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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Review

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Image

The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone is big in build, rugged in design and light in weight. How Yuneec has managed to combine all the factors to make such a masterpiece is a story on its own.

Yuneec is a fairy recent entrant into the drone market. As a result, their drones come in perfected designs, taking advantage of the flaws in the predecessor designs and setting everything right.

With multi-rotors, this camera drone can stay longer in the air, achieve a more stable flight and take awesome video and photo footage.

This is a solid, durable drone that can be used by hobbyist as well as professional users. With all its advanced features, you will find the price very affordable.

Apart from the build and design, is there anything else to this camera drone? There is more apparently, as you will see in the following section.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Image

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle Features & Technical Details

The most noticeable thing about this drone is that it is a hexacopter, with six rotors. That is good news as it means that if one rotor fails, the drone will continue flying. It will turn back towards the controller for repair.

Most other drones come with four rotors, so having six is a big benefit. At the same time, having six rotors means that the drone flies faster, is more stable in the air and this also enhances the quality of the video and photo footage that it takes.

The drone comes with everything that you need to use it. Controller and Wizard, two batteries and even a backpack for traveling.

The landing gear of the Typhoon H Pro is designed in such a way that it retracts to get out of the way when you start using the camera. Your camera shots will be unhindered.

Obstacle avoidance

The drone has ultrasonic sensors that help it to avoid collision. This ensures that your drone is safe no matter where you want to fly it. No big deal there since many other drones have this feature. However, not many of them can be able to avoid obstacles in low light since they use a “visual” obstacle avoidance system. The Typhoon H Pro however uses a sonar detection system. Thus, even if you are flying the drone at night, it is going to avoid obstacles.


This drone comes with an Ultra HD 4K camera, the best of them all. However, having a good camera alone is not enough. The technology for mounting the camera also matters a lot in aerial photography since the drone will take footage when it is in motion.

This is why the Typhoon H Pro has a 4K camera that is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that swivels around – 360 degrees. This means the camera can capture footage from all directions. The gimbal smoothness is something that you truly do not want to miss when taking professional videos.

Flight modes

You can be able to designate a point of interest and then the drone will circle that object as much as you want taking footage of the same. You may also use the Orbit Me mode where the drone circles you with the camera trained on you. Just set your preferred height on the controller and the drone will respond accordingly.

When you set it on Journey Mode, the drone flies up and away to a distance of 150 feet. It starts taking footage from there.

With the Follow Me mode, you will get the drone to follow after you as you roll down that trail on your mountain bike, shooting some good footage. You can use the wizard remote to get the drone to locate you even when you are at a distance, something that many drones that use visual connection are not able to do. If you want a drone that follows you in the water when you go snorkeling or swimming, this is it.

The controller

The STI 16 ground station controller comes ready to fly the drone. It already has its 7-inch android touchscreen and so you do not have to worry about downloading apps to your smartphone. It also has a playback feature, which is a thoughtful touch. Enjoy FPV and playback before you share your videos and photos with your friends and family on social media.

The Typhoon H Pro has a micro SD card slot. It supports cards of up to 128GB, which is more than enough to hold all the footage that you want before you transfer it to your computer. However, ensure the card is a Class 10 U3 or U1.

Automatic return to home

With automatic return to home feature, this means that when the battery starts getting really low, the drone turns back and starts flying towards the controller. Takeoff and landings are automated too, just press one button and the drone takes off or lands. That is why anyone can fly this drone, whether they have or don’t have experience at flying drones.

With the Curve Cable Cam feature, you can draw the route that you would like your drone to follow. Once you set the coordinates, this drone is going to fly between them. At the same time, you will still be able to control the operation of the camera independently.

The flight time at full charge is between 23 and 25 minutes. This is long enough, perhaps even longer than what most drones offer at this price range.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this drone because of the camera and so far, I have never been disappointed. I am a documentary maker and I find this drone very satisfactory at this price range. Betty K.

I have found the Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone to take very good photos in the day and in the night. This is one of the best consumer drones in the market. Julian E.

I wish the battery would last just a bit longer, say to 30 minutes or more. I use this drone to take footage for my camping, hiking and backpacking YouTube channel. So far so good. Rob G.

I flew this drone at night in the yard and it did not crash into any trees. It has incredible obstacle sensor and avoidance! Billy W.

After my friend let me try my hand at his Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone, I found it irresistible and I ordered mine a couple of weeks later. I love flying it, although I am yet to fly it at night. Brian R.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Obstacle Avoidance

Pros of Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle

  • Easy to fly even for first-timers
  • Controller has an inbuilt android touchscreen
  • Has a warranty of 12 months against manufacturing defects
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance system
  • Landing gear retracts to clear the way for the camera
  • High quality photo and video footage
  • Affordable price

Cons of Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle

  • Flight time could be better
  • You need to edit your footage to view it properly if you do not have a 4K TV
  • SD card bought separately

Who Should Buy The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle?

Anyone, both advanced as well as beginner drone enthusiasts can buy this camera drone. The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone is easy to fly. If you are a beginner and you want to start off on an advanced drone so that you do not have to upgrade in future, just get this one. If you are a professional videographer and photographer looking for a high quality yet affordable drone, this one is good for you. It is one of the best camera drones in the market.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Even with all the features that you get with this camera drone, you will pay a very affordable price. 4K camera, automatic return to home, sturdy design, six rotors and a powerful engine are just some of the features. Whether this is your first or tenth drone, you shall enjoy using it. You can buy it without any hesitation.

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