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Autel EVO Nano+ Review

Autel EVO Nano Plus

The Autel Evo Nano Plus is a small but powerful mini drone. It has excellent features such as brushless motors, high capacity battery (s), and good build quality. The world-class camera sits on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. If you are a photography enthusiast, this is the camera drone for you.

The most outstanding feature in the camera is that it allows a lot of light to get to the sensor so that it can capture photos and videos in vivid colors. We shall look at more camera details later.

This is a good drone and it has quite a lot to offer, with some sources even saying that it has the potential to become the best mini drone of 2022.

Any drone, especially when new, always has issues. For this one, the first downside is the price and the high shipping fee. We say high because there have been firmware issues.

Another downside with this drone is that the app keeps making noise and sounds whenever you want it to do something. There is a constant beeping noise and voice directions telling you what the app is doing.
Autel EVO Nano Plus

Autel EVO Nano Plus Features & Technical Details

Once you start looking at the features, the first thing that comes to your mind is just how advanced mini drones are becoming. They are slowly dislodging the big boys from the top position to become the drones of choice for many people, especially because of their small size.

Design and build quality

This drone comes in a foldable design. This is like a double win because it is also quite light in weight. When it is folded, it measures 5.5 by 3.5 by 2.0 inches. That is quite small! If you have big hands, you can probably enfold it in your palm. It folds with everything intact since the propeller blades also fold, as they are in the split design.

When it is unfolded, the size increases to 10.4 by 12.2 by 2.0 inches. The weight of this drone is 249 grams, which makes it fall below the threshold of 250g. Thus, you will not be required to register it with the FAA.

The manufacturer has used high quality ABS plastic to make this drone. This resilient material does not bend or crack under force.

You can get this drone in the Orange, white, black or red colors. Also, it is available in both the standard and the fly more combo version.

If you get the standard version, it comes with EVO Nano+, the remote controller, the drone battery, screwdriver and 8 screws, manual, 3 USB cables, charging cable, user manual and spare propellers.

If you want the Fly More Combo, it comes with all the contents of the standard version, and it comes with a storage bag, which is handy for traveling too.

Camera Quality

The flight performance and the camera quality are the two main reasons why people are going to get this drone. It comes with an excellent 4K camera that captures good photo and video footage with vivid colors.

The photo resolution for the Nano+ is 50MP, which is an improvement on the predecessor Nano because it came with a 48MP camera. Higher pixels give better quality of the photos that the camera will take during the day.

The video resolution is 3840 x 2160P at 30 FPS. If you want to do 60FPS, the video resolution drops to 1080P. You will get 2.7k videos at 30FPS.

This is an FPV enabled drone, so you will have a lot of fun flying it. Download the app first so that you can get the real-time video transmission from a maximum distance of 10KM, which is quite good. The FPV video resolution is 2.7K at 30 frames per second.

The camera has a 16 times zoom. You can bring distant objects closer to enhance your footage quality.

The storage of your footage need not be a problem since this drone can support Micro SD cards of up to 256GB, with UHS-3 rating for speed.

Finally, on the camera, it comes with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilizing the camera. This corrects the drone for yaw, pitch and roll, giving you high quality and distortion-free footage.

Autel EVO Nano Plus Camera

Battery and flight time

You will get the drone with a high capacity 7.7V Lipo 2S 2250mAh battery that can give you up to 28 minutes of flight time.

This battery will give you 26 minutes of hovering time. If you get the Fly More Combo, you will get three batteries for more than an hour of flight time and fun.

Each battery comes with its own charging cable, so you can charge them simultaneously from different places. Also, the batteries have overcharge protection and they are safe to handle.

Remote controller

The remote controller looks simple by design. It has a smartphone holder that can fit new and moderately new iPhone and Android devices.

This controller lacks a screen display to show you the various drone stats when it is flying. However, it still packs some good extra features.

For instance, it has a built-in high capacity battery with a 3930mAh rating. If you connect the remote controller to your mobile phone for FPV, the battery can last up to 3.5 hours. However, if you fly the drone blindly (with remote controller only), the transmitter battery lasts 2.5 hours.

The remote controller comes with a built-in microphone too that can pick sound from the surroundings well enough. This is good for taking real close videos of family and friends.

The maximum remote controller range is 10KM in an obstruction-free space.

Flight Functions

This time, AutelRobotics has gone big on functions that make the EVO Nano+ fun to fly. It comes with the following flight and shooting modes.

Dynamic Tracking 2.1

This is downright the most important function because it enables the drone to focus on the subject of your choice. This leaves your hands free to fly the drone while the tracking function takes the camera within good distance to take nice footage.


With this function, you can stop the drone mid-air and at any angle and it will continue to follow and shoot the subject or object of interest. This function is also called Freeze-Follow.

Sky Portrait

This is one of the most incredible features in this small drone. When you engage it, the drone rises to a good height, adjusts the camera automatically to include everyone in your group and then it captures a series of selfies.

Shooting modes

The first one is single shot mode. This means one photo at a time. The second one is continuous shooting which captures 3 to 5 photos at a time. There is also the AEB continuous mode that captures 3 or 5 shots and timing mode which is between 2 and 60 seconds, depending on how you set it.

This function is made possible in the Autel Fly App. With the app, you can add soundtracks to your footage, employ filters to enhance the quality of your footage and you can share the footage instantly on social media, through the app.

Obstacle sensor

The EVO Nano Plus drone comes with a world-class obstacle sensor system. First, the system will alert you of an obstacle in the path of the quadcopter so that you can steer clear from it.

However, if you persist flying the drone in the same path as the obstacle, it will stop completely within safe distance. This makes flying the drone really safe.

This three-way sensor detects obstacles from below, in front and behind the aircraft. If this is your first drone, you can fly it confidently knowing that it is safe from crashes.

Wind resistance and speed modes

This mini quadcopter is equipped with level-5 wind resistance. This means the drone stays stable in wind speeds of between 19 and 24 miles per hour.

The drone is also capable of flying at three different speeds. For instance, its maximum speed is 15 meters per second when flying horizontally. It can also fly at 10 meters per second on N mode and 5 meters per second at C mode.

Autel EVO Nano Plus Obstacle Avoidance

Reviews from Owners of the Autel EVGO Nano+

I live in Bonn, Germany. I ordered the drone and it was delivered in nine days. I am yet to test-fly the drone but I am guessing everything will go well going by this first experience. Friedrich J.

I got this drone on 17 January 2022 and I have flown it three times, but never to the maximum flight range. The FPV is great and the footage it captures is excellent. Make sure you use the recommended microSD card for storage. Carlos H.

I had just sold my Mavic Mini 3 since I did not want it anymore and I decided I would get this one because it had just been released (January 2022). I am so glad I made that decision because now, I cannot have enough of it. Aloise G.

This is a powerful mini drone for adult pilots. Even if you are an experienced pilot, you will find it quite exciting. Hiram M.

EVO Nano+ Pros

  • It gives a very powerful flight performance
  • The camera is good enough to use for amateur photography
  • High quality build
  • The sensor system does a good job of keeping the drone safe
  • The remote controller has inbuilt battery and microphone
  • The Fly More Combo comes with three batteries

EVO Nano+ Cons

  • Complicated to fly for a beginner pilot
  • Needs firmware upgrade especially for active track function

Who Should Buy The EVO Nano+ Drone?

For travelers, vloggers, bloggers, outdoor enthusiasts who need a lightweight but high quality drone, they do not come better than the Nano+.

Once you test it, you will see why everyone agrees that it has the potential to become the biggest mini drone of the year 2022.

From a long flight range of 10KM, high altitude and an excellent obstacle avoidance system, this drone gives great value for money.

Even a beginner pilot can get this drone. Although it is complicated to fly the first time, the obstacle sensors will keep it safe from crashing into things.

Wrapping Up and Recommendation

The Nano Plus mini from Autel Robotics checks many boxes. Battery, camera, build quality, functions and modes, value for money, flight range and time … all check!

This is a long haul drone, with a flight range of up to 10KM. It can also do a high-speed flight at 15 meters per second.

We recommend you find somewhere safe and open to fly it. Do not fly it too far from home, at least not until you have studied it enough to know how it flies and handles in the air.

Get the recommended SD card for storing your videos and photos. Also, download the app to access many flight functions.

Remember to update the firmware when the new one is out because the first versions of this drone had issues. For instance, the downward obstacle avoidance sensors did not work.

Show me the price !

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