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Which Drone is Right for You?

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

Buying drones shouldn’t really be an arbitrary exercise. If you are willing to invest in these unmanned vehicles soon, then you should be prudent enough to acquaint yourself with the fact that drones are primarily classified into the following types based on the “types of users” they are designed for. If you still aren’t sure then make sure you are going through the following primer.

Learning about the Types of Drones: Determining which one is Right for you!

What you need to understand is that different people are trying to do different things with drones. What a photography drone does – a toy drone cannot really do! What a racing drone will cost, a beginner’s drone will cost much less. Here are further details.

Beginners’ Drones

We will start off with beginners’ drones here. These drones are backed by shorter flight times and ranges. They can be flown easily and are backed by a sturdy make – so that they are capable of surviving minor clashes. The spare parts are low priced and easy to find. As their name suggests, these drones are actually meant for beginners.

These drones are actually recommended for those who are willing to fly just for fun. These models are cost-effective and are great if you are just willing to experience what flying drones is actually like. You can take basic videos and pictures with them – not the high-quality ones.

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Toy Drones

These lightweight drones are designed to fly indoors safely. They are difficult to fly outdoors—thanks to their basic technology and size. It’s the wind which causes the initial struggle. A few models are backed by cameras as well but they are suited only for taking low quality images. The more expensive camera drones are of course designed for high quality videos and images.

Hobby Drones

If you are a hobbyist when it comes to drones then you can invest in the Hobby Drones. They are durable and backed by slightly advanced features than what the basic drones have. It would be apt to claim that these drones are not meant for beginners but for the ones that already have some sort of experience with drones. On the other hand, they are not really meant for the advanced flyers or users as well.

Racing Drones

Racing Drones are also called tiny quadcopters that are actually deemed suitable for forward flight and are designed to race or compete at various drone events like FPV (first-person view) racing. They ensure great speed and agility. The interchangeable parts end up impacting speed, acceleration and control in a major way. You need to know about the high-performance controllers in order to maneuver your speed. The camera-backed drones are used by pilots to control the drone.

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Photography Drones

The photography or Camera drones are more expensive than toy or beginner drones. They are heavier and more complicated in terms of designs as well. You can take them to parks, take selfies and end up obtaining bird’s eye view of your surroundings. The top-tier photography drones even require two professionals —one to fly the drone and another to control the camera.

If you are willing to invest in a photography drone then make sure you’re checking its camera quality      and video resolution. Find out whether it has a fixed camera or a gimbal camera. Obstacle avoidance (facilitated by the obstacle sensing feature), automated flight modes and longest flight times are just a few of the advanced features backing these drones.

These drones are perfect for videographers and photographers who are looking to take the quality of their work several notches higher. The high-tech, long-range drones can be relied on – for difficult tasks.  DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 for example support 4k video and have special features like image stabilization and obstacle avoidance.

Professional Drones

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