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GPS Drones Under $200

Explore an array of drones with advanced GPS features, all priced under $200. These models offer exceptional value, providing accurate navigation, stable flight, and intelligent features without exceeding your budget. Find the perfect blend of affordability and cutting-edge technology in this category.



People who have used the FLYHAL FX1 drone say that it is one of the best deals within the $200 price range. However, it takes much more than the price to make a good drone. So, here, we are going to do a deep review of the FX1 and see whether it is a good investment.

FLYHAL makes many drones, such as the F111 Mini Drone and E69. However, what really sets the FX1 apart from the other models is that it looks like the MJX Bugs 16 Pro drone. Only the color and the price are different, with the Bugs 16 Pro coming in gray color while the FX1 is black.

Before you get to know the features and the flight functions of this drone, you need to know there is a learning curve. Thus, if this is your first quadcopter, you will need to take it slow at first so that you can learn how to use the camera, and how to fly it.

There are no propeller guards. You need to be extra careful because a crash could ruin the blades.

Keep reading to see the other features that this quadcopter comes with.

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LOPOM ‎X11 GPS X2 Review

The LOPOM X11-GPS X2 is a dual camera drone with a 4K UHD nose camera and a 720P belly camera. You can switch between the two from the remote controller or the app. You will get a fuller view of the terrain as the drone flies.

This drone comes with many flight functions. It has many improvements on the Lopom x11 DRONE that we reviewed earlier.

As usual, we like to look at the downsides of any drone. In this case, there have been a few incidents reported of some people not knowing what app to download.

There has also been one complaint about the drone refusing to calibrate for flight. While these are isolated cases, we advise that you try it immediately when it is delivered so that if there is a problem, you can still be within the return policy time.

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Holy Stone HS175D

Holy Stone HS175D Review

Coming with an adjustable camera with a wide field of view, the Holy Stone HS175D will capture just the perfect shots. Of course, one of the main reasons for buying drones today is to enjoy aerial shooting.

And the HS175D has much more going for it. Thus, in this review, we are going to look at its features in detail. We shall also look at its pros and cons.

While Holy Stone makes good drones, like other drones, the HS175D has its downsides. However, these are not deal breakers.

For instance, there have been some complaints about the app, with some users saying it is not as responsive as it should be. However, we realize that this could be caused by things such as your android or iOS version.

Another thing that you might want to know is that even in the lowest velocity wind, the drone might prove hard to trim.

As we said, these are not deal breakers. Keep reading to see the main features of this quadcopter.

Holy Stone HS175D
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XLURC L106 Pro

XLURC L106 Pro Drone Review

The XLURC L106 Pro drone looks like a predator bug with the two LED lights at the top left and right. In addition, this is also one nicely packaged quadcopter and it comes with a storage bag.

The manufacturer also seems to have put in some good work in the camera. It comes with a three-axis gimbal that is further enhanced with EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization. When you fly a drone, there is bound to be a lot of shaking and vibrating. Without a gimbal or EIS, your aerial photos and film will have a lot of distortion.

In the upcoming sections, we are going to look at the features and flight functions that this quadcopter comes with.

That way, you will make up your mind whether this is the right quadcopter for you.

There is a small downside though. This aircraft is advertised as a 6K or 8K camera drone. However, the reality on the ground is different because the camera captures 1280 by 720P videos while the photo resolution is 3940 by 2160P (4K).

Whichever way you look at it, this is not 6K or 8K resolution.

XLURC L106 Pro
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SNAPTAIN SP7100 Drone Review

As they say on their company page, many people desire to fly but only a few of us can make it to the air. Therefore, to bring you closer to your dream of flying, the China-based Vantop Technology Limited that makes the SNAPTAIN SP7100 brings you a wide range of kid, adult, beginner and advanced drones to help you experience the joy of flying.

Among other drones under this brand name that we have reviewed here include SNAPTIAN A15, SP600, SP700, SP660 and S5C. As you can see, there is quite a wide range of drones in this stable.

Back to our SNAPTAIN SP700 review, this reasonably priced drone comes with features such as 4K camera, brushless motors, shock absorption for the camera and many more.

In addition, the quadcopter has a high capacity battery with a long flight time. If you are a beginner, you will also appreciate the availability of many automatic functions. We shall look at these later, in detail.

Like any other quadcopter in the market, this one also has its downsides. For instance, one of the issues some users have reported includes the drone not responding to commands like return home. While this appears to be isolated to a few cases, it could still happen to you.

Let’s check the main features of this drone.

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