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EACHINE E58 Review

If you have been searching for the best budget camera drone, well, your search ends now, with the EACHINE E58 drone. It is a Mavic Pro lookalike, but it is no Mavic at all, so do not get that mixed up. As a beginner drone pilot, you need something that you can crash and it comes though without a scathe. It is preferable to always start with a cheap drone that can take all the abuse meted on it. However, since the EACHINE E58 is equipped with a camera, you can shoot some aerial footage, both photos and videos.


Here is a deeper looker at the features of this drone:

EACHINE E58 Features & Technical Details

This is a small and foldable fun drone that is recommended for people looking forward to flying their first drone. For a very affordable price, you will have this drone. It is a perfect travel drone that can fit in your coat pocket when you want to fly outdoors. It is a lightweight drone which surprisingly looks and feels quite sturdy in your hand.

The EACHINE E58 is also one of the cheap camera drones in the market. The 720 HD camera has a wide angle of view of 120 degrees. While this camera is not designed to pan around, it does move/tilt up and down in 90 degrees. That means that you can leave it pointing forward to take footage of whatever is ahead of the drone. You can also tilt the camera so that it faces downwards such that the drone captures footage from underneath.

This drone has a first person view (FPV) that allows you to see what your drone sees as it flies. You will connect your smartphone to the drone through Wi-Fi for live transmission. Of course connecting the phone gives you more functionality from the drone than using the controller alone. To enjoy the FPV, download the JY UFO app into your smartphone.

This might be a budget camera drone but it still packs some incredible features such as the altitude hold feature. You just have to decide on a certain height and lock it in on the drone. Just press the altitude hold button and the drone will hover at that height and shoot footage from it.

Flying the drone is so easy even for total newbie pilots. It has been designed with one button takeoff and landing. You can even land the drone without using your hands. If you should notice that it is on a collision course with any obstacle, the emergency landing button comes in handily. Just press it and the drone lands.

For safety, the drone controller has an emergency landing button as discussed above. It has been designed with an automatic return to home feature. Just press it and the drone turns to fly back to the controller. It also has headless mode, which means that the drone flies sideways, backward and forward, irrespective of where the nose is facing.

The EACHINE E58 drone can do 3D rolls. When the reviews say that this is a fun drone, they do not kid because that is true. This a fun feature.

For the storage of your footage, there is a microSD card slot at the bottom of the drone. Just insert the SD card and press it into place. However, you may also store footage in your smartphone and share it with your friends and family almost immediately.

Flight time is about 7 minutes, quite the average for many drones in this price range. You can buy extra batteries for longer flight time. The drone has a pair of white shining lights at the front. If the battery drains low, these lights will start blinking. Time to bring it home.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this one as a fun drone without expecting too much from it. I was pleasantly surprised that the camera captured footage that I could actually share on my social media networks with friends and family. Michelle R.

I am an experienced drone pilot and this is like my umpteenth drone. I bought it just for kicks and I must say it has been fun flying it. I am planning to give it away to a friend though. I have several other drones. Jerry G.

I know it is a cheap drone but when they say it has a 720P HD camera, then I expect good quality images and video footage. However, I find them a bit lackluster but I love the 3D rolls that this drone can do. Samuel Q.

Good drone. Did everything the manual said it could do. I have been flying the EACHINE E58 for some time now and I am quite impressed. Hassan A.

As my first drone, the EACHINE E58 took me some time to learn how to fly but once I did it, I found it to be great fun. I especially love the 3D rolls. Pauletta G.

EACHINE E5 Foldable Image-

Pros of EACHINE E58

  • Foldable drone for easy storage
  • No FAA registration needed – just fly it
  • Battery charges easily with just about any standard smartphone charger
  • Has bright LED lights at the front for flying in low light conditions
  • Has stable altitude hold
  • 2MP still camera shoots nice photos
  • Has a short learning curve for newbie pilots
  • Replaceable drone arm
  • One-button landing and takeoff

Cons of EACHINE E58

  • The camera button on the controller does not work
  • It performs poorly even in the slightest wind

Who Should Buy The EACHINE E58?

Although the features show the EACHINE E58 as a drone for beginners, it has some advanced features which make it a fun drone to fly even for the advanced pilots. You should buy the drone without fear in your mind. However, you should know what you will get. This is not a professional camera or racing drone. It is a beginner drone made for fun and casual use, and then later upgrade to a more advanced one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With a replaceable drone arm, good features like auto hover, return to home, emergency landing and many more, this drone is quite a good catch for anyone. It is also sold affordably and it does take videos and photos. Thus, if you are looking for a small drone you can carry easily, the EACHINE E58 is a good budget camera drone.

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