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Best Drones For Beginners 2020

Best Drones For Beginners with GPS and camera

Potensic Elfin Mini

Potensic Elfin Mini Drone Review

The black and white Potensic Elfin Mini Done for kids and adult beginners is a good looker. In addition, it is a Potensic, which places it far ahead of many other mini drones in the market when it comes to build quality.

However, it takes much more to make a good mini drone that can hold a stable flight, take good quality pictures and offer a decent flight time. In that case, we are going to look at the features of this mini drone, the camera quality as well as the flight functions.

While the Elfin Mini is a good quadcopter for beginners, it has some downsides too. For instance, it is a bit too bulky with the propeller guards on. Therefore, it “refuses” to fit in the storage bag so you have to tinker with the guards when you are done flying.

Another downside is that the videos and images appear a bit shaky. There is no gimbal, which means the camera is not stabilized. Therefore, you can only take good footage when there is no wind or when you get the quadcopter to hover.

But not all is lost, as you will see in the features and flight functions.

Potensic Elfin Mini
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SMRC M21 Drone Review

The SMRC M21 is a new GPS drone with good camera, long flight time, and many advanced flight functions such as smart return, surround flight and more.

It is quite affordable, at far less than $100. It also has an impressive flight time of 30 minutes (we will find out whether this is from one or two batteries) and the 6K EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) camera legit makes it a mini drone that could be worth having.

However, this mini drone also has its flip side. For instance, since it is a lightweight drone, it performs so poorly in the wind. Therefore, it might have stability issues even in the lowest velocity wind. Another downside is that this mini drone does not come with a slot for an SD card. If a quadcopter has a nice, advanced camera, it should have a slot for an SD card to enable you to take photos and videos in the highest resolution possible.

To find out the main things to expect from this quadcopter, keep reading to see its features and technical details, as well as the flight functions.
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4DRC V9 Mini

4DRC V9 Mini Drone Review

DRONEEYE might not be one of the most established brand names for drone makers out here. However, as you will see in this DRONEEYE 4DRC V9 Mini review, they have been making some pretty awesome specimens.

In the past, we did a DRONEEYE 4DRC F4 drone review and we saw all the features that it comes with. And now, we are going to review the smaller V9, which the manufacturer says is a good gift for boys and girls. In addition, the price is good, so you should not dent your wallet.

Because of the small size and the 720P camera, well, you can only use this drone to learn how to fly and then upgrade to a bigger one. For instance, a 4K HD camera drone like DJI Mavic Air 2 would be great.

Some of the downsides that you should expect from the 4DRC V9 Mini include things such as instability when flying. This is something that you will always face with mini drones. Therefore, be careful not to fly it in the wind.
4DRC V9 Mini
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SYMA X500 Drone Review

From two batteries, the SYMA X500 drone is going to give you 56 minutes of flight time. Therefore, there is no need to buy a third battery because when flying a quadcopter, 50 minutes is a long time.

But flight time is just one of the features that people consider when buying a quad. In that case, we shall look at more of the features that the X500 comes with, and they are many.

However, before we wax lyrical about the features, we shall look at a few disadvantages that this quad comes with. Everything has a flipside and this one is not any different.

For instance, many users report issues with the SYMA Air app connectivity. Therefore, this app may completely fail to work with some android devices. Other issues seem to be missing batteries, you know, coming with one instead of two batteries. At the same time, some people say theirs failed to charge completely.

However, all these issues seem to be from isolated cases. Therefore, we cannot give a blanket condemnation and say that the quadcopter is bad. On the same note, it is a bit worrying.

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SIMREX X20 Drone Review

Among some of the things that the SIMREX X20 drone promises include a long flying time, thanks to the high capacity battery. In addition, this is a 4K camera quadcopter. Therefore, in the upcoming chapters, we are going to find out whether this is a real 4K camera. We shall also look at the other features that it comes with.

Is this drone all good? Definitely not. Like many other products, it has a flipside too. For example, it is not as straightforward to use as you might think. Some small issues seem to crop up. Among some of the reported issues include the app draining your smartphone battery too fast. In addition, it seems to make your phone hot and this happens even when you are not using it.

You might also encounter issues when you try to save videos and photos in your SD Card. Some sources say that you need to format it to FAT32. However, this is unnecessary trouble that you really don’t need.

Cheer up though because the X20 comes with more pros than cons.

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