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AirSelfie ASO1 Review

Taking selfies cannot be any more fun than it is now with the AirSelfie ASO1 selfie drone. There is taking a selfie with a selfie stick and then there is taking it with a camera drone. The latter is many times better as it shoots from a bird’s perspective. In many instances, you will find this drone being referred to as flying camera. Actually, that is what it is. This drone connects with your smartphone and with a radius of more than 60 feet, it allows you to shoot incredible pictures of yourself, your friends and family from a nice perspective and it captures a wide background. Because of the high quality camera technology incorporated in this drone, you will notice a great difference in the photos that you shoot from the air.

AirSelfie ASO1 Image

AirSelfie ASO1 Features & Technical Details

This is a small flying camera that when packed and slipped into its case can fit in the pockets of your jeans snugly. You will hardly feel the weight as it is the size of a medium-sized power bank. It measures 3.8 inches long by 2.8 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick, making it quite small and compact. At 80 g of weight, this is not only the smallest but it is also the lightest camera drone in the world.

Of course, the most important feature in a camera drone is the camera itself. This one is a 5MP HD video camera. It is a megapixel camera meaning that it is able to capture the clearest details for a photo. In addition, the manufacturer says that this camera shoots images that have been optimized for social media. You can shoot and post them on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere immediately. You can shoot awesome photos indoors and outdoors so that no moment is left unrecorded.

This camera has been encased in high quality material, making it able to withstand abuses. It is made with aircraft grade anodized aluminum, which makes it very light to fly and at the same time, very hardy. Even after many months of use, you will be impressed at how well this material is able to resist wear and tear.

For the best pictures, this camera has been built with sensors that absorb all the vibrations thus keeping the camera very stable. Stability is one of the requirements of taking good photos. In addition, this camera, small as it is, packs a good number of stability systems that keep it nicely locked and rock steady even when in flight.

Flight time – It is only five minutes from the battery, but hey, why do you need more time for shooting images? It comes with an inbuilt 400mAh 7.4 LiPo battery. To recharge the battery fast, just slip it inside its cover/carry case, which is actually a power bank. You can recharge it for up to 10 times before it gets out of charge, after which you may charge it using a USB cable. This means that with the recharging, you can fly your camera for 50 minutes, enough to shoot as many photos as you want. It can fly as high as 20 meters.

Control – You will control the AirSelfie ASO1 AirSelfie with an app that you will download to your smartphone. This app runs either on android or iOS technologies. It is so easy to fly this camera, with practically no learning curve.

Storage – After shooting all those awesome photos, you will need a nice place to store them. Thankfully, the AirSelfie ASO1 AirSelfie comes with an inbuilt memory card with 4GB of storage space.


The propellers are enclosed for both their and user safety such that even if you should grasp it with your hand when the props are still moving, your hand will be safe.

Lastly, this flying camera has a unique feature, that of generating its own Wi-Fi network the moment you switch it on. Using the 2.4GHz self-generated Wi-Fi, you need not worry about connectivity.


Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I decided to impress my family with this small flying camera during my sister’s beach wedding last year. She shoots incredible images from bird’s eye view. I love this. Kellen W.

As a drone enthusiast, I bought this with little expectations but by then it was the only one missing from my collection. Many months later, I am so glad I did as she flies so smoothly and shoots awesome photos of my children playing in the backyard. Joe C.

My relationship with this drone is one of hate and love. It takes such awesome outdoor photos but does such a horrible job indoors. I wish it could shoot as nice photos indoors. Mohammed A.

Good for a calm day, until the wind comes and knocks it aside. This drone is very light which is good for portability but is also bad for windy days. But then, many drones will not fly well in the wind. Priscilla R.

I bought this drone for my teenage daughter as a birthday gift to shoot her photos. She is now the envy of every girl and boy in the neighborhood. She loves this drone so much. Becky K.


Pros of AirSelfie ASO1

  • It is light and easy to carry around with you
  • Takes great photos outdoors
  • Sold with a power bank that can recharge drone 10 times
  • Strong aluminum casing for durability and abuse handling
  • Easy to fly for beginners – no learning curve
  • Small enough to fit in your trouser pocket
  • Carry case is also the portable charger/power bank

Cons of AirSelfie ASO1

  • Too light to fly even in the slightest wind
  • Indoor picture quality depends on lighting
  • Small memory card


Who Should Buy the AirSelfie ASO1?

The AirSelfie ASO1 is best for people looking for a selfie drone since that is what it has been designed to do. It is also best for people who are looking for a casual flying camera intended for their own use rather than for professional use. You can also buy it for your kids. Although it is pricey, it is best considered a hobbyist camera drone and no more than that. Buy it for family moments, your own moments and with friends.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With features like the high quality aluminum casing, the ability to recharge the battery with the power bank, the camera that shoots beautiful photos from the air, this drone is going to give you value for your money. Although many AirSelfie ASO1 Reviews say this camera does not shoot great photos indoors, buy it and test it, and anyway, many people love taking their photos outside.

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