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XLURC L106 Pro Drone Review

XLURC L106 Pro

The XLURC L106 Pro drone looks like a predator bug with the two LED lights at the top left and right. In addition, this is also one nicely packaged quadcopter and it comes with a storage bag.

The manufacturer also seems to have put in some good work in the camera. It comes with a three-axis gimbal that is further enhanced with EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization. When you fly a drone, there is bound to be a lot of shaking and vibrating. Without a gimbal or EIS, your aerial photos and film will have a lot of distortion.

In the upcoming sections, we are going to look at the features and flight functions that this quadcopter comes with.

That way, you will make up your mind whether this is the right quadcopter for you.

There is a small downside though. This aircraft is advertised as a 6K or 8K camera drone. However, the reality on the ground is different because the camera captures 1280 by 720P videos while the photo resolution is 3940 by 2160P (4K).

Whichever way you look at it, this is not 6K or 8K resolution.

XLURC L106 Pro

XLURC L106 Pro Features & Technical Specifications

If you are looking for a good aerial camera, you can consider buying this drone. However, as the features reveal, that is not all that there is to it.

Design and Build Quality

First, this is a foldable drone, which is good news for a traveler who loves to capture his or her moments on camera. It also makes a good companion for people that love outdoor adventure such as stand up paddle boarding, sailing, road trips and many more.

When you fold it, its size reduces to a manageable 4.9 by 7.3 by 3.0 inches. Of course, when you expand it, the size increases considerably.

Second, the material that the manufacturer uses to make this drone is ABS plastic. It is light in weight but at the same time, it is also resilient and strong. Therefore, the interior electronic parts have enough protection in case the drone crashes.

Thirdly, this quadcopter is available in black and gray colors. Therefore, you can choose what catches your fancy.

Fourthly, the weight of this drone is just slightly shy of 500g. Therefore, you will have to register it with the FAA in North America and indeed with any other civil aviation authority. Some people count this as a downside but we think a little more weight on a quad makes it more stable when it flies.

Camera Quality

This is one of the areas where we think the manufacturer outdid themselves. First, you can choose to buy the XLURC L106 Pro with a 6K or an 8K camera. In addition, in both cases, the camera sits pretty on a three-axis gimbal. Therefore, the camera stays stable when the drone pitches, rolls or yaws.

The EIS camera lens also kicks in to stabilize your camera even from the slightest vibrations. Therefore, you can be sure of taking high quality footage with zero to minimal distortion.

You also get 5G WiFi HD transmission. You will have to use your smartphone and the relevant app for that. The image transmission distance is also quite decent so you should be able to see what the drone can see over a proper distance.

XLURC L106 Pro - Drone with three-axis gimbal and EIS
XLURC L106 Pro – Drone with three-axis gimbal and EIS

Battery and Flight Time

The XLURC L106 comes with a high capacity battery, a 7.4V 2S 3800mAh 30C. Overall, you will get a good flight time of 28 minutes, which is quite fair.

In addition, the charging time for this battery is 180 minutes, which we consider decent for such a high capacity battery. You can also find out whether you can buy a spare battery to increase your flight time.

This is a smart battery. Therefore, you will be able to see the remaining voltage on the remote controller.

Remote Controller

First, this is a rechargeable remote controller, which comes with an integrated battery. In addition, this remote controller comes with a small LCD display. You will see important drone flight stats such as distance, height and remaining voltage. That way, you will always know where your drone is.

The remote controller is so well built and the keys are nicely placed without cluttering the surface. Therefore, it is easy to operate the drone. The controller is also light in weight so you can hold it for the entire flight time without your wrists feeling cramped.

The overall remote control distance is 800 meters.

Flight Functions

This drone has many automatic flight functions. They make it so easy to fly even for beginners.

Here are some of them:

Optical Flow Positioning

This one mainly helps you to know where your drone is all the time. Therefore, it is hard to lose the drone. This function also helps the drone to hover steadily so that you can take high quality footage.

Intelligent Follow

You can engage this function and get this aircraft to follow you from a distance of up to 30 meters away. It will lock onto you and follow you wherever you go. Such a function is good for road trips and boat adventures.

Surround Flight

When you have a nice monument, you can get the aircraft to fly around taking footage from all angles.

Headless Mode

This function is very helpful to beginners. When you engage it, the drone will realign itself automatically to the position of the pilot. That way, you don’t have to worry about where the nose faces.

Gesture Shooting

From a range of 1 to 5 meters, you can get this quadcopter to take your selfies and videos. You can also get it to take videos by showing it the palm gesture. For photos, show it the victory gesture.

Trajectory Flight

Open the map interface on the app and draw a line along the route where you would like the drone to pass. Once you launch it, it will follow that route.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The XLURC L106 Pro drone has many automatic flight functions and features. It is such a joy to fly and the flight performance is quite good. Sticky K.

I bought my L106 Pro with two batteries. I have been having so much fun I just wish I had ordered the package with three batteries. Evan H.

This is a well-packaged product. I also love that it comes with brushless motors, which make it so easy to fly. Michelle T.

I would buy the L106 Pro all over again. The brushless motors, the well-packaged camera and heavy wind resistance make this aircraft quite a performer. Abe W.

XLURC L106 Pro GPS Smart Return
XLURC L106 Pro – GPS Smart Return

XLURC L106 Pro Pros

  • Comes with wind resistance level 8
  • This drone is simple to fly
  • The remote controller has a rechargeable battery
  • Brushless motors make the drone a high performer
  • Camera is adjustable vertically from the remote controller
  • MV functions with filters and video effects. You can also add music to your videos
  • Share videos on social networks
  • 50 times zoom

XLURC L106 Pro Cons

  • You have to register it with the FAA
  • Not really 6K resolution

Who Should Buy the XLURC L106 Pro?

Anyone can buy this drone since it is not costly at all, even when you order it with three batteries. The manufacturer-recommended age is 14 years.

Because of the filtering effects, ability to add background music and social media share, this is a good drone for a traveler. If you want a drone of decent quality at a low price, you can get this one.

This quad also makes a perfect gift for a husband who loves tech things. It will leave a lasting impression on his mind.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The XLURC L106 Pro is a good drone going by the features and the automatic flight functions. However, before you can fly it, read the user manual. That is how you will know how to calibrate the quadcopter. In addition, the drone comes with speed control settings, so you need to know how to use them. Therefore, fly it at low speed at first and then try the faster speeds later when you have some experience.

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