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ZLRC SG906 PRO Beast Drone Review

ZLRC SG906 Pro

For an affordable amount of money, you can buy the ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast RC drone. You also get the choice of buying it with one, two or three batteries, of course at different prices. When it comes to the physical features as well as the automatic flight functions, there is quite a lot to expect. You will enjoy using the camera with its anti-shaking lens for high quality and distortion-free footage. The flight distance and time are not bad at all. Of course, we shall look at all of these things closely in the upcoming sections.

ZLRC SG906 Pro

ZLRC SG906 PRO Beast Features & Technical Details

From the excellent build to the 4K camera, this drone has many admirable things. If you are looking for a drone that you can use as the main or backup for your professional photography gig, get the SG906 Pro Beast RC. Let us elaborate its features some more:

Design and build quality

This is a sleek, beautiful and strong drone. You can use it for outdoor flights without worrying that it will crash and rip apart. But first, let us talk about the design and the size.

This is a foldable drone. In fact, it folds nicely to a small and compact shape. It is easy to pack for storage or for transport.

When the drone is folded, it measures 7 by 3.3 by 2.8 inches. When you unfold it, the size increases to 11.3 by 10.1 by 2.8 inches.  As you have seen, this is not a very big drone and so traveling with it should be so easy.

For this price, we expect brushless motors with the drone and true to that; it comes with quiet, super fast and durable 1806 1700KV brushless motors. It is not loud and it can fly the entire time that the battery lasts.

This drone has a weight of 527 g. That is not too heavy when traveling with the drone. However, it is above the required threshold for registering your hobby drone with the FAA. This should not cost you much and you can do it online.

Camera Quality

The SG906 has been equipped with two cameras. It has the nose and the down-facing camera. The nose camera faces the front and you can adjust it over an angle of 110 degrees on the transmitter.

You will capture video in SD or HD mode, with the latter being the highest quality. Using the front camera, you will capture videos of 2048 by 1080P resolution. On the down facing camera, you will capture videos with a resolution of 1280 by 720P. The photo resolution is high too at 4096 by 3072 resolution for the front camera and 1280 by 720P for the bottom camera. As you can see, this camera is truly 4K quality.

Download the Hfun Plus app on android or iOS and enjoy a good first person view, just as if you were flying inside the drone. The FPV transmission range is also quite long at 350 meters, so you should have a great experience all round.

ZLRC SG906 Pro Camera

Battery and Flight Time

This drone comes with a 7.4V 2800mAh battery, and if you like, you can order it with two or three batteries for longer flight time. This battery will give you a flight time of 23 to 25 minutes, which is quite commendable. Since this is a modular battery, it is easy to remove and insert in the drone. It also displays its stats on the screen. For example, you can know the amount of charge remaining.

The charging time for this battery is a bit long at 5 to 6 hours. Usually, this is the case with high capacity batteries. However, we do feel that this is a downside because you have to wait for six hours to charge fully and then you just get 25 minutes of flight time, mostly less.

Use the 5V charger that comes with the drone. It is safer and faster that way. Also, you should know that flying a drone in the wind consumes the battery faster than when flying it in calm weather. To avoid all of that hustle, just order a couple of batteries and you can turn this drone into an aerial camera for your professional videography and photography needs.

Remote controller

It is nimble, easy to use, light in weight and has almost every function’s button on it. It uses 4 1.5 V batteries that you have to buy separately. Apart from the usual things that you can do on any remote controller like launching the drone, controlling its forward/backward movement, you can also adjust the front camera’s view from the remote controller. Get the best angle of shot without having the drone home to adjust the camera.

The controller has foldable holder for your smartphone for your first person view. At the same time, the remote controller also has a stand, just in case you feel a bit cramped and need to set it on the bonnet of your car as you fly your drone in the open field.

The same high quality and durable ABS plastic material that has been used on the drone body has been used on the remote controller. It will not crack open and spill its guts just because you dropped it on the floor.

Flight Features and Functions

Here, ZLRC have excelled. But first things first. This drone has many flight features and functions, some of them for safety, others for flight and so on.


This is a double function of both GPS and Glonass, but each has a different function. However, both of them enhance precision in a drone. GPS is said to be more accurate than Glonass, but even the latter provides the drone user with real-time positioning. It cannot hurt to have both. In fact, it makes everything much better! Enjoy precise hovering with this drone and real time positioning statistics. This makes the drone hard to lose.

Follow Me Mode

This is another GPS-enabled function. Let the drone follow you while capturing your footage in hands-free mode as you do your thing. She will keep a respectable distance of 30 meters. We are not sure whether you can adjust that, but if you increase your speed, she moves faster and vice versa. This as precise as follow me mode in a drone gets.

Gesture shooting mode

Use gesture shooting to turn this into a selfie drone. It will creep near you, and stop at a distance of 5 meters. You can wave, show it the palm or victory sign and it will start capturing your footage.

One Key Return to Home

Also called the one key course reverse, with this function, you can get your drone to come back home easily.

Wind Resistance

You get class 7 wind resistance with this drone. This is high because if it were a small aircraft, it would get advisory from the control tower, but it would not be stopped from flying. Therefore, you do not have to worry that low velocity winds will blow your drone away. However, a gust of wind can make it vanish.

Headless Mode

If a drone flies over a long range, you might find it hard to know where the nose faces. This is where headless mode comes in. When you engage it, the drone just realigns itself in relation to the position of the pilot.

Waypoint Flight

In this one, you just open the HFun Plus app, and on the map, draw the route that you would like the drone to follow capturing footage all along. As soon as you launch it, it follows that path.

Surround Flight

Get the drone to circle you taking photo and video footage from all angles. You can also have the drone fly in circles around a particular point of interest.

Please note, these are just a few of the automated flight functions. There are many more.

ZLRC SG906 Pro Size

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I am using this drone for video and photo work for my YouTube channel. So far, the image and video quality is stunning, but I have never tried to shoot in low-lit conditions. Christen P.

I admit I haven’t been able to do much since I got the drone just a couple of weeks ago. However, I am planning to fly her for as long as the battery lasts one of these weekends. The short flights I have made in the backyard were very impressive. Ted R.

I love the long remote control range. I have flown this drone for 700 meters! I know it because I measured the distance. Don’t try that in a place that has obstacles though. Crispin M.

Nice carry case with carry straps, nice camera that is truly 4K, but in my opinion, too long battery charging time. Rama P.

I took the option with two batteries and boy! Have I been having a good time with this drone! This is my third drone so far, but I think anyone can fly it, even beginners. Zan K.

ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast Pros

  • Many flight functions
  • Optical flow positioning for precise hovering
  • High quality image and video footage
  • Folds for easy storage and carrying
  • Good wind resistance rating
  • Sold with two spare propellers
  • Battery flight time is impressive
  • Nice carry case for traveling and storage
  • Sold ready to fly (RTF) no assemblage needed

ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast Cons

  • Once again, the charging time is too long at 6 hours
  • Does not support SD card use

ZLRC SG906 Pro Gesture Video Recording

Who Should Buy The ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast

Whether you are a beginner drone pilot, or you have been around drones for some time, you can buy and use this drone. There are many things to look forward to. First, there are many automated flight functions. Who wants to fly a drone manually when they can just relax and concentrate on capturing good footage as the drone flies itself? Secondly, this is a hardy drone, and with good care, it can last a long time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy the ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast, you will want to take it to flight immediately since it comes in RTF (ready to fly version). However, not just yet. First, read the user manual, know what the manufacturer recommends. Choose a calm day on which to fly the drone and if you want to do the full flight range, choose a place without obstacles such as trees and buildings. With a speed of 7m/s, you should have yourself quite a time.

Show me the price !

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