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DJI Mini 3 Pro Review

DJI Mini 3 Pro

If you are looking for an excellent flying camera, this DJI Mini 3 Pro review is for you. This is the newest addition in the DJI mini drones stable.

Compared to the Mini 2 before it, the Mini 3 Pro is a great improvement. Where its predecessors lacked vital features such as obstacle avoidance, this one comes with it, making it one of the safest small drones to fly.

Even with all the features, this drone still weighs less than 250g so you will not need to register it with your civil aviation authority before you fly it.

This drone comes with so many good things. They include long distance flight, longer flight time from battery, incredible flight performance, and many automated flight modes.

The only downside you will find with this mini quadcopter is that it is the most expensive in the stable. Costing several hundreds of dollars, you will feel the dent on your wallet, but the experience will be totally worth it.

In the package, there is no USB cable for charging the battery. You will have to use your smartphone charging cable.

Keep reading as we look at its features in deeper detail:

DJI Mini 3 Pro Features & Technical Details

Here are the features that take this new Mini to greater heights, probably higher than you have experienced with any other mini aircraft.

Build quality and design

This lightweight drone weighs just shy of 249g. It is also foldable by design, so you can transport it easily. It comes assembled, ready for flight. Also, when you fold it, you do not have to unscrew the blades since they also fold up.

This is a good-looking drone, with a black front portion (nose and face area). It also has nice looking bug eyes LEDs at the top, which make it look aggressive. It is available in gray color and the material used is ABS plastic.

You can get this drone in different packages, at varying prices. It is available without the remote, you can buy it with an RC-N1 remote controller and the third package is that you can buy it with an RC Pro remote. The latter is costlier.

Camera package

The camera package of the Mini 3 Pro will make vloggers and videography enthusiasts fall in love with it.

There is a great improvement on the first Mini’s 1/2.3″ sensor and the second Mini’s Raw Picture Capture. In the Mini 3 Pro, you will get a 1/1.3 sensor and F1.7 lens. While the ½.3 sensors are about 16-24MP, the bigger 1/1.3 sensor is 48MP.

The camera has a gimbal, so when the drone shakes or vibrates, there will be no distortion in your footage.

Since this is a 4K resolution camera, you can capture premium footage to use for business or for your YouTube channel. You can also capture 48MP photos, and even night shots look incredible.

You can capture 4K/30fps and 4K/60fps. This drone supports SD card usage, so you can store your footage in high resolution.

You will get an incredible FPV experience over a long distance of 12KM and a resolution of 1080/30fps.

Battery and flight time

From the battery that the drone is sold with, you will get a maximum of 34 minutes of flight time. However, this is in calm situations, so the flight time might reduce when you fly the drone in windy conditions.

You could also upgrade to the Intelligent Battery Plus, which is going to give you up to 47 minutes of flight time. You need to be aware that if you change the battery, the take off weight of the drone will be more than 250g.

Remote controller

This is a simple looking remote controller. It is gray in color and equipped with everything you need to fly the drone. However, it does not have an LCD display, so you will not be able to see some flight stats if you are flying the Mini 3 Pro blindly.

This drone uses the advanced OcuSync 3.0 transmission technology so there is no interference to the signal.

This is good because it has such a long flight range of 18KM. If you are a farmer, you can use the drone to inspect even the farthest corners of your farm.

To unlock automatic flight modes, download the app.

Flight Modes

The DJI Mini 3 Pro comes with notable flight modes. They are as follows:

3-direction obstacle sensing

This drone has three dimensional obstacle sensors. It has backward, forward and downward obstacle sensors. You will never crash it into obstacles in its path.

APAS 4.0

This is a pilot assist system that is designed to detect obstacles in real-time. It will detect obstacles in its path from a good distance away and it will be able to avoid them in good time.


This is a form of follow me mode that enables you to circle the object or the subject that you want your drone to follow. For the entire time that the Mini 3 Pro will be within sensing range, it will track your intended subject.

Point of Interest 3.0

You can get the drone to fly around a certain thing of interest. It can be a monument or a landmark, which you want to capture in your footage.


This function is found in almost all of the DJI drones. This is a combination of smart shooting choices such as Rocket, Helix, Dronie, Boomerang and others.

It is a sort of advanced Quickshots, a function in earlier DJI minis that gives just one flight route at a time. Mastershots gives 10 to 15 flight routes at the same time.

4 Times digital zoom

You can zoom your object up to 4 times to take a better shot at it. If you need to capture a scene of subjects that can be easily disturbed by the drone flying too close, using the zoom is going to help you.


The front camera has a gimbal and a wide field of view of up to 180 degrees. You can capture incredible background spaces in your shots.


By switching to the QuickTransfer option, you’ll be able to share your footage instantly on social media with friends and family. The Mini 3 Pro drone supports Wi-Fi speeds of up to 25Mbps.

DJI Mini 3 Pro vs DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 3 Pro Pros

  • Great vertical shooting for perfect portraits
  • High wind resistance
  • Long flight range and live transmission distance
  • Fast switching between portrait and landscape shooting modes
  • Many accessories to expand the capabilities of the Mini 3 Pro such as charging hub, Pro battery Plus, DJI RC and others
  • High speed WiFi downloads
  • So easy to carry because it is foldable
  • High speed flight of up to 21KM/H and high wind resistance

Dji Mini 3 Pro Cons

  • An expensive mini drone and the price increases when you get any or all of its accessories
  • Using certain features can make the flight time shorter
  • FocusTrack function is not available with many video recording functions

Who Should Buy The DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Obviously, this mini drone is not for beginners. It is a good investment for people who want to get serious videos and photos.

A farmer can use the mini to inspect different sections of their farm. Abn outdoor adventurer can use the drone to record their fantastic moments.

You can also use this drone to create footage for your YouTube Channel, if you make professional quality content. This mini quadcopter is best for people who want to take their aerial shooting many levels higher.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Even the most basic version of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, with the basic remote controller and battery will serve you just fine.

If you want to unlock and experience the real capabilities of this aircraft, get the extras such as the Pro Battery Plus and enjoy 47 minutes of flight time. Also, get the charging hub to charge two or three batteries at the same time.

This is a long-range drone with a remote control range of 18KM and transmission distance of 12KM. However, before you know how it flies, fly it short distances only, up to where you can see it.

Before flying it, find out whether you need to register it in your country.  You mostly won’t need to register it because it weighs less than 250g, unless you get the bigger battery.

Read the user manual carefully to know how to get the most out of all the features and the flight functions. Also, store your footage in the recommended micro SD card to retain high quality.

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