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Racing Drones

Detailed reviews about the most popular racing drones

Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7

Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Drone Review

For a freestyle-racing drone, the Flywoo Vampire2 HD is a good choice. It looks and performs like a monster. Once you start flying the drone, you will agree that it does not want to do a slow flight at all.
You can buy the Vampire2 HD with the TBS Crossfire receiver at an affordable price. However, for more money, you can get it with a BNF DJI receiver or you can get it with BNF-DJI with Goggles. Whatever package you get, you want to know whether it will be worth the money.

The drone also comes in two versions – the 6S and 4S. One thing that you will notice with either version, which by the way comes in gold or titanium color, is that the hardware is high quality. The inclusion of an integrated DJI air unit as well as the GOKU F405 flight controller makes things interesting.

There is a downside though, one that is common with all racer drones. Therefore, do not be deceived by the low price because you will be required to buy other components such as a 4S or 6S battery and a DJI low latency remote controller, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. Overall, the Vampire2 HD will cost you more than $500 to fly it.
Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7
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Geprc CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7

GEPRC CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7 Review

Racing drones have been with us for some time now. It was bound to happen anyway. After conquering speed on the ground, it just had to go to the air. However, this does not mean that choosing a racer drone is ever so easy. You still need to do some footwork to find the very best one. In this GEPRC CineStyle 4K 144mm Stable Pro F7 Review, you will see whether this one is worth buying. We shall also look at its downsides, features, flight functions and the build and design. Keep reading.

Geprc CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7
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