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4DRC V9 Mini Drone Review

4DRC V9 Mini

DRONEEYE might not be one of the most established brand names for drone makers out here. However, as you will see in this DRONEEYE 4DRC V9 Mini review, they have been making some pretty awesome specimens.

In the past, we did a DRONEEYE 4DRC F4 drone review and we saw all the features that it comes with. And now, we are going to review the smaller V9, which the manufacturer says is a good gift for boys and girls. In addition, the price is good, so you should not dent your wallet.

Because of the small size and the 720P camera, well, you can only use this drone to learn how to fly and then upgrade to a bigger one. For instance, a 4K HD camera drone like DJI Mavic Air 2 would be great.

Some of the downsides that you should expect from the 4DRC V9 Mini include things such as instability when flying. This is something that you will always face with mini drones. Therefore, be careful not to fly it in the wind.
4DRC V9 Mini

4DRC V9 Mini Features & Technical Details

In addition to the brushed coreless motors, this quadcopter also comes with several other notable features.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable quadcopter by design. Therefore, packing and traveling with it is not any trouble at all. In addition, when it folds, the blades stay intact.

This drone is available in white color with black blades. In addition, it has two beautiful LEDs at the top. They make it easy to spot when flying in low light.

The material for the fuselage is ABS plastic. Sure, it feels a bit thin, but it is resilient and it will not crack under pressure.

Finally, it also comes with a small storage bag. This makes it all the easier to travel with all the time.

Batteries and flight time

This small quadcopter comes with three batteries. Each battery is going to give you about 10 minutes of flight time so in total, they will give you 30 minutes. In addition, they are easy to insert and remove from the drone.

Since these are modular batteries, they charge outside the drone. In addition, they are safe so you do not have to worry even when your child is charging them.

Camera Quality

This is a HD 720P camera drone. Of course, we have seen mini drones that come with higher resolution cameras. However, for a kids’ quadcopter, this resolution is good. In addition, small as the camera is, you can also enjoy an FPV experience. Therefore, you can see what the aircraft sees as it flies. However, the transmission range is small.

If you take photos during the daytime, they will be good. Nothing exciting, but they should help your children get their foot into aerial photography.

To enjoy live video transmission, you need to use your smartphone. In addition, you have to download the DRONEEYE app.

Remote Controller

It is small and light in weight, just perfect for a kid’s hands. In addition, it comes with a smartphone holder so that you can enjoy good live video transmission.

You will also realize that this is the most simplistic of remote controllers. It comes with a button for every function that the drone can perform. Therefore, even flying the small quadcopter blindly (with remote controller) should not be a problem at all.

To use the remote controller, you will need to get batteries. It does not ship with them.

4DRC V9 Mini Functions

A good mini drone targeted at children should have many automated flight functions. Such make it easy to fly all the time. The V9 Mini will not let you down:

Trajectory Flights

Make the routes along which you would like the drone to fly on the map interface on the app. When you let it go, it will follow the routes.

Altitude Hold

This function helps with keeping the quadcopter flying at the set height. Therefore, you need not worry about the vertical flight. Just worry about the horizontal flight.

Headless Mode

Every kid drone should have headless mode. When you engage this mode, you need not worry about where the aircraft is headed. It will align itself automatically to the position of the pilot.

3D Flips

This is a fun function. It makes a boring aircraft exciting to fly. It is also so simple to perform from the remote controller. By holding the throttle sticks forward, the drone can perform forward flips. In addition, it can also perform flips on all sides.

Gesture Control

It is cool for such a small quadcopter to have this function. When you show it the palm function, it starts to record videos. When you show it the V sign, it starts to take photos from 3 meters away.

4DRC V9 Mini Functions

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

For the price and the small size, I think the V9 Mini drone is pretty remarkable. However, do not fly it too far. Terrence K.

I bought this small quadcopter for my 12-year-old son. So far, he has been having a great time with it. In addition, it also comes with functions that make it exciting to fly. Isaiah K.

Beware about flying this drone in the wind. It will fly away with a gust of wind and never come back. This is what happened to my first one. Luckily, I had bought it to learn how to fly so I just ordered a bigger one. Ken H.

This is a very basic quadcopter, so adults will probably find it boring. However, children will find it exciting and good enough. Ben G.

4DRC V9 Mini Pros

  • It is very simple to fly even for children
  • It comes with three batteries with total flight time of 30 minutes
  • Gesture control is a good idea
  • Camera takes good pictures during the day
  • It performs 3D flips
  • Good charging time of 60 minutes

4DRC V9 Mini Cons

  • Can disappear easily in the wind
  • You need to register it with the FAA

4DRC V9 Mini Easy To Fly

Who Should Buy the 4DRC V9 Mini Drone?

We would recommend this small quadcopter for kids. However, it is also good for adults who would like to learn how to fly a drone. However, since it is a mini drone, with time, you would feel the need to upgrade to a bigger one. Because of its simplicity, low price and many automated functions, it is best for beginners who have not flown one before.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You cannot go wrong with the DRONEEYE 4DRC V9 Mini quadcopter. However, it is a small toy-class drone so you should not raise your expectations too high. However, when you do get it, take care of the following recommendations:

  • Do not fly it in the wind
  • Fly it in large open spaces
  • You can also fly it indoors
  • Always store your V9 Mini drone in its storage case to prevent damage

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