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JJRC H68 Drone Review

JJRC H68 Drone Image

Are you looking for the best cheap drone with longest flight time? Well, you could be expecting to pay several hundreds of dollars for the same. Nothing could be further from the truth considering that the JJRC H68 drone is quite affordable. It has many features too as you will see in this review. This is nothing unusual especially when it is from a JJRC drone because all of their products are indeed feature-rich. From drones, off-road cars and desert trucks, there is a grownup toy for just about anyone from this manufacturer.

JJRC H68 Drone Image

JJRC H68 Features & Technical Details

The first thing that you notice about the JJRC H68 drone is that it is sold with two batteries. According to the manufacturer, each battery is supposed to give you 20 minutes of flight time, thus giving you 40 minutes of flight time combined. The charging time for the 3.7V 1800mAh is 160 minutes. That is quite long, but then when the two batteries are fully charged, you can get 40 minutes of flight time.

This is an FPV drone, which again, is a very standard feature among drones. The ability to connect your drone to your smartphone and be able to have a first person view as it flies is very exhilarating. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you get to see your video footage in real-time and you can be able to share the same with your friends and family on social media.

The 720P HD camera takes good photographs and videos. The camera also has an anti-shake table that keeps the camera stable even in mid-flight. At the same time, the camera has an adjustable angle of 45 degrees to allow you to take the perfect footage. Note that this is a 2MP camera for still photos, but it still does a perfect job especially outdoors.

This is not only the best drone with longest flight time, but it also one of the best advanced beginner drones in the market. It has features such as headless mode, which is basically for safety. When the drone is out of your sight, just engage headless mode so that the drone comes back to the transmitter irrespective of the direction that the nose is facing.

The altitude hold feature is awesome as it holds the drone at a given level, thus making it easier to take videos and photos from a preset level. Many drones come with this feature today, so it has become a default feature because even the mini drones come with it.

The flight features are pretty astounding in themselves. For example, it has the one key launch and landing feature, which makes it easy for beginners to fly. It also has an emergency brake so that you can stop it immediately it gets out of sight. Just punch the emergency stop brake and the drone stops immediately.

Mid flight, you can engage 3D flips, low, medium or even high speed depending on your drone piloting experience. Then there are the luminous LED lights that make flying this drone at night a lot of fun. The 6-axis gyroscope flight system makes the drone very stable in the air, even in windy conditions.

The JJRC H68 drone controller is impressive, nice to look at and works very well. It has responsive controls and a smartphone holder for FPV mode.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought this drone as a gift for my husband on his birthday. Since I do not know much about drones, I was looking for one that was averagely priced – not too high and not too low. He loves the drone and flies it every weekend in the backyard. Tamara H.

Good things come in pairs. What I love about this drone is that it packs everything in twos. There are extra propellers, extra landing gear, extra battery and extra propeller guards. John G.

The only disadvantage that I have found with this drone is the 2MP camera. It can only shoot good quality, but some occasions require you to do high quality stunning photos and videos. I love the extra battery and the stability of the camera in flight. Kim L.

I love the dashing white color and I love what this drone can do. Initially, when I was buying the JJRC H68 drone, I intended to upgrade after sometime. After using it for a few months, I decided I wanted to stay with just this one. No upgrades for me. Oliver M.

I honestly think this is a good drone for beginners as well as advanced drone pilots. With features such as altitude hold, 3D flips, headless mode and FPV, you cannot ask for any better. Helen K.

This is a very powerful drone with brushed motors. The body shell is made of high quality plastic, which makes it light, has an emergency brake to stop immediately when it meets an obstacle and many more features. I would buy this drone again. Harrison N.

The 160-minute charging time is too high which I feel cannot even be compensated by the double batteries. However, flight range of 330 feet is good for fun.  Avi L.

JJRC H68 Camera

Pros of JJRC H68

  • Sold with extra propellers and guards, and spare landing gear
  • Light in weight
  • Long flight time from the two batteries
  • Price is good considering the spare items it comes with
  • Good advanced features like 3D flips, stable flight, altitude hold and others
  • The camera angle is adjustable
  • It is a good drone for beginner pilots
  • Good flight and control range
  • It is easy to set up – follow the manual and you will have it ready in no time at all
  • Drone is stable even when there is wind
  • Has FPV mode for real-time transmission of video and photo footage

Cons of JJRC H68

  • Long charging time – 160 minutes
  • A bit noisy on account of the brushed motors
  • No slot on the drone for SD card

JJRC H68 Altitude Hold

Who Should Buy The JJRC H68 Drone?

Although many resources say that the JJRC H68 drone is best for beginners, you will have a different idea when you see what this drone can do. It has so many advanced features and the best of them all is the double flight time. You will love using the drone irrespective of your level of experience. Besides, this is one of the drones with the longest flight times. You may also buy a third battery if you like to triple the flight time to 60 minutes. The sturdy construction, speed, stunts and advanced features make it a good buy for you.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With features such as altitude hold, FPV mode, the long flight time of 40 minutes and the lightweight, this drone would be a good investment for you. It also makes a perfect gift for people that matter to you. Besides, the price is quite affordable and so you will not feel the pinch in your wallet. The LED lights are impressive, so are the 3D flips. The JJRC H68 drone is a good investment for any drone enthusiast or for any person that wants to get started in flying drones.

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