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Drones With 2K Camera

2K camera, resolution is higher than the regular 1920 by 1080P 2K and is just a few steps away from the 4K camera.

Holy Stone HS360

Holy Stone HS360 Review

In this Holy Stone HS360 drone review, you will see the features and flight function of this drone, before you can buy it.

Since 2014, Holy Stone has been making cheap consumer drones that have been revolutionizing the way we take aerial footage.

Today, we can say that HS plays in almost the same league as DJI and Potensic. Buying a drone from a good brand name gives you confidence that you are getting a good item, because they have a reputation to protect.

Are there any downsides that you should be aware of before buying? Not really. There have been complaints that it is a bit challenging to connect an iPhone with the drone because the smartphone holder does not seem to hold iPhones very well. However, this seems to be an isolated case.
Holy Stone HS360
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Potensic P5 Drone

Potensic P5 with 2.7K Camera Review

Potensic is a dronemaker who has something for everyone. For instance, they have mini drones for kids and adults, packed with features and flight functions. They even have the DREAMER 4K drone fly more combo, which comes with a myriad of accessories. However, here, we are going to do a review of the Potensic P5 with a 2.7K camera.

You can order this drone with a carry bag and two batteries for longer flight time. It does not have a GPS.

The second P5 drone comes with a 2.7K camera and smart GPS return when it loses signal or battery runs low.

The third option is the P5 RC drone comes with a 1080P camera. This is also the cheapest version.

Some of the downsides you might want to know about the P5 with a 2.7K camera include the fixed camera angle (not possible to adjust angle remotely).
Potensic P5 Drone
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Holy Stone HS175

Holy Stone HS175 Drone Review

Holy Stone is one of the most renowned drone makers in the industry today. They have quadcopters for different users – beginners as well as advanced users.

This is a small aircraft that folds into an even smaller size that can fit into your pants or jackets pocket when traveling. If you are looking for a traveling drone that can capture excellent footage, get the Holy Stone HS175 drone. You will not be disappointed.

This drone responds very well to commands and the sticks are very fluent. They respond to touch without being too sensitive. Keep reading to see the features and specifications of the HS 175 aircraft.
Holy Stone HS175
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DEERC D50 Image

DEERC D50 Drone Review

If you are an adult and you need a beginner drone to usher you into the game, you will find the DEERC D50 a good buy. It is one of the best beginner drones with camera for adults.

Many adults find the toy drones for children a bit unexciting. Besides, when buying the first quad, you want one that is not too boring. You want to be able to stick with it for several months before you can think of upgrading.

While the D50 has its downsides, it has exciting features and fun flight functions. There are issues with the way it flies. It is a bit jittery, you know, fails to keep a straight line, but you should be fine if you fly it in calm weather.

Another small issue with the drone is that the landing gear seems a bit unstable. Therefore, if you land it too hard, the landing gear might become loose.

It is not foldable, and it does not come with a case. Therefore, you will have to spend extra money to buy a carry-case.

Not to worry though! The pros are more than the cons, so it is a good quad to invest money on.
DEERC D50 Image
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Potensic Dreamer

Potensic Dreamer Drone Review

If it is called “Dreamer” and it comes from the Potensic house, you expect it to be good, in fact, super good. We will find out whether this is true in this Potensic Dreamer drones review.

Before we go on with this review, I feel we should water the parade some, but just a little. This drone does not really capture 4K videos. Therefore, we wonder why the manufacturer would go ahead and give it the 4K label. It can only do videos at a resolution of 2688 * 1512P. Technically, this makes it a 2.7K drone. It cannot capture 4K videos.

At the same time, even at the high cost, this drone is still toy-class. Therefore, some people find the cost high, and for some, it is just fine. Whether you want to pay this money for a toy-class quadcopter is up to you.

Apart from those two small hiccups, it has an awesome flight performance, has many automatic flight functions and is quite sleek. Keep reading so that you can see the features and flight functions that the Dreamer comes with.

Potensic Dreamer
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