a welcome feature. You can access it on the app. Adding music to your videos, filtering your photos and sharing them with family and friends on social media.

One key return home

On the top left side of the remote controller, you will see two buttons. The first one is an accelerator key, while the second one is the RTH – return to home button. When you hit this key, the drone turns and comes back home (to where the remote control is).

Beginner mode

When you turn on the beginner mode, the drone adjusts to suit a pilot without any experience. First, it limits the flight range, secondly, it reduces the sensitivity of the throttle and the speed of the drone. In some cases, it can also engage a geofence so that the drone does not fly too far.

GPS auto return

If the battery runs too low, or the signal is disrupted for some reason, the Tucok 193MAX2S quadcopter will turn and come back home automatically. There is no risk of losing this aircraft.

Obstacle avoidance

If the aircraft comes across an obstacle in its path, it will give you a loud beep on the remote controller. It will alert you when the obstacle is 30 meters away. It might also refuse to fly ahead to avoid crashing. Please note that the obstacle avoidance system works best when the drone is flying in slow mode.

Headless mode

Another useful feature for beginners, when the drone is out of sight and the pilot changes his/her position, it can be hard to know where it is facing. Just engage headless mode and the drone will automatically orient itself to the position of the pilot.

Point of Interest, GPS Follow Me and Waypoint Flight

Using point of interest mode is going to get the aircraft to fly around a designated place, keeping to the radius that you will set.

GPS Follow Me mode enables the aircraft to recognize you, lock onto you and follow you from a distance. This is a very helpful function to capture footage when you are on a road trip or other outdoor adventure.

In Waypoint Mode, just open the map interface on the app, tap several places and then connect the dots with a line. This will be the flight route of your drone.

Tucok 193MAX2S GPS Auto Return

Reviews from Current Owners of the Tucok 193MAX2S Drone

Having owned a few low cost drones before, I know they hardly do as advertised. However, this one does! I even tested the performance of the obstacle avoidance system and it works. It stopped about 50 feet away from a tree and it would not fly forward. This quad gives value for money.

The silence of this drone is amazing. Unless it comes within a close range of about 30 yards, you will not hear a buzz, a hum or anything. It flies quietly even when it is flying at full throttle.

I bought this drone to shoot footage for my travel Instagram profile and I am so glad I did. During the day, it takes very decent footage. However, you have to buy an SD card to keep your video and photo footage.

This drone is very good even when it is caught in the wind. It responds very well to different commands, is easy to trim and even flying it blindly is such fun because the remote controller has a small display in the center.

Tucok 193MAX2S Pros

  • Very good build quality with high quality plastic hull, brushless motors and foldable design
  • Packs nicely in the provided storage and travel case
  • The obstacle avoidance sensor is very effective
  • Comes with advanced and beginner modes
  • It has a long distance flight range for more fun
  • High quality footage from gimbal-stabilized camera with 50X zoom
  • Flies really well and it also has beginner features
  • Safe and no-risk flights thanks to GPS return to home

Tucok 193MAX2S Cons

  • It is expensive for a first-time drone
  • Will have interrupted flights if you do not fly it in large open spaces

Who Can Buy the Tucok 193MAX2S?

This drone is for a person who loves quality and is ready to pay for it. It is good for beginners as well as advanced pilots. It has many automatic flight functions that make it fun to fly for all people.

Hands-free flight modes get the quadcopter to fly on its own while you concentrate on capturing good footage.

You can put this aircraft to many uses. For instance, you can use it to create footage for your blogs and video channels. You can also use it to inspect your roof or your farm.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After buying this high quality drone, you need to do a few things to get the best out of it. Read the user manual carefully to know how to calibrate the quadcopter. Secondly, choose a wide and open space to fly this aircraft. Remember to buy an SD card to save your footage in the highest resolution.

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