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Altair Outlaw Review

The Altair drones never disappoint. If you are looking for a drone that can do professional-quality videos and photographs, yet buy it at an affordable price, go for the Altair Outlaw.

This company (Altair Aerial) has been making affordable drones right from inside the USA. The Outlaw is one of their flagship products. This is a good drone for all skill levels. As you will see in this review, it has been designed with many, if not all of the features that the costlier drones come with. It is also one of the safest drones to fly. At last, here is a drone that you can fly without fear of losing it forever just because it went out of signal range, or the battery drained out.

Altair Outlaw

Altair Outlaw Features & Technical Details

Cheap, expensive, amateur or professional drones are as good as their features. The Altair Outlaw does not disappoint. Some of its features and technical details are as outlined below:

Size and FAA registration

This is a big drone, so your will have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. It is white in color with black propellers. It has a conspicuous Altair Aerial badge on the head. Although it is not a foldable drone, there is no preventing you from traveling with it if you want.


This is a camera drone. In fact, it has been designed with a high quality onboard (fixed) camera. This is a 1080P HD camera. While it is not a 4K camera, you will be amazed that it can take professional quality videos.

Take advantage of the FPV feature and see your videos in real time through Wi-Fi. This drone is also VR compatible.


Enjoy different flight modes. These include features such as headless mode. Just punch the button and fly the drone without caring where the nose is. That is why it is called headless. It is a good feature for beginners still cutting their teeth in drone piloting.

The altitude hold feature means that you can preset the height that you would like the drone to hover at, taking your selfies, videos and photographs. You will also find the one key takeoff/landing quite useful.

Safety features

The return home feature is very useful if you do not want to lose your drone. First, it has auto-return for low battery. If the battery drains out the drone comes to where it was launched from. It also has auto return from signal loss. This drone cannot get lost.


The battery can give you a flight time of 20 minutes. This is a removable and rechargeable battery. Thus, you can order a couple of spare batteries and enjoy a longer flight time. With a flight range of 1000 meters, the Altair Outlaw is a lot of fun to fly for anyone. However, if you are a beginner, you need to start flying it nearer home. You can do long distance when you have gained more experience.


This has the controls for all the features that we have described above. The app also has all the controls.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

This drone is so awesome. It flies fast, does 20 minutes of flight time and takes awesome aerial footage. Sami A.

Without hesitation, I can recommend this drone to any person that needs to test some advanced features without having to spend a fortune. Doug K.

I have flown this drone out of sight many times and had it come back once I hit the return home button. With low battery and signal loss automatic return, I am sure this drone can never get lost. Ella W.

The Altair Outlaw drone has got to be among the best Altair drones. It flies as a drone should without any hiccups and although it does not do any tricks, it is worth every penny that you pay for it. Tommy G.

The combination of the fair price plus the advanced features is as good as you can get anywhere if you ask me. I bought this drone for the price alone, but I was stunned the first time I flew it. Had a small problem with calibration but after that, she flew like an eagle. Juan S.

Stay in control of your drone all the time and fly it as fast as it can go, as far as it can go without worrying about losing it. I love every feature in the Altair Outlaw drone. Errol P.

You will get less than 20 minutes of flight time from the battery if you fly it with the camera. Thus, do not buy it under the blanket assumption that it will do 20 minutes all the time. With the camera, I was able to get 16 minutes out of it. Good deal all the same. Joe K.

I have used many of the videos and photographs that I have captured with this drone on my blog. Sunning every time! Roe H.

Altair Outlaw Auto Return

Pros of Altair Outlaw

  • Good flight time of 20 minutes, more with spare batteries of course
  • It is a loss-proof drone even when you do maximum range of 1km
  • Camera shoots high quality video footage and good photographs
  • It is a good drone for pilots of all skill levels
  • You will love the soft, self-landing feature
  • Battery is removable so you can buy spare ones for more flight time
  • Altair has good customer support
  • Has many flight features such as headless mode, auto-landing and take off
  • FPV works smoothly

Cons of Altair Outlaw

  • There are lower priced drones with similar features

Who Should Buy The Altair Outlaw?

Pros as well as beginner pilots will have a great time with the Altair Outlaw. If you love a thrill in the air with a drone, the Outlaw is going to give you more than that, at an affordable price. Among some of the things to look forward to include long flight range, good flight time from the battery and many flight features. Whether this is your first or 101st drone, you will be glad you bought it.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get the Altair Outlaw drone, you will be tempted to test it to its limits. The drone has that kind of effect on people, always wanting to turn you into an outlaw. However, hold your horses just a bit and take it a step at a time. In fact, you might want to read the user manual so that you get everything right. If this is not your first drone, you should be able to fly it without any problem. If it is your first one, you should take it slow, feel out all the features first before you punch it to full speed and full flight range.

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