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GPS Drones Under $150

GPS Drones Under $150


ZLL SG108 PRO Drone Review

If you are looking for an affordable drone with many features and flight functions, you might want to try the ZLL SG108 PRO YAN drone. It comes in a striking orange or black color and the camera takes decent photo and video footage.

Looking at the details, you will be impressed. First, it has an SD card slot so you need not store video and photo footage in your smartphone or tablet. Secondly, it comes in a nice, folding design. Being a GPS-enabled drone, it will find its way home if the signal fails.

As usual, there are some downsides, which are not deal breakers. For instance, the SG108 PRO is so lightweight. Therefore, in the wind, it can be hard to trim. It is advisable to fly it when there is no wind.

We shall be looking at these features and automatic flight modes packed into this quadcopter in the upcoming section.
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KF107 Drone

KF107 Drone Review

The KF10 Drone with 4K camera is one of the affordable beginner level quadcopters that you can buy for an exhilarating flight experience. However, a good aircraft is known by its features, specs and flight functions. Therefore, we are going to explore what features this one comes with, later.

Among some of the features that make this quadcopter stand out among its peers include the dual camera function. It has two cameras – the nose and the belly camera. The good thing is that you can switch from one to the other at will, from the remote controller.

Even if you have years of experience flying toy-class quadcopters, this one is going to excite you quite a lot. It has too many features and functions to be boring.

This aircraft is available in three packages – with one, two or three batteries. It is better to get at least two batteries for a longer flight time.

KF107 Drone
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Holy Stone HS175

Holy Stone HS175 Drone Review

Holy Stone is one of the most renowned drone makers in the industry today. They have quadcopters for different users – beginners as well as advanced users.

This is a small aircraft that folds into an even smaller size that can fit into your pants or jackets pocket when traveling. If you are looking for a traveling drone that can capture excellent footage, get the Holy Stone HS175 drone. You will not be disappointed.

This drone responds very well to commands and the sticks are very fluent. They respond to touch without being too sensitive. Keep reading to see the features and specifications of the HS 175 aircraft.
Holy Stone HS175
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JJRC X16 Review

You may order the JJRC X16 drone with one, two or three batteries, of course at different prices. However, even if you go for the one with three batteries, you will find the price fair considering the features that you get.

Some of the things that we shall explore in this quadcopter include the 6K camera. We shall find out whether it truly has 6K resolution. Automatic flight functions are very important and this quadcopter has a good number of them.

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Eachine EX5

Eachine EX5 Drone Review

Many sources agree that the Eachine EX5 is modeled after the DJI Mavic Mini. However, the look and styling is just about all they have in common.

This quadcopter comes with a 4K camera, long battery life of 30 minutes and FPV transmission among others. It is also packed rich with automatic functions so that even beginner pilots can have a great time with it.

While this drone claims it comes with a 4K camera, it lacks a 3-axis gimbal for stabilizing the camera. In that case, it does not always take distortion-free footage.

This doesn’t mean it does not have a means of stabilization. It comes with electronic stabilization, but it is just never as good as a mechanical one.

There is no information about whether the drone has a micro SD card slot. Another downside is that it is not possible to adjust the vertical angle of the camera on the remote controller. There just isn’t a key for that function.

You can buy the 2.4G or the 5G WiFi versions of this quadcopter. The former has an image transmission distance of 200 meters while the latter can transmit over a distance of 1000 meters.

In the upcoming sections, we are going to see the features that the EX5 comes with, the design and build quality, battery, remote controller and many more.

Note: we are reviewing the EX5 2.4GHz version here.

Eachine EX5
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