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FUNSNAP Diva Drone Review


The manufacturer says that when you fold the FUNSNAP Diva drone, it becomes a small and compact daily carry-around. That is why they refer to it as a pocket drone.

Traveling with such a lightweight drone is simple. You can even tuck it into your jacket pocket and you will be good to go, hardly feeling the weight. Despite the small size of this drone, it still performs incredibly and has a long flight time, especially since it comes with two batteries.

However, we have to admit that it takes much more than just the size and battery to make a good drone. Therefore, we shall look at the features that this quadcopter comes with.

Are there any downsides to this quadcopter? Well, some people think it is too small. However, the main downside is the cost, which might be prohibitive to some people.

FUNSNAP Diva Features & Technical Details

This drone is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are getting enough features for the money that you will pay.Keep reading to see some of them.

Design and Build Quality

Firstly, the weight of this drone is 280g. Therefore, you will have to register it with the FAA.

Secondly, this is a foldable drone. The size reduces considerably. The Diva measures 6.6 * 7.3 * 2.6 inches when folded. Therefore, you can see that it is the size of a tablet or smartphone and so it can fit nicely into your pocket for traveling.

This quad comes with brushless motors. As usual, this is going to give you a powerful flight performance. In addition, brushless motors last longer without requiring a lot of care and maintenance.

The quality of the material used to make the hull of the drone is very important for protecting the electronic parts from shock and impact. In this case, the Diva is made with high quality ABS plastic. It is lightweight and resilient and it will not burst open if there is a crash.

Camera Quality

The camera quality is stunning and so are the mechanics behind it. For instance, the camera is designed on a 2-axis gimbal for keeping the camera jitter-free. In addition, the drone also comes with EIS, which further enhances the quality of the footage that you will capture.

This is a 4K camera drone with a one-third inch CMOS image sensor. However, depending on the video format that you choose, you can capture 1080P videos at 60FPS, 2.7K at 30FPS and 4K at 15FPS.

You can also capture footage in panorama mode, vlog and SLR modes. Therefore, if you have a YouTube channel, you can use the Diva drone to capture high quality videos.

This small quadcopter is also FPV enabled. Image transmission takes place over the 5.8GHz frequency. Therefore, as the drone flies, you will be able to see what it can see.

Battery and Flight Time

The Diva comes with two, 2250mAh 3S Lipo batteries and each can give you a flight time of 30 minutes. These are modular batteries so they will charge out of the drone. In addition, the battery has overcharge protection, which makes it safe to handle, even for beginners and kids.

If you buy your FUNSNAP Diva from, you will get it with two batteries. If you get it from BangGood, you will have the option to buy it with one or two batteries. It is best to get two batteries for more flight time and fun.

Remote Controller

This is a small and nimble remote controller. However, please note that the foldable smartphone holder is on the lower side. Usually, most remote controllers have the smartphone holders on the top side for better monitoring and non-interference from your long sleeved clothing.

This is a simplistic looking remote controller. Keys and buttons do not crowd its face. In addition, it has small LED lights that show you the status of the battery.

The remote controller distance is 2KM/2000 meters, which is quite impressive.

Flight Modes

To add to the fun, the FUNSNAP Diva comes with flight functions. These include the following:

Virtual Route

To draw a virtual route on your smartphone screen, you have to access the map interface on the app. When you launch the drone, it will follow that route.

Gesture Control

Get the drone to start taking photos or videos from a distance by showing it the right gesture. You can also get it to land or take off by using gestures.

GPS positioning

This means you will know where your drone is all the time. In addition, fail-safe functions such as low battery automatic return use GPS connectivity.

Headless mode

The drone automatically aligns itself according to the position of the pilot. Therefore, when you push the joystick, it will fly in the right direction.

One Key return

If you need the drone to come back home, just punch the one key return button and the Diva will fly back to the position where you launched it.

Follow Me Mode

In this mode, your drone locks onto you and follows you keeping a decent distance. That way, when you walk faster, it increases its speed and vice versa.

Surround Flight

This is also referred to as circle mode where you engage the drone to fly around a monument taking footage from all angles. The aircraft flies by itself while you concentrate on capturing footage.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a good choice of a drone for people who want what DJI offers but cannot afford it. The price is good and the build quality is high. Ty W.

I got straight to shooting some footage straightaway since the drone comes with a 32GB SD card. If you know how to operate the camera modes, you can capture stunning footage.  Gabriel K.


  • The Diva has level 5 wind-resistance
  • Sturdy build and beautiful design
  • Sold with two long-lasting batteries
  • The fail-safe functions ensure that the drone always comes back home
  • Folds into a compact and portable pocket size
  • Panoramic view is incredible
  • Has altitude hold mode


  • While still cheaper than DJI, it is still a bit highly priced
  • Wind resistance could be higher

Who Should Buy The FUNSNAP Diva Drone?

With a 2-axis gimbal for stabilizing the 4K camera, you know you can use this drone for capturing amateur footage. Therefore, if you are into vlogging or you travel alot and you love to keep your memories, get this quadcopter.

For that, you will appreciate the minimal weight. In addition, the aircraft comes with some hands-free functions that will enable you to capture footage all the time. These include surround shooting, trajectory flight, follow me mode and others.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The FUNSNAP Diva drone is going to give you good value for your money. However, before you can launch it, you need to know a few things. With a flight speed of 10m/s and long flight range, this drone can disappear fast from your sight. Therefore, take it slowly, learn how it flies before you can try a longer distance.

Always fly your drone in calm weather. Whether or not it has wind resistance, there is always a risk that a gust can blow it away. In addition, do not fly it out of your sight.

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